From The God Book series

The Code - Book #4


…not many of you have made the association between encodings and Codes…
even if I would choose to speak in the simplest forms of English and in the simplest forms of all other languages, it would still make it too easy for many of you to not bother to see beyond the concept of written or spoken words.That would accomplish nothing.


“To see Me, IS to become Me.”

“Truth is always hazardous to your perceptions of reality.”… “Truth can be a harsh taskmaster for those who refuse to accept and understand it. Truth is the result of being right and speaking right and serves up consequences for those who refuse to do so. It is the opposite of being wrong.”

“if you THINK you know Hmm, “thinking” and “knowing” can be worlds apart, you know”


I define civility as “an honor bound variant of highly displaced energy that lives and thrives only in a fertile environment.”

..uncivil behavior is, “a wasteland of ill-conceived thoughts of the mind and Soulless matter, spread thin within the heart and Spirit of a human being, caused by the acceptance of disruptive, discordant and invasive energies.”


One of the major blind spots that so many people with disheveled thinking patterns have is their fanatic grasp on their beliefs.

Fanatics do however have their own unspoken code. They live as “do or die” individuals who are intent on converting all others to their own beliefs.

…idealists are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Too many idealists share a commonality however with the fanatics. More than one anomaly, actually. Neither has a firm grasp on truth AS IT IS.


Video games, violence disguised as entertainment, in all its myriad forms was implemented with one purpose in mind. This purpose was to dull and eventually block the “caring” sensors within the conscious minds….


…Shadow governments however, “were born in sin and continue within.” They strike at the heart of every government by working within the governments and hide in plain sight.

…You are actually living now in a gridline intersection that had been planned to bring in The Order of the One World.

There has never been a leader of a country, of a province, of an institute, who has not been at the mercy of the shadow government. Leaders are really only figureheads which allow the people to believe in something.

The ILLUMNATI And 2012

They chose a time period here, one that required a great leap into the depths of their own evil. AT THAT DESIGNATED TIME PERIOD HERE, they would establish a one world society developed by the shadow governments at the behest of the main shadow government. Children, you are now living in that time period. This is the time NOW when the black beast has raised its evil head in the Middle East.

It is the black beast who so craftily formed the religions, the wars and politics.

The black beast excitedly formulated the conglomerate he calls “The event,” which was the money lenders, the later formed banking systems, wars and religions and politics, so that ONE unit became THE focused, dedicated system to bring down the human races. There is in fact but a small group of people today who are actually the financial empire grouping. ALL banks, whether they know this or not, are brokered and subversively tied into the main unit and all the banks are owned by this unit.

…the cradle of the Illuminati has long been in the Middle East; this does not in any way imply that all the males and females there are part of this nefarious grouping. They are as victimized as are you. Millions upon millions of them since the beginning of time here have been slaughtered in the name of religion and politics. But then again, religion is politics!

You see 2012 had been the selected year here for the final eradication of the human races.

It is the dedication to fanaticism and deceit that revolves around 2012. THIS is what the beast had hungrily planned as the time for it to count coup. This is why 2012 is but the BEGINNING of a beginning of a new time. Not the “end of times.”

For the Illuminati however, this entire world has been their territory

…it has come to pass that certain monuments known as “Obelisks” for example, can be found in almost every country on this world. As part of the twisted minds of the Illuminati continued to revolve around the best ways to continue to hide things in plain sight, the obelisks themselves were originally created by them as perverted forms of daggers.


Who are the Bilderberg group? They are the ones who through their perceived right of descendancy have for many, many, generations been awarded great wealth through CARNIVOROUS means. Many are the elite in the banking industries, all the pharmaceutical industries worldwide and military families and Presidents and their spouses both past and present. They are corporate people in every sense of the word. This has been accomplished as part of a secret pact to maintain control over all governments.