A Corporation is an entity created by people like you and I for specific gainful purpose/s. There are different types of corporations, depending on their core activities and objectives – business, political, science, medicine, education, finance, banking, legal, mining, entertainment, media and you name it.

The main objective of a corporation you get today is profit, driven and directed by its owners/shareholders towards a specific goal – money.

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As money constitutes power, plenty of it will attain plenty of power. Money begets Power, and for what? Power to dominate and subjugate all the people through the process of materialism and consumerism, whereby the people will literally, willingly and unconsciously hand the all-powerful general power-of -attorney (POA) >> to the Corporations to act over their affairs and lives.

Credit and borrowings take the top-spot in clamping serfdom on the consumers, and surely it is the most effective as it ensures to prolong slavery on the mass workforce slaving their lives off in the other corporations. Engaged in a vicious circle – the people borrow and work to payback, regardless of the situation of the economy. Almost everyone finds it quite acceptable to be locked into this endless loop as they seem to get the ‘things‘ they dream of even when they couldn’t afford it, and sure enough they do in the good times, and only realized that they are in trouble and enslaved when the economy goes bust, and that they remain in the ‘loop‘. A loan is a loan – repayment is on, regardless of good times or bad times. In good times slavery is not too bad a thing, but in bad times they’d rather be somewhere else than on this planet.

In all the developed countries, the Corporation is a legal valid entity and in the USA its status is same as that of a person. The US 14th Amendments gives the Corporation its life, and therefore its ‘human’ rights just like any American citizen to the extent that it can sue, and be sued by an individual, or another Corporation. The only difference between a person and a corporation is that the first is with a soul, whilst the latter has none.

Corporation Is Alive

Corporation Is Alive

The human oligarchs behind the Corporation get their super strength and power enlarged many folds from their corporations and their elite status is supported, protected, and maintained by a device known to the people as the Government, which is actually a form of a corporation, wholly owned by them. How is that? Political parties are funded by the Corporations, and in turns, whichever party wins an ‘election‘ and become the government of the day, its one of theirs.

The Bilderberg's Euro

The Bilderberg's Euro

The Bilderberg secret society comprising of oligarchs who own Corporations stated that they ‘helped’ created the Euro, which replaced the different currencies of the EU member countries into one single currency, when Belgian viscount and current Bilderberg-chairman Étienne Davignon bragged that Bilderberg helped create the Euro by first introducing the policy agenda for a single currency in the early 1990’s.

Captains of industry write EU’s script

The real power in Europe isn’t wielded by MEPs or by unelected officials, but by male-dominated corporations >>

Watch the late Aaron Russo talks on Fascism & Corporatism:

America: Freedom To Fascism

Essentially, the oligarchs through their Corporations govern the planet Earth. The governments of the countries are mere fronts to impress on the people of the world about state sovereignty to simply give them that false sense of freedom and liberty.

Why then do the oligarchs not become presidents and prime-ministers themselves?

Why would they want to work themselves silly when they could sit back and relax in their castles, and let some idiot presidents, or leaders handle all the dirty jobs 7/24, and shoulder and assume full responsibilities on all the would-be world problems. In fact they even present the idiot presidents with credits & glories for certain successful staged events in the world, which is a big deal to most idiotic leaders anyway. Can you think of a better way to govern?

If you think that your leader is chosen and elected by you, see if he dares to speak up against a corporation like Shell, IBM, Pfizer, Monsanto, or any giant corporation operating in your country. If he dares, than chances are you are truly a free citizen of a free country with absolute sovereignty.

Congratulations! But then…I’m sure you’re in a place without huge shopping malls, and you’ve never tasted, or don’t know what a Big Mac is, or that credit cards are not accepted in any of the shops!

I surely would seriously consider immigrating over there.


June 23, 2009

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Declare Independence from Corporate Rule

Declare Independence from Corporate Rule