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http://youtu.be/zBSpsXZzC-U (Volume boosted MP3 of Tolec’s message: http://tinyurl.com/k6gusma)

[Kp note: this was a bit hard to hear on my mobile devices, so I created an “amped up” mp3 (3.5 MB, 4 min.) of Tolec’s message (without music). Click the link below to download.


This Andromeda Council report is based on a critical review of recent information confirmed by my Andromeda Council contacts regarding –

“L” shaped ships allegedly docked on the back side of Earth’s Moon as reported in an October 20, 2013 – “secureteam10” YouTube video by an alleged outside NASA consultant.

Tolec, Andromeda Council
Here is the video Tolec was referencing.


Published on Oct 20, 2013

“10/20/13 – Phone interview with a major government player, revealing the truth about the recent government shutdown of all space related projects, and the military buildup led by FEMA.

“CLARIFICATION: Due to massive viewer demand…

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