UFO sightings are becoming common

UFO sightings are increasingly being common and are being reported with increased frequency. And the best thing is that these sightings are not just confined to a particular part of the world. One day a UFO is sighted in Europe, the other day it is sighted in China and then in US and other parts of the world.

A report in China Daily says that as recently as last fortnight, a huge UFO was seen orbiting the sky over Shanghai, the Chinese business capital. The daily said that the object was seen by several pilots who took off from the airport at a particular time.

Some months ago a UFO was spotted hovering over an Islamic shrine, the Dome of the Rock on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

Since then several video of the incident has also surfaced online. This incident has sparked a debate among many people. Have we finally evidence of UFOs? This and other questions are being debated furiously. But for many it is too early to jump to conclusion.

Despite the video evidence nothing can be said for sure. A veteran investigator has questioned the authenticity of these videos.

The big problem with the videos is that no one knows who took them. Besides, it is also difficult to find out the real source of the videos. The best things for investigators would be to get to the root cause of the incident. The right thing would be to find out the person who has taken the video and then uploaded it.

But it is not going to an easy task to nail down the false. Some critics said that had the Jerusalem UFO videos would have been a true incident, then the person who took it would have always wanted his name to be highlighted. Is this not an opportunity to become popular?

Until and unless these questions are not sorted out it would be really difficult to know the truth. But there is no doubt to the fact that for many conspiracy theorists this will be an opportunity to lay their claims to the presence of UFO in the world.

source:  http://nvonews.com/2011/09/07/ufo-sightings-are-becoming-common/

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