Extract From God’s Book – Beyond The Veil. Epiphanies From God

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Beyond The Veil. Epiphanies From God

13th Epiphany

Prevailing Conditions

God (received by Celest) Children, this will undoubtedly be a long writing. I have much to say and you have much to listen to. I hope you are willing to listen and I hope you understand the seriousness of these messages … particularly this one. I suppose unless a person is an un-ripened kumquat, all Children should see that something BIG is going to take place in this writing. OK, this is where I suggest that you buckle up your seatbelt and put on a hard- hat. Things are going to get rough. I am well aware that everyone wants changes to be made, but they want them to be effortless and painless. Sometimes this is an easy task to accomplish, other times it is not. This writing is crucial to your understanding what is taking place and what will take place, as well as those things and events that can or may take place. It is because We have so much at stake here that I decided to just “let it all hang out.” I want to see not so much how you react, but what actions and remedies you can Create for yourselves as a result of this message. I chose this title very carefully just as I did with all these Epiphanies. This one however had to personify truth in a very special way, and to embody many specific instances of modifications of thoughts and conditional responses, in such a manner that you could understand them. I ask you what the term “Condition” when simply translated means to you? What is the gestalt of the Word, what are the implications of the word? Although I a am not speaking of any medical condition I can see why many minds would instantly think of that. When the Creator brought life to Terra and to the other Worlds He did not impose any constraints, any CONDITIONS, on them. They were asked to simply BE and in the BEING bring more and more life to each world. Here on Terra what began as a “beginning” soon deteriorated into a mixture of physical blood and guts being spilled and Spirituality lost. I am recalling this to all of you in order that you may see, and perhaps gain some clarity, about the existence of certain events now taking place here on the Earth Star planet, as well as to better prepare yourselves for what will be. My Celest- self and My David-self were not aware of what I would want to be written in any of these letters. However when I gave Celest the title for this letter, I noticed that both she and David were torn between sad sighs and acceptance that the time had finally come for people to confront themselves. ‘Tis the way it is Children. I heard Celest thinking that she was not too sure how people would deal with this, so I told her that they either would or they would not. Now I am telling you the same thing.

A chain of circumstances, a series of occurrences, a state of being, any of these can be beneficial or malevolent. Under the auspices of all Universal Laws, when one energy, be it malevolent or beneficial is in force, there needs be a balance if the matrix of the conditions may in any manner impact in a stunted manner on the growth of any life species. In this letter I decided to just focus on the Earth and the Earthbound Children. So allow Me the latitude to simply explain things to you and then you may express to yourself whatever emotions or thought-forms that you experience as a result of the reading of these words. I have already discussed in great detail with you how and why so much has occurred here. My Emissaries have done so as well. This may be a difficult letter for some of you to read. However, if truth is to be continued to be told, it must not fall on deaf ears. I will deal with the present time and then move forward from there as need be. People act and react to their environment in diverse ways, so it matters naught if that environment is one of governmental control, health control, religious control or economic control. The environment in this sense acts as a stimulus which forces the attentions of the people to focus on any of those governing agents. These agents are simply composites of one another, yet their bearing on the people is not always for just- cause. At least not on this planet. If you look at all the life situations that are ongoing on this planet, at least the ones you know about, and try to find some good, clean, wholesome effects you are receiving from them, you would be hard-pressed to find them. It was once considered a quaint idea to have idealistic thoughts and try to move mountains, one person at a time. There was a huge amount of disassociate mannerism and behavior idiosyncrasies connected with the idea of formatting changes on a grand scale. with all people from all countries working together’ to Create wonderful alterations of thought and action. People working together. What a concept! This Children, is an example of what could have taken place thereby negating what now will take place instead. The conditions of yesterday have caused Terra to burp. Her action was a REACTION to the continuous loud and dismal antics and besotted mind-thoughts of the people throughout every generation. Each batch of incoming Souls had Souls who did to one degree or another attempt to live their lives in a good, Spiritual manner. However the naive-ness of the people caused them to be unable to combat the dark forces attempting to usurp their thoughts, thus creating generations of robotic types of humans. They could not battle or confront what they did not understand, nor what they could not see. The robotic term l mention refers only to the movements or lack of movements of these personalities. As long as the Light kept dimming within the hearts and minds of the people, no true progressions could occur.

Their once secret desires to be open and receptive to truth and to logically and consciously understand their own Spiritual natures became lost in a void filled with unrest, indecision, distrust and eventually, true apathy. The matrix of their Soul memory became entrapped in the surrounding and spreading contagion of the dark. For the most part these were not all bad people. However that does not mean they did not do bad things. Each and every time ANY Soul begins to become tainted by those of lesser Light, by those whose agendas are simply to eradicate all traces of the God-self within another person, a strange ghostly type of energy streamer is emitted by the Soul of the person who is being overcome by the fumes of the dark agents. This energy streamer is seen by all Souls throughout this Universe. lt clearly denotes when a Soul is falling here; when a Soul is either in danger of becoming lost or is endangering Itself by the simple act of being in the Wrong place at the wrong time. Not all these agents are the Illuminati, you know. Not all are of their lineage either. Think of a deadly virus that is so malignant that it can and will infect certain types of people. Once people are infected they then go on to infect others. What has happened here to the people all over this world is similar to that type of physical virus, yet different at the same time. The one that has held you in its deadly grip is one that could have had a very short lifespan, however it has instead continued unimpeded for many centuries. This is where you all are today. Regardless of how many times you have each reincarnated to this planet, the prevailing conditions are the same. I do realize far more than you could possibly imagine, the amount of work required for a personality housing the Soul to spurn the advances of those of the lesser Light. But you see I also can see the eternal danger to you each; I can, while you cannot. Think please about the heinous acts and murderous thoughts that have caused you as a race, to become a part of the prevailing conditions rather than apart from them. No, it is not a pretty sight, however as long as you are in mortality you must deal with this and you must do so now. While you still have a bit of time left. The unrest those of you feel who have separated yourselves from the moral turpitude of the masses is actually a gift you have given to yourselves. Without this gift you too could easily become trapped there, just as they are. Time and time again I have attempted to awaken you, to caution you and to nudge you to use your sentience. Time and time again I have been rebuffed in My efforts to do so. Why? Do you think that you are a light bulb that can never burn out or that cannot be broken? I know that you each have harbored secret fears that you may become the very thing you so detest. Yet you fail to see that you cannot if you do not. No, this is not an ambiguous statement, I mean what I mean. You are each intelligent beings so please, figure it out for yourself. Even light bulbs need to be changed you know.

Many times I have heard the multitudes of voices across this world begging for forgiveness for things they did not even really do and should not hold themselves accountable for. Many times I have seen the millions of tears flow freely down your faces as you beg Me to change the conditions here. Well, Children, I am doing so in one way, you are doing so in another Way. I am doing so now, not because of your continuous, unrelenting implorations, but because NOW IS THE TIME, you are ready for it. An idiosyncrasy present here is that you always dread a certain state of being, which is the state of affairs that exist on the planet and many of you think that you must be careful not to fall to the prevailing conditions. Yet you either have forgotten or you are ignorant of the fact that unfortunately, the conditions are always prevailing. It has indeed required a full cycle to reach completion before all the former conditions and many of the condition-makers could be extricated and the slow but steady removal of the old ways of life could come into effect. YOU were the beginning of this cycle and YOU will continue to disconnect your- selves from the previous horror history of your lives. You can because you must. ‘The atrocious acts of murdering other people here simply because they are different, whether the differences lie in thought, action, skin color or culture, must stop now. Do any of you reading this missive understand that these acts of violence, Whether random or selective, could be a chilling indictment of the denuding of the humanity of the human race, conducted by the human race? If you say that you do not do these things, then how is it possible that you cannot accept others’- differences? You can not say that these things are not a wanton act of murder or torture. If you cannot accept the fact that not all of you were meant to be the same, then you are murdering a part of yourselves. If you must continue to be part of what was once known as, “Mainstream consciousness,” then this time around you will have no one to blame for your ill-chosen exit from mortal life except yourself. Children, you cannot have it both Ways anymore. Actually, you never did, you just thought you did. Many minds will revolve around a certain thought pattern and that pattern is, “Now or later, which shall I choose, when shall I choose, can I Wait for a few years just so I can see what is really going to happen?” I do so hope that at the very least, you the readers, will not even think of joining that mind thought. It would cost you dearly. If you Wonder how many people will choose that mind-pattern while others will choose to free themselves from mind and Soul enslavement, I can tell you that some will and some Will.

Please forget about everything else that is still going bump in the night. I suggest that you focus yourself, your thoughts, your hearts and your Souls on thinking about Whatever remedies you can Create as a means to still further distance yourself from the projected illusions of, “Everything is OK, everything is just Fine in my world.” Be aware of situations and events but do not immerse yourself in them. I will tell you now of events of great importance that are now taking place, more so than any previous time in your history. Being in awareness of everything I am about to tell you is all you need to do. If I am about to burst your balloons, well then, so be it.

Has anyone been paying any attention to the still more expanded ferocity of attacks waged by countries against other countries, of people rising up to proclaim their intent for freedom and their desire for peace and harmony, regardless of how much it costs them personally? Just in case someone has been, I will tell you that there is an arising of millions of Souls who not only believe in right cause, but are listening to their Soul Voice, whether they are doing so consciously or not. Voice is no longer being subdued; enough Light is streaming into the planet and magnifying the hearts and desires of people everywhere, so that consequently, the shroud over Soul is dissipating and Soul is valiantly beginning a new fight for Itself and Its future existences. Part of this changing process is that no longer will governments or other policy makers be free to commit mass genocide as foreplay to even more “Collateral damage.” It never did require that people, everyday Earthizens, need to wage physical wars against their bondage- holders. It always did require that people all unite for their own freedom as well as for the freedom of others. In this manner there would never have been any bondage; there would not have been any “Bondage sharks.” Obviously, the preplanned union of race to race, of people to people, has not worked out so well, now has it? However, the new beginning of a better time has now begun. An important part of this continuous unceasing tidal wave of truths now unfolding all over this world is that it is finally bringing people together. The peoples’ actions, intentions and staunch desires to no longer flounder are triumphant free expressions now in force here. These are some of the main reasons for the merging, the coming together of the conscious, the subconscious and the Super conscious. These are good things, this is great news I am sharing with you, with or without your conscious understanding of this grand event. OK, now I ask you to give careful thought to what I am about to tell you: Any time a condition that has been the dominant one, especially if it is one of duplicity or intentional, very deliberate malicious programming and murderous actions taking place begins to be abolished, think about what happens, Children. Do you, yourself, believe as unfortunately so many do, that it means that instantaneous alterations of expression, of justice and liberty for all takes place? Are you one of the millions who scream, “I want it and I want it now?” I hope you, the reader, does not. For every change there is an equal and opposite change; it means that if one event or choice in life changes, then the impact it could have on others will also change. For better or for worse.

This is but one reason why little changes lead up to big changes. Why big changes promote greater changes. This is one major way that conditions of any kind, at any time, can be “Conditions interrupted” and in many cases permanently altered. The permanent alteration of the Earth Star planet is now under way. All right, now let’s take this a step further; when some- thing that is basic and fundamental in life or perceived to be that way, can no longer exist because it is merely a well- projected illusion of life, then something else-the equal opposite- must replace what the previous prevailing conditions had been. l refer back to the deadly virus l spoke of earlier; once the worst of the infection has been cauterized certain changes must take place to ensure that the infection never returns. It further means that whatever caused the problem in the first place, must not only be removed, new conditions must surround the stricken individual to not only prevent any type of relapse, but to make sure that a healthier, more wholesome environment becomes a part of the everyday life of the individual. So, 1- the infection-is removed and 2 – the new environment-replaces it. Terra is fulfilling her part of the realignment and replenishing agreement with Me most beautifully and completely wholeheartedly. And she will continue to do so. I am spending these last few minutes to give you each a simple, basic understanding of the change Creates change movement. This is why I have often stated that without altered attitudes, THERE CAN BE NO CHANGE! Mull that one over for a bit. What l stated just now about changes were simple words that should be treated with reverence, not contempt, and the energies of changes should be thanked wholeheartedly for their ability to materialize and manifest all that is needed. lt. is while they are replacing what was formerly deemed accepted and acceptable that they are also simultaneously destroying all that is ill-conceived. What is taking place here in the now and will continue to do so is a movement, an event of previously unheard of proportions here, not even the demise of Atlantis and other ancient civilizations can compare with this one. There is a vast difference between gold and something that is gold plated, is there not? One is a false replica of the other. The one that is the replica is not a true essential, it is man-made not God-made. It is now the manmade atrocities, the manmade, well orchestrated destruction of the Spiritual nature of much of the human race on a planetary scale, that I am exposing| for all the world to see in its debauchery and pure evilness. I am slowly replacing all this with not only My NESARA movement, but with the exact opposite of all frenetic experiences that have been accepted, relished and indulged in. These sordid indulgences were almost to the point of unbelievable insensibility and utter lunacy.

Now for My “Late breaking news.” This news that you may not think of as “Good,” actually is. What is happening here and now, is a strategized movement of OC-organized chaos. Country by country in being turned upside down while all of Us who are off- world are marching beneath the stones to see what else may slither out. It is not the prettiest sight We have ever seen but it is not at all unexpected. Evil does not hibernate, it is in a sense like a shark; it must always maintain a continuous movement in order to survive. So it is that as each country on this planet is being exposed to more and more massive amounts of Light, anything that lives in the dark cannot continue to, it cannot survive. As part of this change it also means that not only must these things in every country continue to perish in the Light, all the people who intentionally supported them, who intentionally linked mind- thoughts with them must also be exposed to the Light. As each person is thusly bombarded by the Light, then every one of them must change or perish. That is as good as it gets. Understand now, no, they cannot indulge in lip service, they cannot think that maybe someday they will decide to change, they cannot change just because they do so out of fear of NOT changing. The fear of not changing should never be a catalyst because it is a fear- based action. It must be that they are true living examples of the willingness and the understanding of why change is crucial to them. In other words they must do so for the right reason. If you wonder how many will do this, then I can only tell you that perhaps some will and others will not. I will not know Myself how many will until I see the beginnings of that thought in their minds; until I see their refusal to once again capitulate to the dark. Until then, I know as much as you do. At least about that. People who live in countries that are still involved in wars with others of their countrymen, with wars waged by invading countries, with wars that have been longstanding hotspots to be conquered for oil. gold, water, etc., and those whose business is declaring war and promoting war will experience a flip- flop time. You see. it will only be the pure hearted people who will have the opportunity to escape those countries through quietly arranged rescues conducted by other good Souls and other peace loving people. I repeat, the people who escape in this fashion will only be the good-hearted people. NO, under no circumstances can those who are engaged in illicit and malevolent behavior towards themselves or towards others be permitted to escape. Many safe havens on different landmasses here have been and still are being Created for these good Souls, many are still being fine-tuned in preparation for these ongoing events. My Star Keepers and many in the Spirit world have been long arranging this endeavor. Another thing you need to clearly understand is that I am asking each of you to prepare yourselves to accept the things you cannot change and accept those that you can. I know that many of you have spent considerable time wondering about those you love as well as other people you call friends or associates. The questions in your minds have been, “What will happen to them, what if they do not make it, what if they simply stay the way they are or continue backpedalling?” Dear Souls, please understand the situation. I am not implying that those people have a chance to survive these changes. I am telling you, they will not. Because everything pertaining to them is dependent now on how they act, think, feel, believe and what actions they take or do not take, only they can decide on an individual basis whether they will accompany you or not. I cannot help those who I cannot help. I am spelling things out here because you deserve to know and I am responsible for the truth in these matters.

Some of the ongoing changes here that are contributing to the final determining factor of who survives and who does not are as follows: The physical vehicle, although well constructed to withstand the onslaughts of most physical illness, emotional duress and surrendering to the need for change, cannot tolerate certain conditions that were not the previous prevailing ones, not the ones that they had become accustomed to. The problems these bodies now face are the present and present-future conditions; the ones that will continue throughout the lifespan of this planet. Sound, tone, vibration, frequency and Light these are the essential ingredients that were needed to formulate the cessation of the old WAVE of darkness and are the causation for not only the continuous bombardment of the NESARA energy, but also correctly defines the physicality of each person in mortal form. I am trying, to keep this as simple as possible for you. The body in physicality reacts to all stimuli whether it is an outside force or an internal one. This means that if the body is reacting to the heart, mind and Soul as it should, then heart, mind and Soul continuously signal to body all changes, progressions and essentials needed for the body to function in harmonious accord with them. The Soul transmits information at all times to these receptacles of life; as this occurs those vessels act and react in accordance with the level of evolution a person has achieved. lt. also has to do with the individual’s ability to deal with practical world issues. It works in tandem with the determination of Soul Voice to best the odds by combating the old way of life and move forward in order for the physical body to survive. This can take place at times with or without the conscious knowledge of the individual. These experiences that a body has are not only relative to the Soul state of the being, they are reflective of the mind as well. Each of these vessels has always been the defining composite of your physical vehicle, of your life force in fact. Pretend that someone you know has been living in a dark closet, literally. You open the door perhaps just a fraction and that person is exposed to a minute amount of Light. The closet sitter is now openly hostile and feeling physical pain because an anomaly has occurred, to their way of thinking. You removed a slice of the dark but the person inside cannot tolerate the Light. You dare not open the door further because of concerns of causing more damage to that person. You walk away and whatever happens to the one inside is up to them. He or she can come out slowly if need be, or they can put on some dark glasses and come out into the full brilliance of the Light. In this manner they can become used to it until such time the physical vehicle can accommodate the person, by the simple repetitive actions of being in the Light and accepting it as natural.

As always, the responsibility of coming out is up to the individual. Do you understand this yet? You cannot help those you cannot help, Children! What if some people ask you for help, for truth and for sustenance and you gladly share these things with them and suddenly they turn away and retreat back to the unilluminated state they were previously in? NO. you must not feel sad about it, you must not second-guess your actions, you must simply understand that you have planted the seeds in their minds and hearts that will hold them in good stead in a future lifetime. In these cases it is OK to be disappointed in them Children, it is not OK to be disappointed in yourself just because they stopped and turned away. Believe Me, I know the feeling! OK, now, in the present today times, those same types of people who have locked themselves in the closet of dark illusions and the light of a lesser god, are struggling mightily to keep their bodies in some type of acceptable healthy states. It is those Children who cannot change, who will not change, who are the ones who cannot deal with the new prevailing conditions. The sound of the wings of change in the air, the tone of the ethereal music that is playing, the frequency which is so much higher here than it has ever been before, works with raising the vibrations of body, mind and Soul. And the LIGHT, oh my! The Light of all Lights cascades around and within the planet. This Light is a composite of all those other elements combined with the pure Luminescence of the Creator, of MySelf, of the Creation process and all good Souls who have ever been. Yes, there is no doubt it is difficult for these other people to tolerate this energy. Some simply cannot even be in Its presence. Others run screaming and kicking to their nearest dark corner. Yet those who are the true Light Bearers and those others, who are the true Light Weavers, revel in the beauty, the sound and the truth that mortal life is finite, eternal life is not.

The physical vehicles of all those people who cannot or will not surrender themselves to themselves, thus allowing Soul Voice to bring them into a state of understanding, will perish. Their bodies simply cannot endure, they cannot go on. Please be sure that you are understanding all that I am telling you. OK, this is a continuous movement here and it will always remain as a progressive state, not a regressive one. Each new level of progression attained by this movement births other more highly refined aspects of itself. This will continue throughout the life span of Terra. There shall be no end. As Spirit speaks, people will listen. At least most of them will. Please pay attention to all sensory impulses, pay attention to “Mind talk,” this is telepathy. Remember that up until just recently collective conscious was viable and activated only in the Spirit world and the worlds of the Star Keeper races. Pay attention to imaging that are sent to you, to manifestation and physical wellness. to drum states and renew your vows or make new ones dedicated to Spiritual Principles. In thin manner you will ascend with the ascension process rather than walk backwards into the night that has no end. OK, now that I have explained this part of the ongoing process to you, at least to My own satisfaction, I will tell you about the other half of this event as well.

What is so little understood here, among many things, is that each landmass that you know as a country acts and reacts to the actions of the people who live there. So if a country is filled with peace loving people, with minds that are in harmony and in God, that country or countries will remain unscathed. Unfortunately there are no entire countries like that. But there are sections in MOST countries Where areas of peace still thrive quietly, but they are there. There are many reasons why it was imperative that so many, many, very evolved, very ancient Souls walk this Earth Star planet. One of course is because they want to. Another is because I asked them to. Yet another is for their own continued personal evolvement. BUT, of primary importance of all these reasons is a fact little known about on this planet. The reason is thus: These Souls carry the most incredible Light with them; it is indeed the foundations of their Souls, it is who they are and what they are. It was necessary that all these hardy Souls, the teachers, the Warriors, the warrior-teachers and the healers, walk this walk for the edification of the Creator, for the healing assistance to render to Terra and for the salvation of the human race. Their indelible fingerprints and indelible footprints have shed My Light every- where on this planet. Some of you refer to anchoring the Light yet you do not understand the process, you do not know “The Why.” It is in great measure, thanks to these brilliant Souls, these ones sometimes thought of as angels in disguise, these who are in a sense immortal, these Souls who have risked all to give their all, that Terra has lasted this long. It is also a primary reason why the human race is not extinct. Without the Light, there would have only been the dark. Light cannot exist Within the dark just as the dark cannot exist Within the Light. These are the Souls who know far better than anyone else, that Light always casts forth the shadows, but it is the shadows that define the LIGHT. Therefore, It is their own brilliance, their own Light which they never permitted to be compromised, that has held them in good stead. Their Light which they never permitted to become subdued or overcome by the shadows has been your personal and planetary guiding Light! You have wondered for many a year why so few in number had come here in the past to try to communicate with the masses. Now you know, at the very least I expect you to understand, They have adhered for centuries to one of the Universal Laws governing the need to teach, the necessity of remaining part of the human race, yet apart from it as well. You man think of it as, “One by one, God’s Work shall be done.” I know I do.

So as time moved inexorably on and the teachers taught and the Warriors fought and still taught, each incoming generation had the opportunity to expand their consciousness and to be all they could be. Some did and some did not. Which now brings Us back to the situation concerning the longevity of landmasses, of countries and continents. l did tell you that each landmass reacts to the behavior of its inhabitants. So hatred, rape, honor killings, genocide, greed, lust, murder, illicit drug usage, diabolical political leaders and FEAR, are the deciding factors to how the land will react to the people. Where fear is concerned: It does not matter if the fear is self-created, or one of the conditioned responses to people, places, situations or events, Fear is Fear is Fear. Fear itself, unconsciously for the most part, breeds contempt. I will let you figure out for yourselves how the landmasses feel about toxic waste, dumps, nuclear weapons, etc. Never forget the land is sentient. So, you know the situations and NOW IS THE TIME for you to know about the consequences. It is in the countries where the people refuse to stop fighting, those who do not cease to stop killing one another, that are now in the greatest jeopardy. The countries where the people or their leaders refuse to live in peace and harmony with one another… those countries will cease to exist. Some countries will alter in dimension, some becoming smaller, others becoming larger. Many continents will “Move” either closer to another land- mass or further away. In time some ancient landmasses will rise above the waterways. People have been stirring Terra’s sentience pot for far too long. Now she must continue with the realignment process in conjunction with Creating a better world for all NESARIANS. The people I spoke of earlier who will find themselves receiving warnings to leave a particular country or an area within a country, may have to leave with very little of their belongings. But they will find that the Guiding Light will see them safely to their new locations, away from the maddening crowds. Understand now, no one can hide from this event. Everyone has been in hiding for far too long as it is. Millions of people all over this world will survive. However, in one manner or another, no country will remain untouched. The process of selecting the new gardeners here began long, long ago. This is but one small reason why so many of you have reincarnated here. You are either here to initiate changes in your personal thought- patterns, thereby guarantying yourself of a trip to this new paradise, or you are here to anchor the Light for the biggest Star Show ever seen. None of you should weep for those who will not be a part of this new paradigm; you should rejoice that you will be. l ask you each to comport yourselves well during these times, live your lives with honor so that you may continue to live. As the days pass and you see that Terra and the Light Forces are gearing up even more for an incredible climax, be grateful, be thankful, and above all BE AWARE. There is nothing to be lost here; rather there is everything to be gained. Gift yourself with as many ancient remembrances as you can. And should it happen to be that you cannot do this, that you cannot have the activated memories you want, then replace the gift with a different one. Think about NESARA and all the generations of wondrous people who will continue on here as the New People, the New civilization, the New YOUS. Those who must leave here for Whatever their choice of reasons will have ample time to rest, think, and renew old acquaintances with their Guides and other Mentors and one day they will return here, if they are wholesome again. Otherwise they will simply pick up the threads of mortal life in another place at another time. Pay attention to all I have telling you please. After all, it is one of your own Epiphanies. If logic tells you that what I am saying to all of you in this message simply cannot be, or cannot happen, then I say to you all, “Sometimes you just have to stop thinking like a human.”

God (received by David) So, what does it mean to think like a human? The human being in general has been self-centered and reliant on the “Me-me-me” vision of life, or the equally regressive, “What’s in it for me?” mind thought for too long. Whatever became of helping thy neighbor because it was the right thing to do? When the human human race’s focus so deeply limited that it was easier to follow and believe in the status quo, it was easier and required less work to simply accept the conditions they were raised in, their actions quickly became the initial phasing-in of true Soul isolation. This is when many of you started “Assuming” instead of “Knowing” It is also when you first began feeling the aloneness of true Spiritual isolation. Subjugation and demeaning servitude came next. Have you ever wondered why the words could have and should have came into being? Living in pursuit of the illusionary fantasies of life, strongly suggests that many of you have regrets, when really you SHOULD have none. I have stated so many times, “Life is for the living,” I have tried to impress this upon you, yet few listen. Those who continue to remain trapped in their intellects, believing that they alone are the smartest and most evolved ones because they have the highest LQ. scores, are typically the ones who will have the hardest time accepting and understanding all that is happening now and will continue to happen here on Earth. Earth changes of this magnitude are not logical; therefore it will not make sense to those who live life through their intellect. In time, hopefully sooner than later, they will get out of their heads and move into their hearts. No, getting into your hearts is not that foo-foo flower children, peace, love, drugs, modality that prevailed during the sixties on this planet. Most of those types, if they are still living that free love lifestyle, will not make it, for they have not achieved balance in their lives. We will be watching. Just knowing this simple fact should be the catalyst necessary for each of you to want to better yourselves. If for no other reason than to know that what you do behind closed doors is not a secret. Maybe now that you know this, this could be the driving force which propels you onward and upward. Perhaps you will begin searching for the next step in your evolution, rather than continuing to evade it. Many Wonder how it came to pass that the human race failed itself to such an extent, that they valued their life, or any life, so little. When did it become acceptable for a life to be considered expendable? From What I explained earlier in these missives you should all know the reasons. What you do with this information will help in deciding your immediate fate. Before someone thinks that We of Divinity, should have done more to rekindle Our relationship with all of you at an earlier time, please hear Me … you were not ready. Now that enough of you are receptive to those new to you ideas, it is possible for a great many other Souls, like Celest and David, to reveal their true identities to you. Fifty years ago they would have been tarred and feathered for speaking their truths, if not worse. Now people just like them are more commonly accepted as one of you, and l do thank each of you who have grown emotionally to this level. The Star Keepers from many other worlds are here now in the skies overhead. Their magnificent Ships of Light remain cloaked so that only those in tune with the higher vibrations of Light can tell when they are around. Earthbound Souls are alerted to their presence by the songs which emanate from the ships. Soon these songs will call out to all of you to once again reunite with them. This is all part of the new conditions. In a short time they will present themselves openly for the entire World to see. This will once and for all bring closure to the question, “Are we the only intelligent life forms in this Universe?” No, I have told you all so many times before, you are not alone, although many off-world-ers would question the validity of your intelligence. So much of both your past and your present behavior suggests otherwise. There are only a few places left in this Universe of Mine that still harbor and sustain such discontent, savagery and primitive behavior towards its people. l suggest you make a firm commitment to your own survival. l am speaking of committed kindness, unlimited compassion, and practicing unconditional love for others and for self. This is a firm commitment to your Spiritual growth and a hallmark of the Divinity of your humanness. If you do not like yourself, if you do not love yourself, if you cannot see yourself in others, then you have a very serious problem.

OK now, so we have spoken about the countries that will be and those that will change dramatically. What about the oceans, what will happen to them? The oceans will alter, they will rise and they will cover some landmasses, displacing the areas which can no longer sustain the Light of All Lights. Very soon, you will be very reliant upon Mother Earth to provide the basics you need to survive. Presently you are finding out that the most valuable things in life which were meant to be free and plentiful, are now in short supply. It was and still is the tolerance of the prevailing conditions which have finally brought you all to this point, this point where life-defining decisions demand your immediate attention.

I spoke earlier of the dark seated pockets of negativity spread throughout this planet; I said they were being unmasked and removed, some kicking and screaming all the while, yet being removed just the same, one at a time for the most part. These tainted pockets and the removal of them from this world is being accomplished through a Divine act of God, (forces of nature). This is Well beyond your ability to control or to manipulate the outcome. You however must change many things here, yourselves. You must change the Way you look at everything. It really is that simple. Dispel the dark, embrace the Light (Light being the effervescent love from within), and change will come more quickly and less painfully. If something is diseased it needs to be eradicated. If something was Created (manifested) on a lower consciousness level, the cure for whatever this problem is, can only be found by examining it from a higher perspective. If this does not happen, the solution would only be a temporary fix, a band-aid of sorts, and you all know that this will not suffice anymore. None of you should start to be self-righteous and none should desire to take events into their own hands to try to force the winds of change to be in other areas of concern. “All changes must be done by the people with the overall wellbeing of all life in mind.” You cannot end War by waging more war. Human thinking causes War, the human Spirit causes peace.

OK, so We have covered some of the how and Why of what has transpired to bring about the prevailing conditions you are experi- encing in the present time. Let us look a bit more at what to expect in the days ahead. You should now know the fate of some land- masses, what about society? How will it alter? First of all let Me be perfectly clear here so there is no confusion. The times ahead of you will not be easy for any of you. The times ahead will be harsh for you, for some people it will be much more so than others. So much of what you have been accustomed to being able to access easily will no longer be Within your reach. You have lived as an “On demand society” seeking instant gratification for far too long. All of this will end. Everything that originated in a lower consciousness level must be uprooted and then replaced; I have been very clear about this in the past. No one should be allowed or forced to go hungry, I repeat … NO ONE! Share with those in need, this should not be a difficult  task if you listen to your heart. No, you cannot change the past; you can however make the future much brighter. One way to alter the future is by reexamining the past, by understanding what went wrong and then seeing clearly how the events could have been altered for the best. This will change the outcome of similar scenarios which may present them in the future. David, please insert an email you received some time ago from the man who asked for help with “Responsibility,” I feel it is appropriate for this part of the discussion. I know you remember which one.

David – The person God is referring to here was a man I was communicating with who asked me for help. He was using drugs; he had no self-respect, he was lazy, he wanted others to do the Work for him and yet he was desperate to change his lifestyle. He, like so many others, was aware of the events unfolding, he actively read many of the Spiritual messages provided on the internet, yet he was not getting to the heart of the matter, the core of his problem. After sending him many helpful hints, dedicating much time to him to try to get him over the hump, I informed him it was time for him to take personal responsibility for his actions or lack of actions. He emailed back immediately and said in no uncertain terms, “I do not WANT to TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? He then said he would not waste my time by emailing any longer. To that I say, thank you, God.

God – What David is referring to here is a widespread contagion that has ensnared much of the human race. This man wanted David to give him all the answers so he could skate on through life, without having to do any of the work involved by taking a hard look at himself. He had not learned the basic lesson which all My Children who do know teach to others. This is, “Do not give the people fish, instead, TEACH THEM HOW TO FISH.” Once in a very great while there are people who rise up to the challenge of righting what is wrong. This is your time to do so and you must teach others how to find the answers to the questions each of them has. None of you can become dependent upon others to give you the answers. You must never become co- dependent upon another. Each one of you is responsible for all that has taken place here and all that will transpire on this planet and in your personal lives. I say this to each one of you, because I know that even if you are one of the most evolved Souls on the planet, you are still living in a physical, practical world. Life here is much more different than being in the Spirit world, or at home on your own planets. Most importantly you need to remember that most people change when they incarnate. Not many are born-in or walk-in with their memories intact, for almost everyone, life becomes a learn-learn situation all over again. The odds are good that at some point or another, most people have stood idly by and watched or did nothing at all, when a terrible incident was taking place right in front of them. Obviously. the right thing to do was get involved. Yes, there are many instances when saying or doing nothing is what you are meant to do. When these instances occur, you should simply acknowledge to yourself that you are bearing witness to the events to verify that they did occur. This is all you are meant to do. Yet more often than not. there is always something that you could have done to make things better, if only by being one voice commiserating with another in order to comfort them. The prevailing conditions may be a series of events that have culminated in that one moment, that one deciding moment, when you must stand up and be counted. You must stand for what is right, or at the very least, for what you believe to be right. I know that all of you are not in tune with Me, or My Universe as you should be. Yet I know that you all have had ample time to form an opinion. An opinion is worth a thousand words. Why? Because when you have an opinion about something, anything, you have just sent that thought-form out into the Universal thought-pool, where all similar thought forms coalesce and gain strength and greater agility. It can be enough for you to just have the thoughts; the thoughts can then move forward on their own. It is better than all right for you to express them when necessary. I tell you, now IS the time for you to have a voice, have an opinion and use it. That is why I gave you a brain. If you do not take a stand now for what you believe in, then you will spend this lifetime being willing to accept anything that is hurled at you. I cannot stress this enough, you must contribute your input, your sentience and what you surmise as a result of the sentience, to the ongoing changes and send out the Light of all Lights to assist in righting the wrongs of all wrongs. You must do your part; it is not enough to say you know this is wrong; you must let others know why it is, no that they may share in your revelations. This is how a solution may be found. This is one way all of these domineering prevailing conditions which have been plaguing humanity. are going to play themselves out and ultimately transform this world into THE ONE you are the most desirous of having.

Wars have come and gone; those in positions of power will come and go. You, the people, may come and go, yet you are the ones who will, who must make a difference here in the present. This world is churning; she is asking all of you one simple question. Will you stay and help or will you choose to go? That is the question, now what is your answer? There are no other options available to you. She has no more time for hesitations. She is awaiting your response and she will respect them all accordingly. She may be turn- ing many of your personal worlds upside down with her cleansing and purification efforts, but please know that this is for the best. You are not being singled out if your home burns because of a forest fire raging out of control. You are not being singled out because you choose to live in tornado alley or some other similar situation; you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Do not take it personally. The earthquakes that are occurring under the oceans are being orchestrated to release the pressure that has built up within this beloved Soul. She needs to release; just as do all of you when you allow things to become bottled up. My Star Keeper Children are doing what they can to dampen the impact of these occurrences; you must deal with your own inertia, your frustrations and vent those emotions as needed. All of these Earth changes must be allowed the time to play themselves out. Feel compassion for the Souls who are leaving, whether by natural causes, or by choice. Yes, there are a great many who will be innocent bystanders, they will be credited for their accomplishments if they are forced to leave early by circumstances beyond their control. This should not concern you though, for you have enough to do aiding this world which needs your fullest attention. This IS the time you have all waited for. Perhaps it is not exactly how you envisioned that it would take place. Very few of you know the magnitude and the levels of disparity which have plagued this world. It is time to open your eyes, see what is really going on and assist in this wonderful time of transformation. This IS the time to stop hiding your Light under a bushel. Set it ‘free and let it shine for the whole world to see.

Events which have been set in motion and cannot be stopped, demand that all of you pay attention. There in not a shred of space on this planet that has not been tarnished at one time or another by the legions of despair and their minions. Look around you, this world has become a graveyard. It has held within it all the energies that the human race has mustered together, both the good and the not so good. Do what you can to assist in releasing, in transmuting these energies. You know how. Just think about it, just remember, remember, remember. When you do, the Souls who remain tormented by the past, as well as by the present, may be able to finally have some closure. It may be for their participation in the heinous crimes which have contributed greatly to the prevailing density which surrounds and permeates a particular area. Take, for example, areas where massacres have taken place. this is almost everywhere. Some of those areas now have cities built on them with thousands upon thousands of people living there. Can they, will they, find peace as long as that dark presence is allowed to remain there? Or will it in time taint even the most stout-hearted of Souls? OK, I see how some of you might require an example which is closer to home. How many of you know of an area whore there was once a graveyard and in that area there are now home! or businesses? What happened to the gravesites, the bodies, and the hallowed ground, as some of you would call it? It was disturbed. desecrated and never allowed to find peace. All of you have a duty to assist in clearing these areas if you want to live there. If you are not able to, then perhaps it is time to relocate to an area that is more conducive to your current evolutionary level.

Let us examine the last one hundred years, or perhaps we will go back ten thousand years, it really does not matter. What has occurred? What has changed? Take a few moments and think seriously about this if you would. What have you concluded? ls the world as a whole and your lives better off than they used to be or worse off? “A little of both,” I would imagine many would say. Life has altered; I will grant you that one. Yet you still yield to temptation, you still hide your heads in the sand when various forms of bestiality raise their heads. You still lack the confidence in yourselves to be able to make a difference when something that in not right or fair happens. Everything that is broken needs to hu fixed or replaced by something that will withstand the test of time. What will it take to cause the rest of the people to wake up? If you could all just find a way to reunite yourselves with that part of yourself, that sacred Spiritual you, then your lives would be grand indeed. The Soul, your true essence, is so beautiful; Soul radiates the essence of love, of peace and harmony. This IS the essence which defines Me. When you can see this in yourself, then you will become your God-Self.

What you see happening all around you is Universally termed a “Fly trap illusion.” You have been given what you wanted, what you thought you needed, because you did not realize the possibilities of what you could have had. You allowed yourselves to be caught in a Web of deceit by the dark Souls and you did not even feel the spider breathing down your necks. You now know the essence of time was an illusion, or at least I hope that you do. This linear condition which has plagued all of you for far too long is evaporating, get used to living in the moment and you will find your lives are much easier by doing so. The prevailing conditions are stirring up a frenzied energy, this you can define as organized chaos in action. O.C.’s non-evasive, unstoppable energies are bringing peoples’ true color! to the forefront. Those who have doubts, fears and insecurities are presently being seen everywhere, they are lashing out at all that is foreign to them, they are being very irrational and oh, so unpredictable. To return to a previous thought-form, which is quantum interference, it directly relates to the prevailing conditions, let Me just say something more. Each of you must find peace within your- selves and allocate the necessary time to find your Sacred space. This will allow you to achieve a balance in your lives. Far too many of you are so entrenched in everyday practical life, that you have little or no time for anything else, much less yourself. Your lives have become too full of hustle and bustle. You run here, you run there. You have no moments left that are available to you for your days of quiet solitude. No time to commune with nature, to find yourself. You must manifest a place and the time to meditate, if meditating is important to you, and become centered. You are in effect quantumly interfering with your own evolution and you do not even know it. This is one very important reason why the pace of this world must be slowed down; it needs to be returned to a much simpler form of existence. Once you have each centered yourself and found your reason for being, then and only then can you begin to transition to a higher level of consciousness as a whole, united, inseparable race of beings. I am essentially doing all of you a favor by removing the need for competitiveness from this world. No longer will you need to do something, in order to be the best at something, just to make yourself look/feel more worthy, or to be accepted by others. You do not need to impress anyone, much less yourself. What you need to do is to do your best. Do what you should be doing and what you Want to do and be satisfied that your best is good enough. The changes which are most needed and those that are required of you, are many times the hardest trials which you will have to endure. Change is the only constant in this Universe, in any Universe. If change is not present, then everything becomes static. I am not static and hopefully neither are you. What purpose would there be to your life if you were? If you are not willing to embrace change with a passion and purpose, then how do you suppose the world around you is going to change for the better? OK, so by now you should all know that the world around you came to be in such a state of despair, because everyone participated by either doing something to contribute to the disarray, or by doing nothing at all to stop it. You also know that the only way for positive change to occur is for all of you to embrace it, assist its matrix and allow it to happen. You also know, that if you are not willing to change your beliefs and be open and receptive enough to embrace the possibility of another, better way of being, of thinking, of looking at something, then perhaps you are not ready for the next step in human evolution.

What drives the human Spirit? Is it the events that are inter- twining throughout any lifetime, or is it the human beings’ desires above all else, to live their lives freely and openly? I shall talk about this more in the “Diversity of the Human Spirit.” For now I would like you to see and to examine the context of how this subject matter directly correlates with the prevailing conditions. These conditions presented themselves to you blatantly now, in the current timeline you are in. “Prevailing” means “Ongoing,” in a sense. Because the affairs of this world directly impacts upon you, you must have a clearer understanding of all that affects your life. You must take into account all that is unfolding and all that has led you to this crucial, life-defining point in your lives. Examine what you see as wrong, corrupt, or basically useless, or wasteful. Then decide how best to remove those outdated, outmoded elements from the equation of your life. The prevailing conditions are exposing the inherent flaws and weaknesses in every nook of your personal and societal structures. They should by now be showing you where you have been had, or where you have been taken advantage of, while you were sleepwalking. In order to lessen the impact and alleviate the turmoil being caused by the rapid dissipation of disorganized chaos which previously ensnared this planet, you must be able to first see, and then find the way to transmute the discordant energies which are left in the void. This includes any vessel that cannot survive the ascension of the human race. Second, you must set certain events into motion as a means to replace the old with the new. If not, you may be doomed to repeat the past once again. I’ll remind you, repetition is not forward momentum. There are a few new organizations which are currently being formed which have your best interests at heart. Find them, support them, they are being led by ones who know, by the ones who are in tune with the Heartbeat of this Universe.

How long will the prevailing conditions last? You tell Me. I can assure you that as of this moment I see that it will not all be done and over with in the timeline so many of you had hoped it would. Look at it this way. You have generations upon generations of ideas, ideals, beliefs and teachings which need to be transmuted and then replaced with something with substance, something of value which you can build upon. Perhaps you can change yourself overnight, however, let us be realistic here …. most people cannot. Fortunately the influence by the lesser evolved beings which have controlled your planet for so long is quickly dissipating. This will give you the breathing room necessary to enact changes in a positive way. On the bright side, I see that all of you are now standing on the edge of the precipice; you have seen the reality of the possibility that you could have been witnessing your own demise, in the present time. It is during times like this, when things could not get any worse, that people change in a positive manner. In case you have not noticed, or I have not been clear enough, everyone, everything you hold true and dear, including this planet was very close to becoming extinct and nothing more than a long-forgotten memory. In time, as you integrate with NESARA, you will all have a surreal peace residing within yourselves and a knowing that all that you have given up to arrive at this turning point, will pale in comparison to all that you have gained. What will you actually gain? Freedom, independence, the right to BE, to exist. The right to choose your own destiny from this point on without outside interference. I would venture an educated guess that this will be seen as a monumental achievement by most of you, considering the past you will have just survived.

You are now in the middle of the storm of the century, only this storm is taking no prisoners. This storm is organized chaos doing what it does best. It is being supported by the NESARA energy wave, the planet, the Universe and all who may be more evolved than most of you are. Heed Well My message of this day. In the days ahead, “What is received is to be earned, what is earned is to be honored, cherished, appreciated and respected for all time. There is no free ride here, not anymore. Keep this thought close to your heart at all times.”

I am satisfied knowing that I am no longer preaching to the choir … God

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