Globalization is a dirty word to some people, especially when its mentioned viz a viz the New World Order (NWO).

One World

One World

The points made by the conspiracy theorist (CT) lend credence to their theories when the conspirators self-admit their involvement in events that are purportedly and seemingly conspiratorial in nature. The calling for a single order in financial system, currency and world governance from the likes of maestro Kissinger, Bush (Sr. & Jr.) Clinton and many more are uncannily the same issues the CTs are against and accusing them of.

The secret meetings of the Bilderbergers are exposed each time they meet and the agendas and minutes of their meetings leek like the stuborn taps in my kitchen sink, which confounded my plumber friend, who even theorized that the pipes manufacturers are in cohorts with the water department/service provider in providing low-quality easy-leak pipes so that your water bills rise like the petroleum price (before the financial crisis).

Sheesh! Kitchen-sink conspiracy? My…my…what else?

Anyway, dumbfounded as I am, I’m more concerned on the more serious issues like the economy, bad corporate governance and that kinda stuff and this globalization thingy.


As I understand it, globalization is supposed to be a win-win thingy for the inhabitants of the Earth as all kinds of barriers, borders are dismantled and the world becomes one big Free Trade zone and one country. Look at the European Union (EU) where everything is one, and citizens cross-borders ( borders turned transparent) with ease and trade freely amongst each members. So whats so bad about that?

Well, the traditionalists don’t like it as it diminishes their national identities, customs, language and their national sovereignty. Along those lines I can agree with their concerns, but I feel those are quite personal thingy and you can still remain as Italians, Spanish, or whatever, and continue your lives ethnically as you like, and benefit economically at the same time. No?

The Theory Of Everything Globalization

The Theory Of Everything Globalization

Yes, but wait a minute…what happens to my country land, natural resources and wealth? All that go into the big pool! They become a sharing thingy. Of course the richer member countries tend to loose more, while the poorer member countries benefit. But you see, this union thingy is not about your personal benefits, but its gotta do about the oligarchs‘ and their corporations >> playing the monopoly game. Its about taking everything from everybody, and then you pay back to get those things which were once yours in the first place. You didn’t loose it, you gave it to them…so whats the complaint?

I still don’t get it, and how those governments of the individual countries allowed it to happen. The governments you’re referring to are not yours to start with as you didn’t elect them, or so you think. They are products of the Corporation >>, and it takes a lot of money and capital to create a government, which you minions could never ever afford to have one…not in a million years! Having said that, you’re paying for it nevertheless…everyday with all kinds of taxes imposed upon you as consumers, homeowners, workers, farmers, and whatever you do except breathing the fresh air, which is not yet taxed as they still couldn’t quite figure that out.

Aaah…suddenly the picture is coming through, remember that Obama talk on something Green thingy, alternative energy, or something…? Yeah, they’re saying the environment and the air that we breathe are polluted, and needs cleaning up, and we need to change our life-styles…and that costs money…lots of money, and where is that money coming from? Take a guess.

Globalization is also about the air that you breathe, its the same air around the globe, so it takes the global community to ‘work‘ (or pay rather) on sustaining its purity. Really? I’ve heard differently from the theoretical physicists and that thingy about the Earth and the planets performing their own thingy, and that we really don’t know much about climatic phenomena, much less how to control it.

Hmmm…I think I’m lost here, drifting from issue to non-issue? I don’t know…maybe. I read somewhere that all world events that seem separate thingy and issues are actually affectionately linked to each other.

Global warming linked to Financial Crisis to Gaza Wars to Swine Flu to Mexican Drug Cabals to the Bilderbergers to the Illuminatis to EU to NATO and to my Kitchen Sink?

Hang on…before I really messed up this page, let me look up Webster’s, or Wikipedia for a more accurate definition of Globalization

I’ll be back…hopefully…