“The Evolution of NESARA and The Golden Age”

“”Degrees of Evolution and Civilizations”

February 6th, 2007

Originally posted on the Blue Star Speaks website.

Greetings chelas, please be sure to buckle up your seat belt and wear a hard hat for this narrative. I shall not begin with “Twas the night before Christmas.” Now, the term “evolution” is sadly misinterpreted to a great degree by most Earthizens. There is a harsh reality about evolution that is not readily acceptable by mass groups of mainstream people. Nor is it acceptable by many esoteric minds. This is not a question of “conformity” issues; it is not about how much an individual knows or a person’s lack of know-ing. The issues that are relevant to you ones concerns the evolving of the human race on a mass scale and an individual scale as well. If you wonder what this has to do with your own life…the answer is…EVERYTHING.

Now, you each bear an indelible fingerprint that is not merely symbolic but is symbiotic of you and your Soul Cluster group and of course the “OverSoul” which is the center, the hub of All Souls. As a separate organism you are each a unique personality inhabiting a physical vehicle which is the vessel for the individual Soul.

This Earth Star Planet could exist without any human life forms if necessary..let us see if it will become necessary in about 6 years. In this present linear time of yours, a mass exodus is being witnessed by us. It is not merely the continued dissolving of linear times (episodes of Earth continuums,) it is the dissolving of left brain “matter” which has long been formatted by you ones to rule your individual sovereign selves. In the most pragmatic practical sense, it is indeed freeing you from your self-created fetters; your long held “theories” of what is real and what is not. In the Spiritual order of all things, it means that many of you are returning “home,” returning to yourselves; this is the place in your hearts that you ones have long forgotten. It has required unimaginable pain and many paths of Spiritual aridness for most of you. As you have begun to break out of the matrix of illusions and imposed deceit, you have been astounded to find a new world, one that exists in a blended harmony and balance, it is called “love.” The emotional turmoil and spins you have felt are inexplicable to many of you. Yet as you have attempted mostly in vain, to explain these senses and feelings to others, you have become disappointed and disenchanted with their replies to you and their response to your hard-fought-for new sentience. Why? You expected complete understanding from those who had known you and wondrous fellowship and their desires to attain what you have struggled  to attain? Reality check! This is the planet Earth, remember? You see, although this planet just as all planets was Created from a Spiritual Womb, each individual continent which back in the Creation Times were thought of as a network of malleable islands, had the Creator Given opportunity to alter itself to any degree that would best serve the evolution of each island. Each island was and still is, a systematic approach of patterned interconnected,
intersected lines housing Grid energies and Root Chakra energetic systems. As such each has its own fertility base system and its own “timeline” to grow through, mature from and then to disappear and arise in another timeline to a location that is indigenous to each island. In the original concept it was meant that the ideology of the human races intended to populate each island would complement the land mass not contaminate and disembowel it. So, it was as the hourglass of time began to trace and monitor all the human activity taking place on all the islands, that the anomaly that we had hoped would not take place…a weak hope at best…occurred here which bespoke of the great need for humanity to learn by whatever means deemed necessary by Soul Contract, to inhabit this planet and live here on the “continents” as first intended. Now, that which was Created in the Spiritual conflicted with what the human races created in each country. Humans built their thought forms and the thought patterns that originated from those forms on only “the material” levels. So it came to be that eventually all the continents succumbed most unwillingly and became part of a physical universe, one that aligned each country based on material matter. A part of the physical universe least understood by humankind is that all continents, all land masses period, resonate to the activities, the vibrations and the frequencies emitted by the animal and human life forms inhabiting that land mass. Continents evolve with or without the beneficence of civilizations. YET, those people who are Spiritually astute will always know when to change things on Earth that they are able to, and when to leave well enough alone. There have in fact been many, many civilizations that have populated this planet that you ones have never heard of, have no conscious memory of. Some of this was intentional on the part of the Divine Forces. To allow humanity to have “recall” of all those other ancient races could have caused many of today’s civilizations to
deliberately attempt to manipulate those facts of the Old Ones’ existences and turn them into some way of building, of replicating, on those Ancient Ones’ knowledge, instead of using the abilities each race does indeed posses to Create better, stronger, more knowledgeable modern civilizations.

Now, the irony here is that all of humanity has at one time or another been a part of ancient civilizations. It is only the intent of the people that has altered. If you have clarity of understanding then you are aware that Earth knows each of you….well! This means she knows who among you each has been of assistance before as well as today, and those who have been of the disreputable lot, then and now. Earth knows her own. In her own inimical manner, she metes out her disapproval for the disruptions still taking place and rewards those who are in opposition to her rape. She cannot capitulate to the madness of manipulated disruptive forces.
She can and does petition the God of this universe for assistance and follows all of God’s directives accordingly. Whence in times long past, the disruptions caused by the Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations, as well as half a dozen other ancient colonies caused the Earth Star Planet to shudder and tremble vicariously, the Divine Forces issued the “Proclamation of Guardianship” in accordance with Universal Law; this stated clearly that humankind had begun to thrive on the egocentric possibilities of technological evolvement and were now becoming part of all that cannot be tolerated on ANY God Created Universe. It was then that High Council convened with representatives of all the thousands and thousands of major civilizations inhabiting many galaxies and solar systems. Each God of each individual universe was in attendance at this neverto-be-forgotten conclave. This particular Divine Congress laid a foundation for all future worlds that had not yet been Created; for all future civilizations that were not yet a blink in any of the Gods’ Eyes. It had been well known when the Creator defined the role of the Earth Star Planet long, long before this planet came to be, that much would hinge on the development of the future human race, much of what would transpire here would impact for better or worse on EVOLUTION as the CONSCIOUS SOLUTION for HUMANITY. The roles of all humans of all Earth Star generations would eventually either seek other planets to inhabit, or be asked to volunteer to inhabit other spheres. Then there would be those who would of necessity be sequestrated on other planets. Therefore all steps, all precautions MUST be taken to ensure the viability of humans living on other worlds who would complement those worlds, by bringing only the purest, most definitive of Spiritual Matter and wholesome living conditions and intents to the civilizations already present there. NOTHING Less would do.

As Council conversed to discuss the extreme disparities existing on those ancient colonies on the Earth Star at that time, it was a clear cut decision that to honor the Earth Mother as she deserved to be honored, and to ensure that humans who had become aligned with the Dark Lords would “leave” the planet willingly or not, a major catharsis would need occur. Each God agreed most willingly to do all that needed to be done, to defer at all times to the Creator and the Creation’s Grand Design of a Unification of Soul Matter and Macrocosmic Perceptions pertaining to the Expansion of Soul Properties, Soul Clusters and Root Causes. Now, each representative of each world most willingly offered their services not merely to continue in the battles against the Illuminati, but to aid wherever necessary their emissaries already in place on Earth. So many, many fine men and women had arrived to this planet to not only continue on their individual Soul Journey, but to BE all that they could BE, for themselves and all those who loved them best. All plans then were studied as scribes diligently recorded for future generations the events that would soon take place and the necessity for them.

The wondrous technology that the Creator and the God of this universe had bestowed upon the human race was now acknowledged to be running amuck as humans killed and tortured other humans, all in the name of power and greed. The Illuminati were controlling far too many Earthizens; ALL of the continents at the time were indeed affected. As a direct result the Earth was being drained of her natural vitality. The ancient caverns housing the necessary crystals for medical and technological support were being drastically mined; the reasons for this were not good ones. The crystal life forms were being put to uses they were never intended to be used for. Much radiation of dangerous matter was secretly being tested for the purpose of focusing the
radiation upon other continents and other benevolent worlds outside the Earth’s Grid. This could not be permitted to continue! It was a bizarre situation in many ways; those civilizations that had advanced quite rapidly did so initially because the people of the times respected the mentors who lovingly embraced them and taught them of the bountiful harvests that could and would occur here, IF people would use the progressive advancements to honor themselves and the Earth.

It was only as linear time itself advanced over the many years of those colonies’ existences, that the Tome of Life was forgotten, debased and abused. The earlier generations were long gone, the newer ones had Earth life too easy! The relativity between the original concept of the founding of those civilizations and the individual relationship of each human toEarth and to Self became passé. Those living on the Earth Star Planet were part of a mass consciousness’ of ill-begotten thoughts and deeds. These destructive humans were in “service to self,” rather than “service to others.” So much had been learned and understood by all those
Ancient Voices; so much that was now to be lost..again and again. Now, all the continents that housed all the advanced civilizations had indeed thousands of giving, caring men and women assigned there by Star Keeper forces, also their presences were requested by their Spirit Beings. These people who had agreed to be there as part of not only a peacekeeping force, were also to await any decrees issued by the Creator or the God of this universe and immediately act upon them. It was understood by all that when THE CALL was issued it would clearly indicate that “time was not on their side.”

Now, those who were the Overseers who were also teachers and healers, had for many years kept records of all deployments of humans held in physical bondage on other continents, all data pertaining to medical, scientific, technological and Spiritual breakthroughs, as well as those experiments in each category that had either failed or not yet come to fruition. It was through the
studying of these texts that kept the fertility of the keen minds of the Overseers’ who were selectively placed here, in ever continuous motions. They functioned within this power of movement involved in Creating new avenues for transcending the physical universe while  on Terra, and quietly ensconcing the Spiritual Principals that were to be the indigenous foundation for all human life. Without the continuity of the Spiritual Principal, life could not continue as it was. Some of the caretakers’ responsibilities included depoliticizing their colonies, much to the fury of the ever-growingstronger Illuminati influence. As this new type of battle began to become known to the mass consciousness of all these peoples living on all the “then” continents, it was inevitable that certain battle lines would be drawn.

What occurred then during those tumultuous times has had serious ramifications on all civilizations of today. Now, as scattered thoughts forms coalesced into a more unified structure, this consciousness began to engage others’ consciousness in serious debates, then outright physical battles. It was then that plan “A” was initiated for the safe evacuation of our Star Keepers on all the continents, as well as those humans whose “fight for life,” was centered upon the dissolution of the Illuminati forces and the emergence of Spiritual Principals. We had long before this timeline arrived, arranged for the housing of individuals from the Earth Star Planet, should it come to pass that Earthizens would fail in their first foray of free living in human existence. As nepotism and atatomical energy burst onto the scene in a furious blast of radioactive testing on Earth, humans had sealed their doom…for that
timeline. It was but the first of many times that concerned all races of Earthizens seeking to dominate and destroy, seeking the illusions of life rather than the grand and beautiful EXPERIENCE of “living.”

Equally sad was the incontrovertible fact that a very special Gift bestowed upon humankind was for the most part ignored. Humans had been blessed with “insight learning.” Yet, they used it not! Nor do all of today’s peoples for that matter. Now, the ones who inhabited all the then known continents quickly ascertained who and where the groupings of humans were whose empirical qualities would cause them to one day rebirth to Earth and to cause a slow germination of all that had been previously taught of God and Goddess, of right and not-right, of life after life and the necessity of the Earth Planet to be able to stand in her beauty, as a fitting archetype of a vessel for housing beauteous life forms. Through the natural telepathic ability which was predominant then, the races of this world were put on notice; the “ultimate war” would begin and destroy not only Earth herself, but many innocent worlds beyond the Earth’s grid unless we stopped it before the supreme detonation was to take place. On a specific day, in specific latitudes and longitudes carefully coordinated to best either teleport or pick up certain groups of people from all the races here, the sky darkened with our vessels. Many who were here then knew with but a small advance notice that they would leave and not return for many, many a year. Some Soul Clusters had prepared well in advance for this momentous occasion and retreated forthwith to their newly built cities in the middle earth. And so…it was done. Merely moments before great implosions rocked the Earth the “Earth Star Mission” was completed.

Atlantis, Lemuria and all the others you know naught of, ceased to be. The nuclear weaponry turned inward upon itself, this caused the massive destruction of all those continents, of all those great monoliths and all those grand illusions. Please to understand, WE did not cause the destruction. YOU did. Each of you ones in human form today, who at one time lived on those continents and kowtowed to the Dark Ones, just as so many of you still do today, were responsible. There was no alternative but for us to allow those explosive elements to take place. Twas the only way that Earth could not merely absorb and destroy the invidious thought forms of the followers of evil and the evil itself, but permitted her the much needed respite from the alien actions of human beings. Now, as all the Ancient Ones who were the “designated” survivors, these ones who received that name were the ones whose “legacy” as such was determined by their thoughts, actions, deeds and Soul Agreements, left the Earth Star Planet, many did indeed mourn for those others who were “ the lost ones.” Yet when all was said and done, the serious consequences to the people on the planet and most especially to the planet herself, should the lost ones have been permitted to survive, became the underlying motivation for the surviving children of Earth to firm their resolve to return to beloved Terra again and again for as long as it took, to become the gardeners of the long prophesized “Golden Age,” this Earth Star Experience now known by many as NESARA.

Now, you ones should understand some of the basic concepts of EVOLUTION. Evolution is in a real sense, “feminine” in nature. This means that there is a strength and firmness of dedication and gentle but extraordinary strength to this force. It has nothing to do with the females on this planet so..get over it! Just as many of you relate…somewhat…to the Yin and Yang principal yet know it naught, so too is there much misunderstanding of the term “feminine” and the term “evolution.” The masculine form of energetic force is the “take action,” force. For instance, a wind may begin as but a slight breeze, (feminine) but as the force continues to become more voracious it then epitomizes the masculine energetic force. In the altruistic balance of “principality,” the feminine and masculine must exist in harmonious accord; there must not be any jockeying for primary position. One force must ALWAYS complement and BE IN COMPLETION with the other force. Evolution has never been a “quickie,” it is the Creation ItSelf which determines the correct degrees of growth and time necessary for any life form to advance to the next level. “Evolution” is the opposite of any abject object of immaturity in manifestation “De-volution” is a force of intrinsic value principal; everything has its price, everyone is for sale, every person shall sell their Soul if the price is right, etc.

Although the Earth Star Planet was Created in a blink in God’s Eye, her format, geophysical layout, atmospheric conditions etc., were Created well in advance. All that was required was to “blink” her into existence. Now, to ensure that all humans living in all “timelines” would each have ample opportunities here on Terra to regain their stability, their greater understanding and yes, to enhance themselves through living all Spiritual Principles, a Grand Design had been Created just prior to “the BLINK.” The Principium Created was quite simple, yet it is magnificent in its simplicity! All civilizations, all continents that would ever be, were issued an intangible asset. Each life form, animal, vegetable, mineral and so forth, was enabled to retain a minute fragment of itself here on Terra. You see, because all life forms are Created energetically, then of course each INDIVIDUAL life form possess its own SINGULAR substance as well as a residue of form substance which exists as a particle of a collected mass. So, a rhinoceros is an individual animal form, YET aside from itself AS an individual, it is also part of the species “rhinoceroses.” Therefore, it carries its own separate and unique identity as well as part of the “collected mass” of its species. Now, this means that one aspect of evolution is that each Soul when birthed as the singular individual of any unique species, possesses a certain scintillating osmotic learning “curve,“ each carries a distinguishing mark which can be seen, felt at times and/or smelled through others’ sentience. Oftentimes this occurs when animals encounter a person(s), a countryside, a CONTINENT, an ocean, the animals will know immediately the history of the individual, or of the place. In essence this filament carries your complete identity, from your first birth to your present time, the timeline where you can alter your present. It does indeed happen quite frequently that a person may
travel to a land that he or she has not been to before in this present life experience, yet while there immediately, sentiently, experience a “familiarity,” a knowingness that has no logic. Some refer to this as “de ja vu.” In truth you are where you have been before. Long before…for better or for worse. You are responding to yourself! You are the recipient of your past lifetime there, your former deeds or misdeeds. For many, “You have met the enemy and it is you.”

Now, evolution herself cannot be altered YET she can be enhanced. This is not a contradiction; evolution is dependent in one sense on the progeny of any life species to Create of itself a finer version of itself. Species that are approaching their time of teleformation will not cease to be, but will simply reappear in a different dimension, in a different time, in a different place. Their “evolution” has reached its optimum level. That species is “complete,” so evolution simply will replace that species on Terra with a “new” species. The impact on a civilization as a result of the former species “disappearance,” usually occurs as revelations of all that former life form had offered to civilization as a whole. As with Atlantis, Mu and so many other ancient cultures, there are always bits and pieces of information “washing up,” that give credence to their former civilizations and expose those people who belie the previous cultures’ existences. The developmental status of what they had once been leaves of course a presumption that evolving races are not always the best they could be. YET when all is said and done, each culture attaches a filament of itself to the “work in progress” arena, clearly showing that each individual impacted on the Earth Star to the best or worse of the individuals’ abilities. That is not a bad thing!

Evolution is not a harsh taskmaster; progressive steps are expected and desired of all life forms. It is when humankind regardless of their reasons, chooses to act with reckless abandon and skip sequential steps relative to proper growth that troubles arise. For instance, in the years of yore, those living on the former continents were to have used their nuclear based energy to better themselves and Earth, to better all other races on all other land masses. When the intent and purpose altered to enslaving other races and birthing a perplexing dichotomy predicated upon global and outer planetary domination, the Earth filed her first petition with the God of this universe and with the Creator and with the Creation. It was then that the first “lock and load” signal was given to Earth as permission to allow those great continents involved in disharmonious endeavors to dissolve, to return to the seas yet again, and to one day rise once more in cleansed, fertile conditions and await yet another generation of humankind. It means that the continents would and do arise, NOT that Atlantis will be “discovered! “ This was accomplished very easily. Now, Evolution moves in tandem with life, there is no separation, not in linear time nor in human development. One is the expression of the other. That of course is relevant only when the correct balance is present.

Earth bears the indistinguishable mark of all who have ever lived here, in one form or another. She has her memory intact and
knows well the foibles of so-called civilized people, how they then and are now, causing Terra massive distress. It is the inner-earth civilizations that have long been performing a much needed balancing act. However it is the above Earth peoples who have been slowly and surely eroding the strength of Earth, her energy level was at an all time low merely a few years ago. Much work on our parts has been required to keep the Earth’s Grid stable. Now, before I speak of her latest petition to the Divine Forces, I shall explain a bit about the “Effects on Terra from Indelible Marks.” Each of you ones just as do all of each life species, carries within your DNA a minuscule diaphanous substance of sorts. One that not only identifies each life as an individual being, but one that incorporates your unique separate organism into a fine “web-like” texture, that proclaims your Soul Force Vibration as indigenous to only you by whatever names you have used while living here before, as well as now. It is a Cumulative Expression of what and who you are, what level your Soul is experiencing and what impact you have had on the evolutionary process.

It affects to great degree your present mind-frame, your efforts in the past that remain either as unfinished expressions of yourselves, or as completed projects that you set in motion to directly integrate with your future lives. There is a type of numerical system that delineates your personalized number of current/past /future degrees of evolution. It is part of your singular Cumulative Expression. Those who have for as long as they have been, engaged with small or large clusters of others such as
themselves…meaning…working towards common goals, working in service to others rather than service to self, believing in the necessity of preserving their heritages as well as the Earth’s, walking their truths, scorning lip-service and willing to LIVE for their beliefs, may share a commonality of the same numerical order. BUT that would only be reflective of their status as a part of the Collective Cluster. How each Soul performs/functions as a single organism with the innate ability to STAND UP without the gathered strength of the Cluster, clearly is THE hallmark number stipulating the degree of either sole separation from progressive movements, or the regression of the individual entity who is not yet able to STAND alone. There can be no enmity within the individual persona of the individual nor any within the Collective Cluster directed at or to, those who have not yet earned their
baccalaureate in any given life experience. Although expediency is truly an important aspect in ones’ growth, it is better to learn at each individual’s speed then fail to learn anew.

Now, as you leave your “mark” in the Earth Star Ethers, it remains there not only throughout your own total life experiences here, it attracts villages, counties, towns, to your energetic impression. It magnetizes those peoples you have been with here before who have rebirthed to this planet. It also attracts to those Warrior Teachers, those of the dark forces who scent the indelible mark and hasten to await the arrivals of those who have bested them in combat before. These teeny, miniscule marks that are so crucial to each individual’s evolution also bear the weight of the world upon them. Do you see? Terra immediately reacts to each fingerprint with either joy or dismay. The Earth Star Planet knows well how each of those “signatures” will impact upon her and all present and future civilizations, for better or for worst. This is one pivotal reason why so many towns have the reputation of being “bad towns,” “evil,” and so forth. It is also why throughout the history of their being, the lives of the inhabitants of that area and the “rules of the land” steadily repeat the same dark energetic force.

It is also why so many vortexes lie beneath other cities and towns in other areas that are deemed to be “wondrous,” magnificent,” Spiritual” and so forth. It is why these certain countries and cities house so many revelations of joy and miracles-to-be. You ones who eventually meet your “twin flames” and those other Soul Mates whose Soul Contracts are aligned with your own, always, ALWAYS meet them each and all in a SPECIFIC area at a formerly agreed upon day, date and time that is imperative to the evolution of you each and all and your service to one another and to this planet. On the flip side of the coin of evolution, it is also how you meet and interact with those who are the exact opposite of light, bright beings; these ones will meet you to either learn and benefit from what you have to offer to them or seek to “bring you down,” if your truths are in total opposition with their  own and those they represent. Either way, each Soul is offered the unique opportunity to impact and integrate with  others’ of like-mind, OR alter their life path direction for their own good, as well as for the betterment of the planet. Remember, your fingerprint contains ALL that you are and ALL that you have done. So it is that the civilizations rise and fall in direct accordance to what you and all others have “left behind.” Now as we approach the mass consciousness of “main stream people,” who will very, VERY shortly experience a harsh reality check predicated upon their refusals to acknowledge all true realities, it will be the concordance of awakened and awakening Souls who will hold the line, raise the torch of Light and BE the “new civilizations.”

THIS is evolution in perpetual motion! Evolution is not static, nor is the Earth Star Planet. So it is that all wondrous civilizations shortly to be birthed will reflect and magnify the Light that lives within them. The degrees of separation that segregate Earth now from the soon-to-be “future earth” are merely numerical digits wearing human form!! The Illuminati have been retreating for some
months now, although this is good news, please bear in mind that when a vicious animal is trapped it becomes the most deadly beast to encounter. Many of you already knows this BUT…..many more are about to find out. As each of the dark forces has been destroyed or are choosing to leave the planet, the degrees of separation are becoming less and less. In time they shall not exist. BUT much will occur before that, people must now face themselves, they must make right choices for millions and millions of people shall not survive the changes. The alterations in frequencies and vibrations here are accelerating at an astonishing pace. I do not foresee any slowing down of the dissolution of linear time as Earth travels to her new ascendancy. So it is that Terra has issued her final petition to the High Council. She has been granted permission to begin one final Dance for Life; she is now integrating with the absence of linear time and endowing all Light Weavers with a transparent umbilical cord that assists them in maintaining a gravitational stance while she spins and turns, anxious to thrust off those children of the lesser gods. She is being assisted by us in realigning her grid and calling to herself new life forms that would best provide the lushest of gardens and the cleansing of man created toxins in her air. In one way I suppose you could say…

“Twas the Night Before Christmas“….

Blue Star the Pleiadian


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