Extract From God’s Book – Beyond The Veil. Epiphanies From God

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Beyond The Veil. Epiphanies From God

15th Epiphany


God (received by Celest) Ah, Children, more moments of truth have arrived for you. I am giving you more information to think about and hopefully act upon. At the very least, that is My hope. I believe it is very, very, important that all people understand everything I speak about. Of course I do realize that it is just not possible at this time. However, when I told My Celest-self and My David-self that this book absolutely must be placed into the public domain, I did not explain why to them. There really was no need to. They knew what they knew. The biggest obstacle here of course is trying to find the way to have the book in the hands of all the people. I want everyone to read My words to be sure, but at the same time I want you each to try to grapple with the illusions of old and see through them. This is but one reason why I have written this book. Each of you who can read this book of My writings and understand perhaps a bit more clearly the why and wherefore of all that I say, is a vast improvement over how poorly understood the truth has been up until now. In great measure it is definitely time for you each to understand the Light and all the implications relative to this Sacred energy. Far too many Children believe they know all there is to know about the origins and consistency of this luminance. Yet, truth be told, they do not. All energy that is amassed within any concentric form, any spiral form or any form that is of Sacred geometry, cannot only be of Light and usher Light into dark places, it can maintain a certain consistency. This is relative to the amount of this energy that it holds and the amounts of energy it can enlarge. This must take place in order for the Light particles to forever attract more of the same energy motes that are on the same level as the originating Light particles. I asked Celest to underline that sentence because of its importance to those seeking or needing to better understand “The Illumination Factor.” It is too easy for you to simply regurgitate catch-all words and pass them around sans explanations, Sorry Children, but I do not like that method of “Sharing information.” Speak about what you know and how you know it, but do not simply continue to accept at face value what others may have said to you. Trust Me on this please, you have been doing this for centuries and it has noworked. Even worse, it has created bedlam within the mind- thought and mind-patterns of so many Children, since the earliest of times.

When Light was originally Created it was done so by the main Caretaker of the Creation process. I am speaking of the Creator, even though He too was born into and of the Light. I will not this day begin a conversation about how it came to be that Creator Source was already a Light Being upon His own emergence as Soul. I prefer to stay with important basics regarding the main issue of this message to you. What Creator Source did was to embark on a mission of sorts, one that meant The Creator Source and the Creation process both merged into one Entity. This birthed Entity was One that was so powerful, so incredibly loving and possessed such limitless blinding brilliance that even today there is no comparison. It was immediately understood by Them that the obvious answer to the continuity of the Creation process was directly linked to the ability of Creator Source to propagate HimSelf. This would be achieved in such a fashion that there would never be an end to the process that was to be undertaken. He was to “Birth” more Souls of HimSelf, thereby assuring not only that the preponderance of all matter would be eventually turned into Light matter themselves, but would also be able to birth new Souls who could be representative of the Creator Source and the Creation process. Although I refer to Them separately at times, I want you to understand that in truth, They are One and the Same. You see, the Creator could simply have continued on throughout eternity as a singular but bound entity to the Creation process. This however would have effectively negated any possibility of new worlds being formed with inhabitants who were all the direct descendants of the Creator. Because that would not in any manner have assisted the Creation process aspect of the Creator Source in enlarging His own abilities, nothing more would have been possible to have taken place. Do you understand this? If not, then please reread what I have been saying, then sit back and continue on. That is My suggestion. So, as the Creator and the Creation process began to bring into manifestation the various Gods and Goddesses in order to prepare them to be the primary Overseers of many diverse worlds, the Creator Himself fully began the eternal expansion of Himself and the enlarging of the Creation process, as a means to garner unlimited knowledge through the act of experience. The innate understanding of the limitless ability of Light matter to be the Creator Source on all worlds that were being formed was immediately self-evident to all of Us. We, who had been chosen to be the Caretakers of worlds. You see, although you are My own descendants you are also descendants of the Creator Source. You are in good company! Each of Us who was selected to be the Caretakers were born of Light. We were Each Created to not only be representative of all newly formed Universes, but to be a mirror reflection of the Creator Source. As such it was and always will be incumbent upon Us to use discretion and wisdom when basing our decisions on the actions of the inhabitants of Our worlds and refraining from forcing choices upon anyone living on any planet. We cannot be less than We are, but We can always be more than We are, in any given moment. Had you all been told centuries ago when you were in incarnate state, the truth about the Creator Source, the Creation process and your own individual roles as participants in mortal life, these facts may have been too daunting for you to handle. You each had to live a mortal life while assisting the Creator and Creation, without any pressure from Us. Now however, I deemed it not only appropriate but necessary to speak of this Sacred matter in order … hopefully, to make a dent in the human tendencies to honor and believe in illusions.

Light itself is its own amassed, reflective cause and effect energy. It is luminescence, yes, but it is composed of extraordinarily high Light meters. The Light particles that began as separate entities then combine and in a state of coalescing, possess on a primary level the need to Create, Create, Create. Light is a Soul. The matrix of this Soul is one that constantly seeks more luminescence as a due course action in order to never cease growing. In this way it is expanding its own knowledge and Creating unlimited new experiences in order to adjust its frequency and its vibration to be a match for all more evolved levels. All vibrations and frequencies have the ability to rise to new equivalents of themselves. They can reach new heights or they can lower themselves, depending on any of the prevailing conditions. That should tell you a lot about why the Earth Star planet seems denser on some days and lighter on others. Each vibration, each frequency may have many different decibels or currents of illumination. Sound is an important part of Light. Light has its own octave, its own etheric energy as well. There are gradient degrees of Light. This is a necessity. Light of course is sentient, as a sentient energy, Light must be able to continue to grow and expand itself. BUT as part of that continuance it has different requirements that must be met. On all worlds there must be a host body or bodies that can be encapsulated by the protective shield within the Light. This must be accomplished in order to teach `the inhabitants of the worlds through the art of experience that even the weakest glimmer of light can and will grow exponentially under the right growing conditions. So it is that each and every Soul carries Its own Light meter; this meter is a part of a determination factor. This factor is predicated upon the level of understanding, the maturity and the status of each individual Soul. As a Soul grows and moves progressively forward the meter determines how much more Light shall be sent to that individual and to the physical vehicle. Although a Soul is born into the Light and carries this Light within them, what happens after the immediacy of birth, depends on what that Soul will ultimately do with the Light. The individual meter transmits back to the individuals Soul Cluster whatever the meter sees and foresees as the next probable steps to either evolution or devolvement that the individual will take. This information is then transmitted back to the main Soul Cluster, which is the Over Soul, as well. Throughout their mortality in any given life experience the Children continue to amass more Light. It is then that Light simply builds upon the initial foundation of Light that the Soul came in with. Unbeknownst to them, over periods of time the Souls who continue to evolve while in mortal form, also have their physical vehicles changing as well. Their internal Light is reflected in their outer-self. In this manner even a person with a very plain countenance can glow and seem unearthly beautiful to all those around them. Meanwhile the physical vehicle of that beaming Soul is undergoing a very special metamorphosis, When Light pulsates to a high degree within the Soul, the Very fiber of a person, the Light itself begins to alter the cell structure of the physical vehicle.

As this is occurring the Light enters into cells very slowly in order to not cause any disruption to the body, so that the Light cannot send the body into physical turmoil. The Light then integrates within each cell causing each cell to become almost new again. This means quite literally dear’ Children, that the inner you is being changed in a very real way into a true Light Being. One by one, each cell is being transformed, is becoming “Etherial” in a sense. This of course requires time and diligence on the part of the incoming Light particles. Too little Light may be insufficient for the body or the Soul. Too much Light could cause the body to enter into a tailspin and could cause the Soul to become concerned for the welfare of the personality. The human body reacts to the new Light system by functioning physically as a stronger, healthier, version of its former self. All the body organs can gain a more robust form of energy. The eyes themselves can see more clearly at times. Yet It other times, as a result of the continuous influx of this energy, the eyes may start to see beyond the physical confines here and usually feel disturbed by too much sunlight, light bulbs, etc. Those who do not have good eyesight, or none at all, can and do still benefit by their heightened sentience. Usually by the time a person is ready to pass over from mortal life, nearly all the cells have fully integrated with the Light. Obviously, those people whose personal Light has become dimmed because of their actions, their non- actions, or their associations with persons of lesser Light, cannot accept any diffused Light within body, mind or Spirit. This is a situation that is typical of the devolvement process. OK, do you understand so far what I am explaining here?

Regarding the Creator: Many Children who have become lost in the veils of illusions because they follow the religious paths to one extent or another, will not understand much of this writing because all religions do not teach about the Creator’s existence. The closest they come is saying that there is a god. The gods they describe however are certainly not any that I would want to be around! Unfortunately, the truth of the Creator’s very existence has been considered to be dubious information at best. So, you have each been castrated, you did not know of your relationship to the Creator Source, the Creation process, or even of My own true Self. However, now that you know you each have a personal responsibility to accept or deny what I am telling you. As always, I can and do give you the truth, what you do, or do not do with it, is up to you.

Now I would like to speak a bit more about “Holding the Light.” I do agree with Celest and David that using the term “Anchoring the Light,” is really not the best choice of words. However, it seems to be a term that most people can readily grasp. Each person who truly is bearing the Light can and does Create some very unique, very remarkable fireworks simply through the issuance of the Light. A Lighted Soul is one that continues to progress rather than regress. Although any Soul can and may arrive at a leveling-off period when they have arrived at certain plateaus and need to temporarily cease a progressive movement, this only occurs when it is in the best interest of the physical body and the personality. This may even happen to the people who are late-bloomers. It is an ironic situation at times. Sometimes it seems to take forever for a Soul to get the personality into gear, yet inevitably once that doorway is open, the person who previously had been nudged time after time by the Soul, does not want to slow down and becomes highly upset when he or she reaches that plateau. Once enough down-time has been experienced, then the per- son can continue on his or her upward-bound journey. The journey of the Soul is nothing new you know. Yet it is always the personality that begins to View life in a different, better way. Like a Child on Christmas morning. Soul amasses great amounts of Light throughout every incarnation, this occurs regardless of what planet Soul will be inhabiting. However I must say that for many people, although no one incarnation is more important than previous or future ones, there is still always a defining life experience that is intended to propel Soul to greater and greater heights and to amass larger quantities of Light molecules as a result of the incarnate state. Millions and millions of Souls now incarnate on the Earth Star are experiencing many quantum leaps. They have set into place their own momentum. They are slowly but steadily for the most part, moving through all the dross, the dissenting opinions of others and the mayhem that has been for so long a part of their environment here on the planet.

Each Soul can and does retain Its own individual Light under most conditions. It is when a personality housing a Soul has either given up, or given in to their prevailing conditions, that the Light filament may falter. Light then becomes sluggish and then dims. During this process the Soul cannot amass more Light because of the affecting factors and the other detrimental circumstances surrounding the struggling personality. For a period of time this may be a state known as “Standstill,” the duration that this state may last is primarily up to the individual personality. Soul is hampered then. Soul cannot move forward and does not desire to move backwards. How badly tainted the Soul may become is best determined by the regression of the body and the mind as well as
the lack of intent the personality is silently broadcasting to the Soul. If the personality ceases struggling against itself and chooses to do whatever is necessary to break free of the bondage it is now enduring, THEN Soul can transmit help to the mind and the body. This is accomplished through a series of energetic thoughts, desires, well-wishes and Its own determination to beat the beast at the beast’s own game. When this situation occurs and when mind and body are listening to Soul again, a slow progression can be made once again. Damage that has been done to the mind and perhaps the body as well, must be taken care of, for each must heal themselves and can accomplish this with the aid of the Soul. Oftentimes the person who has once again been victimized bears the emotional scars of those ungodly encounters for the rest of their mortal life. However, most of these Children use those scars to reinforce a type of remembrance of the experiences in order not to repeat them. Other Children who have successfully managed to incorporate the needs and desires of the Soul, with the balance of mind and body of the personality, may have an easier path in some ways, yet a more difficult one in other ways. Understand please, this has nothing to do with the chronological age of the personality. A 13- year-old boy may have a mature Soul while a 90-year-old woman may have a baby Soul. All depends on the pre-birth agreements of each individual. The other Children I spoke of; that have incorpo- rated body and mind with Spirit, must also keep moving forward without looking back and never looking down. Sounds easier than it actually is Children! They must relearn and hone the ancient Sacred art of passionate detachment in order to remain apart from the madness and dictums of society, religion and of course politics. They must do so while for the most part, retaining a low profile. The more attention that is focused on them, the more difficult it can be to maintain their stride. You see, they know about the Light without any need to dramatize it for others. They do not try to analyze every little bit of information they receive from Soul, as well as from their own Light bodies themselves. It is enough for them to simply know that they are doing whatever it is they are doing. They do not need to consciously understand each and every nuance of the situation. They behave in this way because they trust! Yes, they retain and maintain the Light, they do not need to go into a closet in order to come out of the closet!

Each time a Soul can and does surmount these types of obstacles, the easier and easier it will be to deal with similar situations in future lives, for the Soul has a memory that is untainted, unshackled and simply never forgets. It is in this manner however, that past perceptions of transgressions experienced by a Soul through the personality of the host physical vehicle are expunged. The Soul will continue to remember that such and such once took place, but never seek penance for those actions. It simply learns through the experience. As a Soul moves forward, the determination of the Soul is reflected in the persona of the individual, the personality who is bearing the Soul. As more and more Light molecules filter into the cells of the physical vehicle, the larger these cells can become and the steadier and more intense the Light itself becomes. This is but part of transforming a body into a Light body. The Soul already is a Light body, but that part of the Soul, the part that is the nucleus, also acts as Its own magnetic force and force field. Soul must constantly evolve. That’s all there is to it. There is no other Way for Soul to exist. It does not CRAVE Light, It already IS Light. Because of the internal makeup of a Soul, Soul must continuously re-energize, re-nourish and expand Itself without limit. This is all accomplished through the limitless acquisition of more and more Light filaments. The magnetic quality of the Soul simply and constantly attracts more and more of the same Light energy that is comparable to the level and stage of the Soul at any given time. Therefore as Soul becomes more mature and is accruing more and greater depths and higher levels of Light, the Soul is acting in an uncompromising fashion. It is then in a state of being God, of being the Creator Source, of being part of the matrix of the Creation process. Soul is non-competitive. In other words, It has not picked up that bad habit from humans. Yes, those Souls who have been tainted and are unable to cleanse themselves of the taint will possess a much dimmer Light than do others. These Souls can not accrue more depths of Light because they can not handle that much of the luminosity. It is here in those in-between times, when Soul has coped as well as It can, that the reincarnational themes may take a turn. Souls then may choose to rebirth into a personality that is one of denser energy, sometimes of lower vibration and other times may not be overly intelligent. Some of these personalities may have hearts of gold though, while others could be likened to thugs and miscreants. It is through these types of experiences that Soul MAY be able to rise up a notch or so through finding life experiences that they do not like, but appreciate for what they may have learned. Some of these Souls will later go on and rise up again, being stronger perhaps, but it may require what seems to be an eternity before they have been healed enough to transform themselves into healthier versions of themselves. It is only when Souls have become so mired in experiences that are repetitively unhealthy and as a result sink to even lower vibrations of dross, that in all likelihood when those Souls return home, They will simply be absorbed into the mass. In time, new Souls will be birthed from this mass of accumulated energy; that is after the mass has undergone a cleansing.

So it is that each Soul bears a different frequency of Light as a matter of necessity. Its frequency is for Its own Light meter to use in order to determine how much more the Soul can safely absorb and to what degree of greater Light is required for the Soul. This is required in order for the Soul to effectively “Beam on,” while remaining Its normal, stable Self. The magnetic force field surrounding each Soul has a type of “Come on and find Me” beacon. This beacon continually transmits the energetic matter of the Soul into all areas. It is on a quest to locate as many others of like-mind as possible. Of course there is the gradient factor at work as well. It means that it will never be enough for an evolved Soul to co-join with a Soul who may be very good and wholesome, but is much less evolved than the other. Souls experience the void-ness of still being without their counterparts when meeting with other personalities who are not quite on the same level, or those who are far beneath their own level. The reasons for this are quite simple. In order to maintain rigorous growth activity and the consummate state of always evolving, it requires that if more than one Soul in an active participant in a group of others, then there should be at least one of them that can combine the same, or very close to it at Soul level, a Soul maturity and a Soul “Knowing” When a Soul is connected to another Soul who is of similar “Design,” then those connected or beginning to connect, are the ones who can share the same strengths, the same ideals and the same visions, on a grand scale. Of course this is merely evolution at work. The void I spoke of earlier is a direct result of two or more dissimilar energies attempting to share the same space. It simply does not work well, or for long. It is not a case of oil and water not mixing well together. It is simply a matter of the knowing and the still not completely knowing, who experience the differences between them. Obviously when they separate it is always understood by each Soul, “Why,” the separations and the differences between them simply are too vast. That is not to imply that the personality knows. In time each level of Souls do find their counterparts. Centuries ago it could have taken nearly a lifetime for that to happen. Today it happens on a daily basis.

Interesting dramas may play out when evolved Souls meet people who are still in the “Unconscious of the true reality,” state. I can summarize it this way for you: If you are suddenly transported to a land you have never seen before and walk among different cultures of people you have never known before, it can cause a shock to you that radiates throughout your entire being. You may feel as though you are in an alien land among alien people. You would be hard-pressed to be able to feel your former comfort zone around yourself. There would definitely be a feeling of an unknown, unheard of presence permeating the area around you. You would be a stranger in a strange land. Your deepest wish would be to get away, to relocate to an area where you feel content and be around those you can understand. There are however many other unconscious folks who would react in a more gracious manner. They may feel strange and a bit unsettled, but they would at the very least accept the fact that although it may be a unsettling experience, it will end as soon as they find the nearest door marked “Exit” Then there is the very interesting playing out of the wondrous experiences that do occur when the magnetics are at work, as one Beacon of Light Soul meets with another Beacon of Light Soul. Ah, the beauty of these encounters, of these unions, whether they are temporary or permanent. is indeed a joy to behold. Some of you, when engaged in this experience, feel a bit bemused and awed by the meetings, while others are completely non- plussed by the event. Almost as though they had been expecting it, which in truth on a Super Conscious level, they were. This is where the energized magnetic fields can combine, or merely just touch one another, as Soul memory rejoices in this refreshing, expected combination of like-meets-like, and each is the better for it. Each Soul has the opportunity to function as a Beacon of Light. Each also has the unbiased privilege of releasing quantum masses of energy to ensure that the Light once lit, shall not easily be extinguished. Souls always feel more expansive, more en-lightened and happier, when engaged in these Sacred works. These acts of transforming their own individualized Lights into a more massive aspect of themselves, while still being able to telepathically and through sentience, maintain the cord of invincibility, of inviolate-ability and having the greater understanding that they can do no wrong, is vitally important to them. That they can simply BE and in the BE-ing, spread the Light through all corners of this world, while still having their Lights extend upwards as part of the planetary cleansing and changeover.

The greater the Light the greater the dangers to that individual Light. Yet it is during the emerging interplays of Light meeting
with other variations of Light, that true Light begets true Light. Without the matrix of the individual Soul being able to completely absorb greater quantities of luminescence, the capability of Soul could become stunted. Those whose Light are less bright, perhaps even a tad miniscule, still bear the Light, you know. It is all a matter of growth and expansion and the desire to be all they can be that makes so many of the human race great. Once that Light has been ignited, the holding of the Light becomes of paramount importance. The personality of the Soul is always subjected to many tests; many invasive actions may be launched against these Souls by those of lesser Light. Soul must test the personality to a certain degree, but ultimately because of the horrendous conditions that have existed here for so long, it is the Children of the lesser gods who implement the majority of these tests and attacks. Holding the Light is simple, once you have figured out what is going on and why. How do you manage to continue holding the Light under these conditions? You simply DO. It means that regardless of what you may be subjected to, whether it is emotional, physical or Spiritual duress, you must not falter. you must retain your faith and your trust. In this manner you cannot fail yourselves. Light expands within the Soul as each individual passes through, or leaps over, the obstacles placed in front of them. As a person here becomes stronger in body, mind and Spirit, more and more highly evolved knowledge is sent to them. This occurs through the actions of the Soul ItSelf, as well as the just cause actions of the Universe. As greater frequency, intent and knowledge is added to the foundation of the Soul, the Light expands more and more to even greater heights than it had previously held. The expansion will not cease, there will not be any interruption to it unless you yourselves, stop it. You are your own monad, as such you have free expression to not merely Super Consciously, achieve greater heights and greater aspects of yourselves. You should begin to do this consciously as well. This will enable each of you to know and under- stand that the conscious part of you can become so formidable, that the less evolved Souls and the still remaining Illuminati Children, will gratefully leave you alone … in time. You see, it is when you are functioning as a conscious entity-one who knows themselves to the best of their ability and always seeks to learn more and to grow more – you are integrating all forms of your own consciousness with the awareness levels and stages of your individual Soul. This is a superb, once thought to be rare, everyday occurrence here now. This is you, silently demonstrating that you shall not be any less than you are. Furthermore you are showing that you shall not be inveigled into unholy actions by those still fighting for their very existences here. You are saying that you shall not succumb to the groups of those who do not want to know, do not want to hear and do not want to see. Essentially, you are being God. The more God- like you grow to become, the more you grow into yourself. It is then that the more constellations of the others who are like you will be sent to you. You will find them or they will find you. Can you ask for anything better than this?

Something that now happens here all the time is of such grand importance that I have chosen to discuss this too with you. I have striven to explain “The Light” to you in order that you may fully understand it, or at the very least understand it better, but also I have hopes that Children will stop throwing around phrases they do not truly understand. I feel I have also explained how and why it is, that each of your indelible fingerprints and your very footsteps, are so very important to your individual Soul ascension and are of primary importance to this world. Now, here is the other half of the story. It is as each Beacon of Light walks the walk here, especially all those who have done so for so many, many lifetimes, that your Lights, your Soul Lights that cannot be extinguished, are helping Terra in her quest for her own perfected ascension as a true Child of God. As you each have been holding the Light, as you have been maintaining the Light, you have been Creating types of Creator energies on and inside of the Earth Star planet. You have each been effectively planting the seeds and sowing them in each incarnation. Light itself can be thought of as a seed, you know. What initially began as a kernel, then later achieved a state of fruition, continued to grow in spite of all the machinations that have taken place on this planet. This is but one part of the true meaning of “Star Seeds.” I know that not many of you knew that one! The brilliance of the luminosity you each bear when you leave your home planets and incarnate here, is housed within a type of nub, an encasement holding your Light bearing Self. This effectively prevents the shattering of the luminescent matter until such time you have grown to a certain stage of personal evolution and can then carry it unsheathed on your own. Those who cannot do so will be able to in some future lifetime no doubt on a similar, but different planet. The seeds they once were can wither and dry up and the husk is no longer able to support the life-force of the seeds. Those others however who are now the majority of the good Souls here, simply bring with them upgraded seed molecules. Because they have walked, lived, danced, loved and died here many, many times, they are literally walking in their own footsteps now, although the shoe size may have altered. Landmasses that have changed over the many centuries still bear the Light that has been planted here by them. It is the collective thoughts, dreams, Spirits and visions that help to compose each individual Light, each seed that is still maturing, or has already achieved the status of maturity. It does not matter if a landmass is now part of an ocean, or the water is now a part of dry land. The Light remains regardless of all those conditions. Now that the unmasking of the Light is becoming more and more visible to so many people here, they should no longer wonder why and how it is that they manage to relocate to different areas of their country or even to other countries they had no conscious intent to ever be a part of.

Each time however a Soul on any level or stage of growth, chooses consciously while incarnate, to embark on yet enough journey of the Soul and begins once again to seek all knowledge that can be transmuted by the Soul into Sacred Wisdom, their
Light becomes so much brighter that to the average Earthizen, it could seem to be blinding. You see, what began so very long ago, back during the early times when My Star Keeper Children from other ancient civilizations on other planets were working industriously with the ones who were destined to be the receivers and givers of knowledge of this Universe, the first Lights appeared as pinpricks of luminescent matter. That was to be expected of course; after all you had to start somewhere, did you not? Then the process of “One- by-one” began in earnest. As I told you before “True Light begets True Light.” Over the many millenniums the early stages of Light that already had been planted became brighter still with each new influx of the reincarnating Souls treading this world again and again. In time they chose to branch out to other areas of both land and sea. This was because on a Super Conscious level, these Souls knew that in order to be the difference, new fingerprints and new footsteps needed to be planted until such time this world was covered by them and with them. This is also known as, “The migration of the Soul.” So it was then and still is today, the Eternal flame of Divinity that the dark Souls have not been able to extinguish. So now you have the history of the pinpricks and hopefully you under- stand better on this day how those tiny, but beautiful Lights, caused all of Our hearts to glow in return. As the tiny Lights transformed themselves through the dedication of the Soul serving Souls process, the beams became so much brighter and oh my, so much bigger. I now want you each to see the today times through My eyes please. No, you do not have to do anything difficult, all you have to do is read, listen and visualize. Imagine a huge round ball; one that is any color you want to envision. Now please look closely and you will see that the Children of today and the Children of all the yesterdays, who took a STAND, denied the permanent intrusion of the dark ones to remain a part of this planet and

denied them the permission to rule all the goodhearted Souls. These loving Children have transformed. their quantities and qualities of Light. As they did so and believe Me, they most certainly have, each Light became the biggest floodlight you have ever seen. Each of these brilliant floodlights is pointed upwards so that as the world is seen throughout the Universe all parts of the world can be observed beaming the intensity of the Light of all Lights. This is what We see! The Children do not know this consciously, that is because no one has told them before. Now is the TIME for you to know, Children. Now as the collective conscious- ness of this world is churning and rolling and changing, often even in spite of many of the peoples’ wishes, you have greater need to understand your roles better CONSCIOUSLY. You do not have to call the Light to you, you are what you are, it is what it is. You are bearing your birthright. You are the Light-bearing Children, living as Light. And well you should. You do not need to meditate or analyze yourselves, or moan and groan. In fact, I would rather you did not do any of those things. Simply reaffirm to yourselves each day of your mortality, I AM the Light. No, repeating this 100 times a day will not increase your Light, nor will it impress your Light meter. It most certainly will not impress Me. This is a classic example of “By doing nothing, you are doing everything.” Affirmations are merely your way of telling your Soul Self that you are ONE. Soul already knows this of course, but reaffirming your own essence to yourself is crucial to you as an ascending, brilliantly beautiful human being. Respect the humanness of yourself. Delight in it and experience it to the limit of your capability to do so. I ask no more of you than that.

God (received by David) So, now that you know that you are the Light and an inseparable aspect of the greater I Am. what will you do? Now that you know that We are One in all ways. how will you react to this new found revelation, the one that is churning so deeply within the recesses of your heart and Soul? Now that you are aware that all that has transpired, had to transpire, will that change your outlook on the past, present and future? All these historical events have led you up to this one crucial life-defining moment, the one you are all in, in the here and now. Now that you know that you are the ones you have been waiting for all these many years, what will you do differently? Will you view life differently, will you view yourself differently, will you view the rest of Creation, your brethren from afar, the world in which you live, your relationship with MySelf with new eyes? Will you do so perhaps for the first time, with your eyes wide open? I hope so. I ask these questions of you because the answers are imperative to your individual ascension process as a True Human Being. You cannot go any further than where you are if you do not engage in some serious Soul searching and decide what you are, who you are and which side you are on. Are you born of the Light and do you maintain this exalted state of Be-ing, or are you still having second thoughts about your own abilities? Do you flirt with the dark, the unilluminated? Dark is tempestuous, it is persuasive, it desires having all of you enter into its lair of deception. Light in these areas is so minuscule, so obtuse, that it truly does have a hard time sustaining itself. Which is by the way, why it needs you. These seemingly innocent flirtations with the dark side is in great part why those who have retreated into the dark recesses of their minds have such a problematical time finding their way back home to the Light. Make no mistake about what is transpiring here, this battle, the greatest battle of all time here on the Earth Star planet, the one in which you are all engaged in, IS for all the marbles. It is a battle that will not be fought over territorial boundaries, treasures or wealth. As I told you before this battle is being fought in the Mind, for the mind and for the Soul of all who become prey to the great deceiver, the one known as Legion. The Beast is powerless without your doubts, fears and insecurities to feed upon. So do yourself and Me a favor and remove these unsavory elements from your minds once and for all.

Without consciously sustaining the Light the essence of Soul becomes faded, tainted and tarnished. You all should know by now where that path will lead you. Now I am not foolish, I know that all of you who have ventured this far into this book of Mine have accepted the Light, the greater Truth of All Truths into your Souls and most of you are doing what you can to infuse yourself with more. How far are you willing to go? Will you go for the Gold, or will you settle for the silver? The reason I am bringing this to your attention is so that you can first decide for yourself and then continue on to teach others. Now mind you, I am asking you to teach others. These teachings, this sharing of Sacred knowledge you are offering to others is not to be done through the invasive tactics of intruding upon another’s free expression. This is to be done by interfacing with one another. You need to give people an alternative to the reality they presently know, trust and are comfortable with. Offer to them an option, one that will give back to them their pride and dignity, one that will make their lives have direction and purpose. This is very important Children. You cannot SAVE another. You can however make each other’s transition back into the Light less painful than it need be. Eventually We will all be feasting together in My mansion on the hill. We will laugh and rejoice and look back at all We have accomplished with pride and a serene sense of satisfaction of a job well done. Yes, We will all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that even if only in a small way, this Universe and all who reside within Her are finally able to move forward without the impediments that once were. You are a great part, an important part of this process. YOU are the Ones who have made the choice and taken a proactive stance to become so much more than you ever were because you instinctively knew that it was in your best interests to do so. You are no longer searching out your destiny, you are Be-ing and you are living your destiny. Proudly infuse yourself with the Light of All Lights, bath in it, shower yourself in it and become immersed in it for all the right reasons. No, this is not a fad that will fade away as soon as the next one comes along. You are manifesting life eternal for all those who have come before you and all who will follow in your footsteps. You are saying that you are ready to move forward and claim your rightful place among the Ancient Masters, the teachers of old. You are saying that you are ready to learn what you need to and what you should want to, to be able to not only better yourselves but to be ready, willing and able to step forward when the time comes to start Creating new worlds and new civilizations. You are saying out loud that you are the co-Creators of the Creation and an indissolu- ble element of the Creator.

How many of you have ever taken the time to really see your-self in the inspirational splendor and elegance of a rainbow? When Creating the Earth for all the generations of “you” to come, We, My other Children and I thought it most appropriate to give you some- thing to aspire to, even if you knew it not for what it was intended

to be. Visualize the rainbow, is it not the perfect examples of the possible, of the poetry, the symmetry, the magnificence, which personifies and symbolizes tho vast enormity and intricacy involved in the Creative process? I ask that you see yourself as a rainbow, as the many prisms of flickering Light which reside within that rainbow. See how each color vibrates at a different frequency, see how each one, each color has its own unique tonal quality to it. Imagine yourself now as the rainbow choir, as the orchestra, as the composer who arranges all these colors and sounds into heavenly forms of music. This is your Soul essence dong what it does best. This IS one way you contribute to the Tapestry of Life. This rainbow, this example of freely expressing yourself is only a small part of what is bursting to emerge from you. This is what dreams are made of. Is it not inspirational? Does this not give you a profound sense of purpose? Can you now see the Grand Design? OK, I admit it, I am a romantic at heart. You should be as well. This awe-inspiring Light you all emit, this harmonious song which issues from deep inside you IS what We all see when We are looking at you from far beyond a physical perspective. Even more so, We see each of you as the luminous, indestructible Beacons of Light which you are. How many of you have ever painted? If you have you know that all colors first originate with white. White has always and in all ways been the purest of the purest of colors. Why do you think We tell you to send this Light, to surround yourself with it and to Stand in the White Light of the Jesus the Christ consciousness? White is Light.

The more you intentionally infuse your personal self (which is both the physical and non-physical you) into THE Light, into becoming One with THE Creator Source and One with My Self, the more intense and playfully diverse the colors emanating from you become, Have you ever heard the expression, “My future’s so bright I have to wear shades (sunglasses)?” This same luminescence is what either attracts or repels others to you or from you. The same applies when using the Light, when bending the Light, when amplifying the Light to Create and reinforce the reality of yourself and all that surrounds you. There are certain colors of Light which carry within themselves variable degrees of force and yes, when used properly they are very powerful and in most cases unstoppable. In other words each color has an explicit purpose. You can use specific colors of Light (energy) or combinations of them to assist you in all that you do. Take some time to explore this because it will enhance your wellbeing. The White Light is also a great cleanser; it not only purifies, it protects. It has a very persuading, yet noninvasive effect when sent into the darkness.

Remember what I have told you, even the smallest pinpricks of Light can illuminate the darkness. So let your Light, the essence of your happiness and joy shine, radiantly at all times. The auras, the energy fields surrounding all of you do this quite naturally. They emit their noninvasive energies into all the areas where the body travels. The real FUN begins when this energy field, your personal Aura, is expanded exponentially by the Soul as well as the individual on a conscious level. Each of you can do this. Just send your Light out in an omnidirectional fashion, then amplify it and focus it on what it is you are desirous of doing. This is one great reason why each of you was chosen to be here on Earth now, because you have all shown you have the aptitude to do so. Now let us go back to the Soul for a moment, I want to make a point here. Each of you has the ability to listen to your Soul Voice, your Higher Self and gain knowledge and wisdom from the experience of doing so. Out of all the people on Earth at this time, only perhaps two percent of them are able to knowingly hear their Soul voice. They can do so because they have taken the necessary steps to re-familiarize themselves with Self. Out of that two percent there are only an eighth of them who actually do this on a regular basis. Since you know that telepathy is the preferred form of communication between all forms of life everywhere, do you not think it might be appropriate for you to start allotting the time to try to hear Your Self and become part of the progressively informed minority? Imagine all you could learn. Just a thought.

This Universe, as all others, is a sentient Being. I have stated this many times. Her luminescence amplifies itself whenever any- one intentionally does something that is completely unselfish and far beyond the call of duty. This Universe is always expanding there are no limitations to what She can become. Each of you is a part of this. Each of you reminisces with the Creation. Each of you uses those moments of quite solitude to become more in tune with Her heartbeat, with Her natural rhythm. You do this for personal reasons as well as to be better able to be of service to others. The luminescence you possess at any given moment denotes how much and to what degree you are going to be able to alter the realities around you. In the years ahead as NESARA continues to be the shepherd of the Light of the Jesus The Christ consciousness, they will gradually transform this planet back into the Eden she once was. As this occurs you will notice some spectacular changes unfolding before your very eyes. Other worlds which were Created and are sustained in and of the Light, will become viewable in the nighttime skies overhead. Inhabitants of these other worlds, these so-called alien worlds, will visit you continually. They will walk freely among you sharing their ideas and wisdom with you unconditionally. As this all transpires you will soon meet or become re-acquainted with your long forgotten brethren, those who have resided within Middle Earth, while you have been sleepwalking on the planet’s surface. This will happen, not immediately, however it will come to pass. In the days ahead you will be bearing witness to many new-old life forms which will be reappearing in every area of this world. This is already under way. The Human Race will begin its first steps to space exploration. Please, do not make Me regret this, (Note: God has a grimacing smile upon His face). In the near future you will be taught to use the Light beneficially for all the right reasons. You will learn how to clean up this world and restore her natural ambiance for all the generations of “you” yet to come. You will be given technologies by Star Keepers from other worlds that will make your life simpler and more productive. You will soon understand that this world first originated from within the Light of Creation and as such once she is returned to her proper orbit she will no longer be considered as only a schoolhouse planet. She will become so much more than you ever dreamed possible. She and you will become as one. Nirvana, the beautiful place where all Souls go after transitioning from Earth, will also make its presence known. It is much closer to Earth than most of you may imagine. My Nirvana is a place, not an idle thought or a concept. All are allowed entry although not everyone is permitted to access all areas. You will learn and remember more about this and remember even so much more about Infinity as time continues its forward momentum into the time-less-ness of the continuum.

Each of Us, you and I, absorb different infusions and variations of Light as a result of each of your explorations into the unknown, the unremembered. You learn from these experiences, I learn from you while you are experiencing them and Our Light become clearer and brighter throughout the process. Sounds to Me like We are inseparable partners in the ever-changing playing field of life are We not? So, if this is true then you should be beginning to at least have a glimmer of understanding of why it is so important that My words reach as many people as possible. As I said earlier, this book should be read by everyone who resides on this planet. Yes, for some it will be an eye-opening experience. For others it may just give them that gentle nudge in the right direction. Either way We ALL benefit. It is a win-win situation. The more quickly everyone learns the Truth that has been deliberately withheld from them, the sooner the masses will no longer have to continually repeat the past. Instead they can move gallantly forward into the future that awaits them. Then you and I will really have something to talk about. Only this time We will be doing so from a much Higher perspective than you ever thought, dreamed or imagined would be possible.

Light, love, peace, tranquility, and an overall sense of being absolutely sure of themselves, are some of the rewards a person gains when they become themselves in the Light of All Lights. Each one of you who rise up to the challenge to better yourselves should not do so for glory or rewards of any kind. You need to do it because you know it is the right thing to do. Is it so hard to do the right thing? What makes it hard? Who makes it hard? Simple ques- tions do not require difficult answers. Trust yourself, believe in yourself, have faith in yourself. Your first response is generally the correct one. As long as you keep the intellect out of it. You all know that all forms of life everywhere are Created knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is part of all of your initial programming. You all know this when not incarnate. Why not bring this knowl- edge into the present tense where it will do you the most good? The Light which resides in Truth, is a part of you whether you know it or not. The amount of Light within the body, mind and Spirit at any given moment is dependent upon the desires and intentions of the one who is the Light-Bearer. And yes, it is always changing. Can I make it any more simple than this? I make these points once more so that each of you knows exactly who and what you are, You are Me, you are part of the Creation. You are an aspect of the Creator HimSelf. When you lie awake at night dreaming a little dream of the life that you have had and the one you are desirous of having, can you not see that these dreams, these thoughts are much more than just fantasies? Can you see, no, can you know that you are making a difference by re-training your thoughts and desires to serve a higher purpose?

You are all able to access the information that resides within your Soul as well as information that is stored in the Universal pool of knowledge. You see, you bring with yourself and to yourself, bits and pieces of knowledge when it is the most needed by you to make your lives easier and more fulfilling. This, if you do not know by now, is your instinct kicking in. Instinct is, remembrances of knowledge that has been accumulated by you in the past. Raise yourself up, become the YOU you always wanted to be but were afraid to, for whatever reason. So what if you do not ascend to an Avatar status overnight? You are all Gods and Goddesses, is that not enough to make you proud? Life, all walks in life are like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates, you really never know what you are going to get until you check inside. Yes, I know you do not like certain things. However, this inner knowing has given you many lifetimes to gather enough informed evidence to formulate a reasonable conclusion. Nothing happens overnight, so be patient. Use what you have gifted yourself with, your instinct, your intuition, and become the one you are proud to be. If need be, become the filament within the bulb, then move on to become the bulb itself. You do not need an external source to brighten your Light; you are part of The Source. OK, yes, you are all new worlds in training. Your Sun overhead may someday just pale in comparison to the reading from your individual Light meters, if you just intentionally turn the intensity up for all the world, all the Universe and Me to see. In fits of defensive focused rage, in moments of glory, in moments of unbridled passion, for whatever the reason may be, you shine, shine, shine. Open your eyes and see Me, see yourself standing here with Me. Side by side We will move steadfastly forward, because We can. l want you all to see that you are on your way home, to a home that you only vaguely imagined was possible. The Christed realm is glorious, it is awe-inspiring. What makes it so? This is what makes it so, all of you, the Light-Workers and Light-Weavers ushering in the Golden Now of the New Earth. Believe Me, you need not make it any more complicated than this.

I am well aware that the music of the spheres, the eternal song of God I AM is always beckoning you home. The song will be there when it is your turn, your time. It will always be there waiting for you with arms stretched wide open when you have reached the end of your current journey. For now BE all that you can be, be happy with who you are and why you are there. Remind yourself daily that you are the Light, that you are the one. If it pleases you, tell yourself that you are the chosen one, for indeed you are.

Are you going to survive the reawakening period which will define the true Human Spirit? Definitely, My dear Children, definitely. The human race will become splendiferous, convivial and even gregarious at times. Most importantly, you will all learn to live
with one another in peace and harmony. Be patient, My luminous Child; Expect a Miracle, the time is upon you.

I dedicate this writing to miracles in action … God

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