Extract From God’s Book – Beyond The Veil. Epiphanies From God

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Beyond The Veil. Epiphanies From God

4th Epiphany

My Macrocosmic Vision

God (received by Celest) Do you see what I see; do you know what I know? I hear and see My Song blowing on the Winds of Change. I see and hear the new beauty arising on many parts of My planet that have for so long been arid and barren. I see and hear the sonorous Soul music of all the Celestial Beings, of all My other Children in My Universe and all other life forms in all different galaxies, rejoicing that I have been reborn, reawakened in the realities of My Earthbound Children. I see the true wonder of you and the amazed admiration of all My life forms in all other planets in My Universe as they each applaud and rejoice with all My Human Children. Each of these “Universal” Beings are well aware that the collective WE have been engaged in fighting the angst, the horrors and duplicity of the unilluminated ones for the good of humanity and for the betterment of My Universe as a whole. I share this vision with the Creator and the Creation. My Children who inhabit the world known as, “the Spirit World” have worked long and hard exercising great diligence in their effort to maintain open channels of clarity with those they speak with here on the Earth Star planet. My Star Keeper Children, those Children humans insist on calling, “extraterrestrial” or “aliens,” have wrought great miracles by maintaining a constant vigilance in guarding this planet and protecting the crucial gridlines. They also have held true to their awesome tasks of continuous communication through telepathy and imagery with My beloved walk-ins and born-ins who are their receivers of transmissions. Such wondrous dedication! Such glorious love for MySelf and for all of the Creative process. I am so blessed!

It is during times of quiet mental composure that so many of you here can catch but brief glimpses of My vision. I can do many things that you cannot do while you are in mortal form. I can look at this world and while I am watching a portion of the on-goings of humanity, I can still see and hear all that is occurring on all other parts of this World. Hmm, perhaps I should call this, “My simultaneous ambidextrous Self.” What you may he capable of doing with your hands I can do with My mind and My Soul. Well, I could not let you have all the abilities here on Earth that you may have “at home,” now could I? Can you imagine for just a moment what could have happened here if I had endowed each person on the planet with the same mind-thought ability to see and know ALL things simulta- neously? I can almost shudder at the thought! Millions of people around this world would have been busy prying into others’ lives and business that had no right to do so. Furthermore those who have chosen the path of self-righteousness and/or unceasing manipulation against all other races and cultures would have run over the hearts and minds of all others who refused to capitulate to that egregious action. And the religious fanatics, oh my! None of you would have stood a chance against that tidal wave of dedicated but badly misled people. So you are as you are for very good reasons.

I meet far more regularly now with the Gods and Goddesses of other Universes than I have in many, many millennia. We each share the same glorious vision. It is when each life form can extrapolate true knowledge and knead it as long as necessary, then form it into wisdom that OUR desires for the expanded continuity and accelerated evolution of ALL Universes, of ALL planets will arrive in one massive, cohesive and cumulative state. Although My Earth Star planet is one that has been since its Creation, the “schoolhouse planet,” it is not to say that all of you here are experiencing remedial training. It is however fair to say that the millions of Beacons of Light among the races of this world are setting a superb example for all other worlds. Especially here on this planet right now, while so many other Children are supine in their beliefs and do not want to change. The life forms on other planets, in particular on the worlds that exist in a similar density that has been called here, “third-dimensional dross,” also benefit from your dedication, even if it is unconsciously. Did any of you not realize, in this lifetime I mean, that the eyes of so many other worlds are upon you? Yes, yes, I know that millions of My Children here prefer to think that they are alone in this Universe. This is NOT SO! It is but yet another reason why WE who are the Collective Caretakers of all worlds work together in peace and harmony to Create better world situations and better TIMES. I encourage each of you to not merely dream a dream, but to believe in yourself as you believe in Me. Obviously those who still continue to either not believe in Me, or to believe that I am some disgusting, wrathful god who will punish or kill everyone who does not choose to listen to My WORDS, have truly fallen off their destined path of evolution and I can do nothing except “bear witness” to this type of lunacy.

I see and I know as I look deeply into the hearts and minds of each of you here, that there will always be those who will lead the way and bear the Light of MySelf for ALL the world to see. I see how important this work is to each of you who do this. I hear your silent but impassioned pleas and your levels of frustration rise as the seeds you cast forth are not received in love and receptiveness. Rather, they are not received at all. They merely wither and die. I ask you each who are among my Soul-diers of evolutionary change, to stop and quiet your minds for but a little while. When you do so, please focus all of your energy, your love and your compassion on all those who are among the Children of lesser Light. Love them because they are a part of you even if they choose to remain apart from you. Then after you have done all this, close your eves and raise your consciousness to the next level. It does not matter if you know which level you are on now. Personally, I would rather you did not know anyway. Simply speak TO your Soul Voice and silently say, “I now raise myself to my next level.” Certainly this cannot be difficult for any of you to do; you who are the masters, the resourceful geniuses of unique individual and collective Creativity. I see My world here continually rising to greater and greater heights of supreme Godliness. This is a result of not only all that you do here for yourself; for Terra and for Me, but it is also the result of the good works that all other of My Children off-world are doing to
assist you each in all your endeavors.

I am not a “foo-foo” God; I assumed My responsibility as Caretaker and Co-Creator of the human race in a very serious manner. I see MySelf continuously evolving as all of My worlds’ life forms do. As they do, I do. I am, continuously learning and experi- encing the entire gamut of human emotions and human expressions. This is an advantage for Me because I learn through you and you learn through Me. I cannot look at this world or any other world using the constraining spyglass of mirocosmic visions. I have enabled MySelf to see all because I need every advantage I can get. As the days pass here on the Earth Star and you become much more aware that time as you have known it is no more and that the days are becoming shorter, you will each learn to see life, love and the Eternal NOW, through My eyes … to a certain extent. I am awaiting in great jubilance the time when you shall each be able to walk the mortal walk here indisputably living your life in a sovereign state and blissfully as … God in physical manifestation. And you shall! It is your Soul that shall continue to lead each of you to greater heights, surpassing all of your precious expectations of yourself. It is the Soul who is speaking so loudly to you at times, yet in a mellow fashion at other times. It is Soul Who is the born leader, not a follower but a leader of great ingenuity and uncompromising love. You too shall become aware that as the Soul leads people to greater and greater depths of perception, all that the people know prior to this will seem pallid in the Light of the Greater Truths. As a result, the more they KNOW, the less they will NOT want to know. It will be a cosmic hallmark life defining moment for all true human beings.

Expand your thoughts further. Look beyond your limited con- cepts of reality. As long as you think in limited concepts then all you will receive is limited actions.

God (received by David) Now I wish to share with you My thoughts; throughout all of My tenure as the God of this Universe
I have never seen so many Souls volunteer and be willing to risk everything, including their very lives, for another race of beings as I do now. Granted many of these same Souls are also your ancestors, so I do see that it is partially parental pride on their part as well as My own when it comes to the affairs and wellbeing of the human race. Each and every time I have issued the call they have come forward to meet the challenges of what I had proposed to them. No, this is not a dictatorship in which I demand their obedience and service. What I mean is, all who reside within this Universe and far beyond into the other Universes have risen to the call I issued for Earth’s survival. They have done so with purity of heart, a sense of conviction and sincere devotion to the tasks which I have laid before them. They are a wonder to behold, their efficiency and ded- ication to service is more than even I had expected. Their brilliance abounds and their overwhelming lightheartedness can only be described as magnificent. The call was issued over half a century ago now and you have/are currently seeing the interlaced weavings of their magical pursuits intertwined with all of your independent efforts and endeavors.

I am aware that many of you have questions about the true nature of your existence, why you are and more importantly what your purpose is to be in this lifetime. Throughout these letters I shall try to answer some of those questions, however much of what you may desire to know has intentionally been kept out of your conscious grasp for the time being. The reason for this is multifold; suffice it to say that much of what you desire to know is on a need to know basis and quite frankly, at present, you do not have a need to know. For example, if I were to tell you that in this lifetime you were to become a leader in the cause of women’s freedom, would you not start moving into that direction in your life? So what happened to free expression? Goals change, people change, and in fact people change their direction in life all the time. This is improvising at its best and it is a beauty to behold. Notice here that I said improvise instead of compromise. I leave it up to each of you to express your- selves, improve upon yourselves and alter your perspectives as you see it. The work, the accomplishments that each of you has done is above and beyond the call of duty, even if you do not consciously know this about yourselves.

Not all of you were meant to be on the front lines during this changing of the guards’ period in Earth’s history. You are there none the less to assist in the anchoring of My Light and the Light of My Jesus The Christ consciousness, on this planet. Most of you who have moved up to your current levels of understanding are well aware of this, otherwise, you would not be reading this book, now would you? An aspect of My vision which I know will not happen is for each and every one of you to see this planetary convergence through to its completion. You, each of you, are a part of that process. No, not all of you will make it through these transitioning times. Some of you will be there long after the dust has settled and it will be those of you who remain standing who will be the architects of the future for generations of My Selves to inhabit this planet. Remember that you are still a relatively young race in this Universe and as such you have not all learned entirely what it is to be an integral part of the Greater I AM.

My macrocosmic vision also forsees clearly that in the days ahead many more of you will join the ranks of My teachers, spreading My Truths to the rest of humanity, it will be a grand day indeed. Each moment that passes brings Us all one step closer to the splendor and harmony that We each seek and visualize for this world. You each, whether you are walk-ins or born-ins are the instruments of My vision. It cannot be done without you. Respectfully, it also would not have been possible without the assistance of all the other races of beings living in this galaxy. It could not have happened without Terra’s consent either; ultimately the choice was up to her. She is the reason you are still there and you should thank her profusely every chance you get for all that she has blessed you with, as well as all that she has tolerated from you. In time you will feel your connection with her grow stronger and stronger as your personal vibrations begin to match that of her own. When she moves you will move. This is how the animals have lived since time immemorial and soon, so shall you.

If it pleases you, consider yourselves as My Universal Task Force. You are the warriors, the teachers and the healers of the NOW generation. Each of you is a Beacon of Light, shining My light upon the rest of humanity. You should be very proud of your efforts thus far. Alone you are a force to be reckoned with. Together, united, you are unstoppable. Remember this, “One by One My work shall be done.” You have heard Me say this before and I will repeat it as often as necessary until all of you get the message. My time on Earth has in many ways just begun. Your time in the sun is almost upon you. Stand firm in the diversity of change and embrace your new found humanity. Since time immemorial I have had a vision in My mind’s eye of how you would evolve and how you would integrate with the rest of Creation. I bestowed upon all of you treasure and gifts that are unseen. Yet so many of you take for granted all that you are blessed with and I have to ask MySelf, why? Perhaps in time you will each see the wonders that I have put into each stone, each plant, as well as the precise placement of all the minerals, mountains and streams. Yes, there was a Divine plan and you are the ones I chose to be active participants in this great experiment. So please keep this in mind as you go about your daily business. Spend a few moments each chance you get to wonder about the unique marvels of Creation that l have placed there on Earth. There truly is no other planet anywhere that is as diverse in lifeforms as My beloved Terra is. She is Unique. You should feel privileged, not segregated.

A great part of My Macrocosmic vision is to see each of you awakening to the true realities of the inner workings of My Universe, not those illusionary ones that have been force-fed upon the human race for as long as it has been. As your eyes open wider and you are no longer staggering about amongst the walking asleep, the more intense and surreal My vision becomes. Each of you at some juncture in life needs a wakeup call and yes, if you are meant to be in a certain locale at a predestined timeline, then indeed your guides and guardians will do whatever it takes for you to be there. You are reading this book, are you not? There are no coincidences in life, please take that to heart. Each time one of you awakens, every time one of you learns that the Universe revolves on thought, the easier My job becomes. As one of My Children has said in the past, “Great men (and women) are they who see that Spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world.” That Soul was Ralph Waldo Emerson.

So many of you have been living life in a box and afraid of your own shadows. Imagine how much easier it will be when you come to the complete realization that nothing you think, nothing you do, is privy to your eyes only. I am sure that some of you may be scared by the prospect of this and right here, right now, is the time to let that go as well. Each time you release an insecurity or
a fear about something, the higher you ascend above the madness of the practical world and venture into the realm of the Spiritual world. Leave your fears behind, embrace the freedom of having nothing to hide and no hidden agendas, those days are long past. Those of you who are able to see beyond the veils will see this as a great gift, one that shall allow you to simply BE yourself, not the illusion of self that you have molded and shaped. Then, and only then, will you be able to see the world as it is and how it was intended to be.

As part of My macrocosmic vision, I see that in due time all of you who survive the still destined upcoming changes and continuous Earth and Spiritual changes, will be part of a much larger vision, one that you will help to Create. I look forward to the times when

Star Keepers from other planetary realms and dimensions will walk freely among you, assisting each of you to evolve into finer expressions of yourselves. I visualize a timeline arriving when My Children who moved into Middle Earth will once again desire to return to the planet’s surface. I see a time coming when the sparkle in your eyes intensifies as you come to honestly see your oneness with MySelf. I also see a time when you will have learned that the art of work has always been to play. So have some fun, far too many of you are way too serious and hard on yourselves.

I also foresee a time coming when you will all work together as one harmoniously integrated race of beings, putting your petty differences aside once and for all, for the greater good. Then you will hear Me sigh a sigh of relief, for it will be a grand day indeed. As each of you awakens, the truth will become ever so more apparent to you that all your life experiences, all your hard efforts to awaken and inform others, are culminating in this one timeline. It is a timeline that All of us have waited for, for a very, very long time. You will find the ways and means to eliminate and resolve your differences. Travel between Nirvana (Heaven) and Earth will
become an everyday occurrence. Envision if you will no more separation from your departed loved ones, now won’t that be nice? Time heals all wounds some say, and time is about up, so dream yourself awake and dance like you have never danced before. Most importantly sing Our song like you have never sung before. For the time of Myself here on this planet has arrived while most of you have been sleeping.

God (received by Celest and David) The most important thing to be in awareness of is the “here and now” and following your path, all else is secondary. You must be ready to give up everything to gain everything. People cannot fail at anything if they do not try. The people who are trying to make this world worse are not taking a day off … so, neither am I.

I dedicate this writing to indefatigable energy … God

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