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Beyond The Veil. Epiphanies From God

6th Epiphany


God (received by Celest) Well, Children, it was while Celest
and David were busily writing down My list of Epiphanies that I
gave them, that I told Celest that I would be interested to see how
many of My readers upon seeing the titles of each letter, would
jump to either “NESARA,” or “The New Book of Revelations,”
before reading the book through. So I have sat back, so to speak,
and am simply counting heads. I do understand why some would
do this though. NESARA has become one of the most hotly
contended and contested issues among people here for many years
now. Although I may agree to a certain extent that controversy is
always a catalyst to format great changes of any type, I never
intended this to be the case with My NESARA. Yes, My Son, Jesus
The Christ and I fully understand why this has come to pass. Many
of the same misinformation givers from long ago, those years when
My Son walked this Earth as Jesus and even before that, are back
here again still doing the same thing they did all too well then. My
heart becomes laden with a heavy load as I watch and listen to all
the logical conclusions that people who believe in this grand event
arrive at and how they got there in the first place. Of course there
are also all the others, these factions are those who have not decided
about this occasion yet, because they are not aware that this is
taking place. The information, even the name, has not been a part
of their consciousness. So of course they cannot formulate an
opinion about something they know nothing about. Although I
must say, many who do not truly understand NESARA are doing
that anyway. Please pay close attention to what I am going to say
in this writing. This is a very serious letter to all of you Children.

Then again there are those who know of this monumental
wave of bliss, but unfortunately their information is completely
inaccurate. People of the religious persuasion do not know and
would not believe the truth about the event anyway. For some

strange reason it is easier for them to believe in something that
does not exist called, the rapture, than it would be to believe in
what really does exist. Of course all the parables that have been
erroneously written about Jesus The Christ, as well as statements
attributed to Me, that I did NOT ever make has not helped the
situation, nor has it helped to detoxify the core issue of belief
systems. I always tell people, “If you have a question, just ask Me.”
But the anomalous nature of the questions is that they do not
always wait for My answers, or they do not like what I have to say.
Then why bother to ask Me! I will quote My Child, Celest, here,
this is her manner of dealing with people who do not want her to
give them truthful answers, rather they want her to tell them what
they want to hear. She tells them, “If you want to know then ask
me. Don’t ask me if you don’t want to know the truth.” I like that
statement so much that I am adding it to My repertoire. I think it
is quite appropriate. Truth is always relative to the individual who
is asking the question. Therefore, if the truth that is revealed is in
direct opposition to the questioner’s belief, it will not be accepted.

As part of the Creation’s method of processing information,
the facts that were apparent as belief systems long held and the
unwillingness of the people to release them, were so stark in their
nature that it could require what may seem to you to be a tremendously
long time before the human race would be able to walk in
truth and live in a world filled with justice, compassion and
unconditional love. All pertinent facts about the early civilizations
and all those other progressive civilizations that were spin-offs
from the originals are stored within the Creation system. All Souls
who have ever walked the walk here have all their thoughts,
actions and deeds stored within the core of their Soul Clusters.
These Clusters are overseen and exist beneath the umbrella of the
main Soul Cluster. This is to also ensure that all information
relative to any Soul can immediately be accessed for whatever
reason that We of Divinity may have. So it is that all previous lives
and the situations that were ongoing during these life experiences
can be readily identified as an “AGE” of the human race. These
ages may range from a decade to a century or more. All is
predicated upon the life and times of humanity during any span of
either the gestation of an age, or the ending of an age. Civilizations
come and go here; how long they remain is primarily the result of
how the people of these societies live their lives. It is not really
about “progress” or advancements of technological tools as a means
to alter a chemistry needed or perceived to be needed by any one

Granted there have been sequential ages of humanity which
have carefully led the people of this world through many experiences
that are time-honored as challenges, trials, tribulations and
rewards. However, it was when the bastardization of the teachings
of Jesus and the teachings of MySelf became so distorted with
plotted and well-carried out inaccuracy and downright lies, that the
time for the entrance of NESARA was accepted by all of Us as the
only way to clean up not only the Earth Star planet, but the
entire Universe as well. There is an equal-opposite polarity at
work here. You see, the war that is still ongoing held NESARA
hostage for many years. It is the war for the human Soul and the
war to end all wars for the mind. Before NESARA could begin her
swaying dance here, she first had to be accepted as the tangible
beginning of all beginnings for all of humanity and for all life forms
everywhere. Those who have been and those who still are part of
the exclusive dualist energies, have sought most fiercely to keep
her true reality from being known by all My Children. Let Me offer
you an example of the crude but effective way they have further
bred ignorance among My people. If you are told that if you open a
certain door a most dangerous carnivorous beast will emerge, what
would you do? Would you open the door anyway or would you keep
it closed and leave the area? Would your curiosity overcome
discernment or would discernment urge you to open the door?
Would you accept at face value that such a beast even exists behind
the door, or would you wonder if there is something beautiful there
that has been secreted from you? l can tell you that most of you
would keep the door closed. The door of which I am really speaking
is the portal to all Great Truths, all Greater forms of knowledge.
BUT the mind-control that has gone on here for so long has
effectively stopped people from seeking to find out more than they
already know. Today, people, millions actually, are in dread of the
year 2012. They falsely believe the illusion that the world will
cease to be, that everything will die or vanish from this Earth. Not
only do they believe this, those who have heard of the Mayan
Calendar feel that those writings correctly confirm their own
beliefs. Others who are religious. especially the zealots, believe
that it will be a time of Apocalyptic expulsions of people from this
planet. They believe in the gloom and doom and the wrath of God
propaganda. I must tell you, Children, none of these scenarios is

So on one hand you have those who are still struggling for
their survival; these are the men and women who are intent on
negating any thoughts you may have of the glorious resurrection of
the Jesus The Christ consciousness and bringing it into this world
wearing the wings of NESARA. Then you have the true Nesarians;
these are the men and women who have steadfastly held on to their
oftentimes tried but true beliefs that this IS the rebirthing of
Jesus here on the Earth Star planet. However, it is the role of those
who refuse to follow NESARA, who refuse to change their life
patterns and refuse to stop feeding on other people, who created the
image of NESARA to be something so utterly false, so ridiculous,
that it was bound to attract many Children to the illusions they
were being subjected to. This is why the falsehoods of NESARA,
her origins and her reason for being have caused so many to be so
intrigued by what they BELIEVE she represents. NESARA is not
a piece of paper, not a contract binding any government or country
or organization to great monies to be shared with certain people. I
will take a little time this day and explore both sides of the reality
of this awesome venture. First, I shall deal with the physical,
everyday world. Your planet is based on a monetary system that is
unheard of by nearly all evolved planets in this Universe.
Obviously the few worlds who bear close similarities to the Earth
Star as she has been for hundreds and hundreds of years, also
share a TYPE of monetary system although different, share the
same intrigues and controls.

This planet got off to a bad start; no one can deny that. She
quickly moved from the bartering and growth processing to coin,
jewelry and land possession as a means of buying, selling, stealing
and controlling. Regardless of how much My off-world Children tried
to remedy this situation through education and projections of better
ways to live a better life, there was a lack of cohesiveness on the part
of the human races to readily accept these better alternative ways.
The Children lived too deeply in fear; they were and until very,
very recently have been, too much under the thumb of the despotic
ones lead by the dark invader Children. So, currency was not only
born, It replaced all the ideas of MySelf, all the virtues and origins
of the original Children who first incarnated here. Money became
God. By the insidious process of integrating monies with everyday
needs and the necessity of currency to indulge in more and bigger
lavish types of luxuries, the human race entered very complacently
into a self-willing bondage. I do know how difficult bondage can be
for many people to break away from; however this has gone on far
too long and needs to be exorcised. A recent discussion between
Celest and David was Celest’s remembrances and feelings about
Atlantis. Although I shall not go into great details about the
continent of Atlantis, suffice it to say that there were two primary
reasons that caused the annihilation of that land mass. In the most
practical sense their technology became their bondage. I will speak
more about this in a bit. Celest said that for several reasons she
sees this world as one gigantic Atlantis. I must say, I do agree with

As for the present conditions that are and have been worldwide
here for so very long, it was when the gridline for reformation,
NOT intervention, of this planet drew closer and closer, all
of Us who are part of the Creation processing could readily identify
the two main problems here. #1-Nothing here had changed.
#2-Nothing here was going to change. Look at your world in
the most pragmatic fashion for a moment please: If all of the history
books of each country were piled on top of one another, they would
form a tremendous mass, yet all written allegedly true “facts”
combined would only actually form less than half of one book of
TRUE facts. The rest is sheer conjecture and deliberate mistruths!
In many ways these writings are of the same sort as all
the world’s theologies; all the bibles and interpreted phrases and
hidden meanings all add up to one-quarter of the truth. If that
much. Reread your history books if you must. Read about everything
that has ever happened in each and every country of this
world. THEN tell Me what you think is different today! In fact
nothing is. The same people are still killing one another, the same
rules for governing everyday people in a separatist maneuver that
is quite different from governing the wealthy, and the elite still
apply. The same wars are still being fought, only under different
names. They are merely updated, and they are continuously being
fought OVER AND OVER AND OVER again for the same reasons
by the same types of people. Class distinction still holds sway here
although there should not be any at all. There is not a country on
this planet that has changed, there is tearful remorse on some of
the parts of the wrongdoers when they are caught, but it is quite

Every-day Earthizens are still following the leaders as if they,
the people, are but sheep in human form. I repeat: NOTHING HAS
CHANGED! Time after time, again and again, Our efforts to teach
all of you the reality that is your birthright has been rebuffed. My
Children recoil from truth as if they believe it to be a dangerous
carnivorous beast in the closet. Regarding Atlanteans – their
technology eventually blinded them to what should have been a
priority in their lives. Although some of the finest teachers and
Avatars were among the people, many Atlanteans ceased to care
about what was meant to be the motivating force in their lives. Any
time that the non-caring element afflicts a race of people,
inundates the populace with complacency and a gross lack of desire
to continue to learn, they alter their individual path of destiny.
They do not continue to expand their consciousness; they do not
continue to BE. Then not only does mental laziness set in but the
motivation factor disappears. Sometimes for many, many years.
OK now, can you yet see the correlation between yourselves and
the inhabitants of Atlantis? They lost or set aside their Spirituality
for the most part, the aspect of themselves that was the core of
their being became stunted. They stopped growing.

In the case of the present day times of the Earth Star races, I
can honestly say that it has been the Light Weavers and the Light
Workers who have kept this planet afloat for this long. However, it
is meant for all the people to live their lives based upon the
primary truth – be true to yourself. No one can be true to themselves
if they are not living a life of activated Spiritual Centering.
Now here is something you can also think about: The only effective
way to destroy a truly diseased plant is to remove it by its roots, for
the diseased plant cannot grow, cannot expand. In many instances
it can contaminate all other plants that are around it. In the case
of this world, it was necessary to break the backbone of the disease
that had for so long grown out of control. Your nations have become
stunted; the people have no excuses for choosing cavorting instead
of what should be their personal Spiritual journeys. You have
stopped growing. Without the impetus of growth, no further
learning can be achieved, and today more so than in the past, no
further upward hound movement can be detected among many of
your races. No one race stands out above the others. Those who
cannot grow or refuse to do so, cannot remain on the planet. The
economy of this world was your backbone. Everything twirled and
expanded as part of the backbone into politics, religion, medicine,
education and everything else that was originally meant to
enhance your lives. Instead of graceful, beautiful soft prisms of
energy trailers and streamers emanating from the economic factor,
it became tentacles of disastrous bondage and control.

This is why NESARA is a worldwide effort; Each of your
countries is highly contagious. What NESARA is doing is exposing
the backbone of this world for all to see. In so doing she is allowing
each person here, regardless of what nefarious deeds they may
have committed, to break free from the unilluminated menagerie
and to change. She encourages them to become one of My new
gardeners here on the Earth Star. She asks them to join and
become one of the League of Extraordinary Souls. She invites you
each, as do I, to become your Golden Self. It is only when people
can and do become this energy, that as their Golden Self they truly
learn the art of love through the art of peace. They learn that the
true art of war CAN be expunged by their new belief that, “War is
not true.” In the practical world the continued emergence of
NESARA means that the decayed backbone is just starting to be
dissected and then will be replaced with a new foundation. The
new-to-you base layers of evolved belief systems and justice to and
for all will expand exponentially and will envelop the entire globe.
The new base will become firmer, sturdier and impenetrable as
more and more of the tentacles are ripped away. This is to ensure
that the new organizations, the new-to-be governmental policies of
this world will be the people. Monies will be allocated in such a
manner that there will be sufficient funds for all, but not too much
for the few, those who are still the present elite. No, it will not be
an easy changeover for most of you; however it will continue to be
the further emergence of the NESARA of the present that will
integrate with My Children of today and tomorrow.

I want to make a point about something that everyone seems
to be missing. I mentioned earlier that civilizations have become
known as parts of specific ages here. When referencing to what you
think of as the future, I would ask that all of you stop saying, “The
Golden Age,” and start using the correct term, “The Golden NOW.”
You see, by insisting on using the term “age,” you are implying that
this too shall pass as an age of mankind. This is absolutely untrue.
I stress this issue to all My Children, so please pay close attention
NOW: By using that former term you are unwittingly placing n
time limit on an unlimited conceptualization of all of Divinity. You
are saying that it is a constrained span of a specific timeline
that cannot be eternal. In no manner whatsoever is “NOW” inhibited
or inhibiting. You cannot place a limitation on what is without
limit! It is the non-chronological ageless emergence of God, so
“age” is not correct. Everything happens in the NOW as I have
stated many, many times before. NOW, is without end. NOW, is
forever! NESARA is without end. As far as I know, I am too.

Celest, I know you have been a bit puzzled a few times by
certain words I have chosen to use, however, please continue just
as you have been, to use the words I have sent to you. My Children
who read these letters will understand the meanings within the
meanings … at some time or another. At least I hope so. OK,
Celest, go sit down and have a Pleiadian moment. You have
fulfilled scribing your part of this letter as I requested and I shall
speak with David now.

God (received by David) David has just finished reading
Celest’s part of this letter so I shall now proceed to other aspects of
what you as NESARIANS must do to continue to promote and
ultimately synchronize this Spiritually charged, energetic mass
into your everyday lives. I am of the firm belief that if someone
treats you with respect and shares with you the truth and you
accept that truth, then it is your personal responsibility to act on
these new found truths and bring them into the forefront of your
lives. My Earthbound Children have always had a hard time
practicing what they preach, so it will require some Soul searching
and dedication from all of you in order to turn this situation around
consciously. Most of you say you are trying, I say it is time to stop
trying and start doing. You will find life much simpler by doing so.
“Simple,” is an easy concept to put into an activated mode of
productive action if you allow it to happen. You have trained yourselves
to believe that if something is not hard or complicated, than
it will not be worthy of possessing. This is far from the truth.
Walking the Earth Star walk has not always been easy and it will
not be easy in the days that lie before you either. Time and time
again you have let others control your every thought; you have let
others tell you what is right and what is wrong. The “controllers”
have even gone so far as to describe Me to you using their own
IDEA of what they think I am, without any comprehension of the
actual truth about MySelf. I will discuss “who and what” I am in a
future letter in this book. For now, know that I AM My NESARA.
My native Children had their place in the sun; they enjoyed it, they
embraced it and yet they too fought for supremacy among their
various tribal nations. Was it right? Of course not. Many did either
what they were taught to do, or they fought simply for their
survival or for the protection of their food sources. Sadly enough, as
Spiritual as they were, as connected as they were to the Earth,
even though each was in possession of the knowledge that they
were part of the Star Nations, they too had to learn to walk with
one foot in each world. It was not easy for them then and it will not
be easy for them now. “War is a catalyst for change,” you have
heard this time and time again. Please know now, today, that this
concept cannot and will not ever hold water. War begets more war
and that is simply not an acceptable way of behaving. No more
than is it acceptable for any of you to think that you could bring any
of your petty differences into space with you. That is why The
Creator and I, We, issued the Decree that there would be no
nuclear war allowed; that there would not be a weapons program
that would ever be a success in space. It would have not only
annihilated your races it would have seriously impacted upon the
all of the Universes and that in itself could not be tolerated.

So now some of you are wondering why you need weapons in
space anyhow. I shall give you the answer to that as well. Your
governments and most of the religious hierarchies have always
known of the existence of intelligent life beyond this planet. In fact
My Emissaries from other worlds have been here many, many
times, trying to persuade your representatives that in truth they,
the off-worlders, were there to help. Did it work? Obviously not.
The Earth’s representatives from political, religious and scientific
nations did however strike bargains with those other off-worlders
from lesser evolved planets in exchange for technologies. It seems
you, the people, were given the blunt end of the stick once again.
Do not feel too badly about this though, it has happened since
“time” became time here on Earth. In the days ahead as NESARA
continues to spread her wings, she will bring to light all the corrupt
backdoor deals and hideous insurrections dealt against the human
race and this planet. She will unmask the truth and it is the reality
of those truths dear Children, that will set you free. True
NESARIANS know that the only way for peace and harmony to
reign supreme is to find Spiritual equilibrium in all aspects of their
lives. True NESARIANS know that in order for humankind to be
deemed an acceptable race for admission into the galactic federations
of eternal Light and all the Brotherhoods, they must first be able
to get along with one another on their own home grounds. Then
and only then, can they move into the playing field of space exploration
and Creating Universal bonds. “Oh, is that all?” you say. I
shall tell you a secret. “You are ready to take the next step in your
evolution.” From some of your dismal expressions, I take it you are
not at all pleased with this new truth I have laid before you.
Perhaps you are not finished with your homework yet, We shall
see. Those who are ready will join Terra on her upward spiral with
My NESARA wave surrounding her and embellishing her with The
Jesus The Christ consciousness expansion.

The Light of all Lights, which is the Golden Light of Myself, has
been caressing your bodies for over a decade, however to date, too
many of you have yet to notice her warmth upon your face or recognize
her glow. In the days ahead you will question the belief in this,
“New to you” concept, as so many people in so many countries of
your world become despairingly numb to the changes that are
ongoing. Please be of strong heart and know that you who hold the
light are among the finest expressions of the human race that have
ever been. Those people worldwide who do not embrace this newly
found freedom which emanates from the presence of My NESARA,
are the ones who shall be acting out the most, for they know no
better. My off-world Children and My teachers here among you
and I, have tried to prepare all of you for the times you are
currently experiencing. Somehow Me-thinks that some of you
would not believe that this too would come to pass. Far too many
times bogus prophets have handed you empty promises which have
left a foul taste in your mouths with their false predictions and
intentional misdirection. If you have not yet learned these lessons
…then l assure you, you will. Well, you are all in this timeframe now,
you fortunate people and there is not a Soul on Earth who can hide
from NESARA’S loving embrace. NESARA is all encompassing, yet
she is not invasive. Those who react to her gentle touch will feel
rejuvenated and have many life-confirming experiences. Those of
you who do not accept this wave and all that it has to offer will not
be the CARETAKERS of what is to come as the NEW EARTH is
birthed. You will not be the Golden Now-ers that your Soul wishes
you to be. I must say, if this information doesn’t encourage you to
stand up and pay attention, nothing will. I ask you each now, “Are
You willing to disappoint your Soul now, after all the faith, guidance
and reincarnational efforts it has given to you?” We shall see. The
NESARA wave is accelerating; those of you, who have not yet
learned to surf upon the wave and are intent on surfing the net
instead, will be swept off your feet. Terra is a-rocking and a-rolling,
her vibrations are separating the wheat from the chaff and rightly
so. She has a lot to say to all of you and it is in your best interest to
listen, while you still have time left to do so. She has permitted
your eccentricities for long enough and now it is her time in the
sun, as well as your own. You may think that she is being a bit
temperamental and you may wish for all of this to pass in one swift
nanosecond so that you can get on with life, to go on your merry
way. BUT, none of you is exempt from these proceedings. She loves
you so much that she is allowing you the right to choose. You may
choose life, or you may choose expulsion from her body. We are here
to inform you that We, all of Divinity, are working on the solutions
to your problems. You have much help in ushering in this Golden
Now time of Mine, Whether you see your helpers or not. I ask that
each of you stand firm in your beliefs, now more so than at any
previous time. See the good in all situations and know that all is
going according to plan. As each day passes more evidence of the
corruption that has been rampant here will be revealed to you.
Please know that the scandals that are gaining public attention are
also an aspect of the cleansing brought upon by the NESARA wave.
Many people will be leaving the planet by choice and that is what
they are supposed to do. All others should know that the anchoring
of the Light is crucial to the success of the NESARA mission. The
more you participate willingly, the sooner the cleansing can have a
complete and permanent affect. Your desire to move forward rather
than backward, to embrace a simpler lifestyle will become paramount
for many of you. The disruptions caused by the changing of
the guard on this planet will seem to those who have no idea of
what is really going on, as if it were apocalyptic. This is far from
the truth. However, those of you who stand in your truths and
those of you who work with the elements will be able to not only
survive in the days ahead, you will flourish and transform like
caterpillars becoming butterflies. When NESARA is finished with
her cleansing you will see that the loss of any material possessions
will seem to pale in comparison with all that you will receive in
their place.

I understand that many of you still want to believe in the
acronym of the original NESARA movement, “National Economic
Stabilization Restorative Act.” As I told you once before, there is no
such act now. That is something you as a unified society will have
to Create over time. I have sent some of My best teachers to this
planet to assist you in designing a new system that will work fairly
and provide you with all that you may need or desire. Please
understand that as the denseness is removed from this planet,
there will be in its place a more love filled energy capable of further
Creating the New World. What you used to sense and feel when
entering into a state of bliss, an individual state of grace, will
become an everyday occurrence. Love will be the defining force in
your lives, You will learn to love and to share and feel each other’s
emotions and elations. You will become an integral aspect of the
“Community.” That community is the Brotherhood of Light. Yes,
these brotherhoods incorporate the feminine as well. Can you even
imagine a better gift for you to have given to yourselves for all your
hard work? I know life here is not always too easy, especially not
now, which is why I feel it is important to remind you that your
lifetimes there are but a drop in the vast oceans of the eternal
NOW. Enjoy it while you are there, for it will be but a blink in your
eye. Anchoring the Light is as simple as being helpful and
supportive to those in need. It is holding firmly to your beliefs while
holding tightly to one another. It is saying, “God is right, we are
worth it.” You need not make it any more complicated than that.

So, some of you may be wondering, “Why does God call
NESARA a “She?” The masculine energies when they are separated
from the feminine energies, are the male (heavier tonal)
vibrations in one sense. Think of the notes in a musical scale; the
masculine would be the baritone or bass. This means that for the
most part they are the grounding energy, the energetic matter that
denotes action and reaction. Think of the masculine as the force that
is the stabilizer for people, places and events that are occurring, or
will be occurring. The masculine can be without any subtlety. It
can be quite powerful as it develops its determined stance to assist
the Creative force. It does not mean that the masculine is without
Creativity; quite the opposite in fact. It is merely a more strident,
more “Vocal” type of energy. It should never be underestimated or
underappreciated. Obviously, I am speaking of healthy, wholesome
masculine energy. The feminine energy is also an energetic mass,
one that contains slightly different molecules of energy and Light
promoting Creativity, Spirituality, subtleness, grace, beauty and
love. The feminine in this regard, is a nurturing birthing force. In
the case of NESARA, the OC (organized chaos) had to initially be
brought into materialization and manifestation by the masculine
energy. OC, once brought into play, then CAN assume the role of
the feminine IF that is what is required. Otherwise, OC is a
wondrous integration of both the masculine and the feminine. OK
now, once the groundwork (masculine) had been laid, the activities
of the feminine Creative force could easily enter into the path that
had been cleared for her. This is the path of the Jesus The Christ

In loving service to ONE of My Sons, Jesus The Christ … God

Copyright © 2010 by Celest and David

All rights reserved

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