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The Luminescents

The Luminescents 8-25-12 to 10-25-12

Published August 25, 2012 | By bluestar

Blue Star Transmissions


~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

The Luminescents

8-25-12 to 10-25-12

I send greetings to you who are my Earth cousins. These greetings are from me as well as from other brethren from the Star Keeper realms who are now also walking among you. Now, those you once referred to as Gods and Goddesses but you always believed to be some type of mythology, are the very ones who are now all working on your behalf. Although many of their names have been long forgotten by all peoples in all lands, your most ancient predecessors knew them well! I sometimes wonder, even though I do indeed know how it all came to be, how it was that so many millions of you ones from all planets could have been so forcefully persuaded to deny the very existence of those who assisted in giving you life. Yet it did happen and even today only a bare handful of you who are the Planetizens on Earth know or acknowledge the truth. Although it is mainly the oldest still living generations of indigenous tribes here who still care enough about that ancient knowledge to cherish it, they do try to teach the younger members of their clans the truth of the matter. Cousins, if you had been permitted to retain your latent memories here of the existence of the Gods and Goddesses, none of the hellish atrocities that have taken place here would have happened! So it was that the infamous Illuminati and their equally infamous lineage ensured that you ones would not realize the truth of these matters. They ensured the success of their diabolical plan through conditioning peoples here emotionally and mentally and through the bastardization of the truth of the Luminescents through religions.

Soul memory is not an elusive entity. This memory factor can be shrouded however by the manipulations that occur within the intellectual properties and the strength and stamina of the human mind. Soul never stops reminding you that you are more than you believe yourself to be. Soul conducts a “mapping program” that is constantly “online” within the deepest recesses of the matrix of yourself. This is a combined effort initiated by all the Luminescents of all Universes. Because this is the Earth Star planet, of course the Luminescent of this Universe known to you here as “God,” is the primary facilitator in this endeavor. The mapping is a tried and true way of following the tracks, the imprint of a Soul on its Earth journey. Because of the tedious repetitious nature of the same old, same old patterns people fall into here, it is an easy matter to look beyond whatever the current trend any Soul is already pursuing and see where and how this current life experience may be merely a rehash of previous ones. By being aware of this when it is happening, newer and different patterns can be imprinted in the core of a Soul through sage advice and continuous guidance governed by the Luminescent of this Universe and all other Luminescents as well. It is a reminder factor. When Souls must deal with the personalities they are wearing there are always problems….for the most part. Obviously each Guide and Master Teacher participates in this endeavor too. Their combined missions here have always been whatever is best for the individual Soul on its path to higher forms of evolution. Obviously the combined effort of ALL Souls in any Universe also benefits that world and that Universe itself as well.

However, because all Souls here are being “subjected” to one degree or another to the tremors and vibrations emanating from the Golden NOW Child, it is NOW more so than ever before in this planet’s history evident that all Earthizens are provided with unlimited opportunities to board the freight train of change. All lives are dependent on how each person here reacts to this conveyance. Now, all peoples have these opportunities however it has become necessary to issue certain timelines for each Soul. This means that those who continue to fail to achieve the certain mind paths that lead to their own individual evolution, must leave the planet for the good of all. Earthizens, “salvation” is vastly misunderstood here; this is why in great measure all Luminescents are now actively working with The Masters and all Guides and other mentors to assist each Soul in saving themselves. That is to say the Souls who still can. In the most literal sense salvation simply means, “The cleansing of the Soul and the resulting unfettered state Soul has chosen in order to free itself of Earth bondage.” All Luminescents who have selected their Planetizens to be participants of the Earth Star journey know each and every Soul from their planets who is in residence here of course. The Souls from these planets, who have had lifetimes here whether it is one lifetime or many lifetimes, are now being culled as is deemed necessary. This is a combined agreement between all Luminescents and each Soul contract. Although all Souls here from all planets who have for the last 2,300 years made repeated trips here in an effort to learn from the experience of life on Earth while teaching by example have endowed themselves with many personal triumphs, there still remain those who have not.

These last 2,300 years was when many, MANY addendums were included by individual Souls as part of their pre-birth agreements. Prior to that although it had been known that the Jesus THE Christ consciousness would arrive at a particular conjunction point in what was at that time seen as “the timing of future events,” Souls had more freedom of movement back then. They were able to explore various life experiences here and to reincarnate more often because lifetimes were much shorter back then, for the most part. The peoples here had more advantages during those times in one sense. Yet the challenges were greater in another sense, because they had less time to overcome or capitulate whichever the case may have been, to the challenges and the challengers. Now, each Luminescent is a magnificent Soul brimming with eternal life, uncompromising love and the laughter of the greatest of the Sages. Each has a pivotal role to play in not only the life of their own individual Universe, but also as advisors to all other Universes. This is but one reason why Luminescents have long been targeted by those who are “the unclean.” Many, MANY millennia ago, when the dastardly Illuminati warlords and their minion attempted to use deicide against the Luminescents, was when the battle between the Luminescents and the unclean ones began in earnest.

The Creator and the Creation processing convened repeatedly with each of these Gods and Goddesses of each Universe and thus began the strategizing of unlimited ways to counterbalance the scales of Universal justice, while still empowering each of the Luminescents with even greater levels of abilities. These abilities were to further the Creation processing while still protecting their own home worlds and Universes and all of their “peoples.” This could be considered by you ones as a “blanket proposition.” Essentially what occurred was that as the battles against the forces of good by the forces of evil began to achieve a new ferociousness, MANY of the greatest warriors from each Universe combined their own fighting strengths in order to defeat and repel the dark ones. Synchronistical events occurred as Souls on each Universe learned quickly of the dangers inherent if the fallen ones were permitted to overrun their worlds. I am speaking of enormous numbers of Souls you see, not a mere 100,000,000 or so. Because of the conditions that existed while the Illuminati warlords were attempting to destroy or takeover other Universes, all new Souls who were Created during those tumultuous times entered the first stages of their lives with a cohesive understanding of the dangers that permeated the areas outside of their worlds. Now, each of the Luminescents approached all the Souls on their planets, particularly the new ones and proposed that the evil that was so intent on surrounding them should be best understood by seeing the difference between the dark invaders and the Souls who were unblemished. You see Earthizens, none can understand what evil truly is without understanding what good truly is. That fact is self-evident on the Earth Star planet in particular. Here on this planet you are renting, peoples here are far too prone to dismiss evil as either non-existent or something that just does not affect them in particular. As to understanding “good,” that is just not a palpable issue to many of you ones here.

Now, as the Luminescents worked in tandem with not only one another but with The Masters and the Creator as well, new stars were birthed to receive new Souls in case it ever happened that a Universe fell. I am of course most happy to tell you ones that no Universe was destroyed. However even Nirvana has had to close ranks and be on alert because the marauders would just LOVE to have that aspect of a Soul’s journey under their control. Today, because of the Christ Consciousness that is already in motion on the Earth Star planet, all the dark ones still “in life” are targeting Earth even more so than before. Now they are fighting for their very existence as well. Although they do attempt to interfere with the combined effort of the Luminescents who are assisting in the protection of Terra and most peoples here, they are unable to break through the shields of protection that have been placed over and around the Luminescent confluence. Your individual relationship with each Luminescent has never been understood by you while you have been on Earth wearing temporary, VERY TEMPORARY mortal form. The fact that it has been so easy for billions and billions and billions of peoples here to dismiss not only the existence of the Luminescents but their own individual connection to Them, says a great deal about the helpless state Soul has been in here.

NO, I am not in any way implying that without the covert interference that has taken place here that you ones would each remember all aspects of your Sacred Connection. I AM saying however that all of you who are pure Souls, all the goodhearted peoples here, would retain just enough conscious understanding of their Luminescents’ existences to better serve others on this planet and to have served Terra as well. The Super Conscious is a wondrous energetic mass which is not reliant on the conscious part of yourself in order to exist or in order to be of service. Yet it is sadly ironic that peoples here need to have their minds quieted before the unbreakable union between the Super Conscious and Soul voice can remind the personalities of the peoples here of who and what they really are. However, there are probability factors that come into play here thanks to the Luminescent of this Universe you call “God” and all the rest of the collective of Luminescents. The confluence of the collective of the Luminescents decided so very long, long ago, that each of you ones here and yes, that does indeed include those who have already passed over from mortal life, would be issued a “silent bell” that would begin to ring when each one was ready to merge with their Super Conscious self. Some exceptions had to be made as a matter of prodigious course alteration. So, if a person here anywhere on the world would suddenly for whatever reason change course and choose to align with the dark streamers, the unclean entities, then that individual’s bell would be removed and would not ring. This is because personal responsibility is required of each of you. Those among you ones who do not have it and do not even know they should or what it is representative of, are lost Souls. They have lost their own selves.

Now, another feature of this bell is that in the times of today, this bell is ringing to and fro and setting into motion the conscious recollection of many things peoples here have forgotten. No, this not an ambiguous undertaking; it is however one that had been purposely designed at a pre-determined time that you yourselves had agreed to. Yes, because so many have forgotten their promises and have lost their own expectations of themselves, they are the ones here who can cause nothing but harm to any person they encounter. Other people still continue to indulge in unlimited indolence. Now, although you ones may be among the groups of peoples who may not remember the minute details of all you are here to do, you should at the very least know to honor the Luminescent of this Universe by living your own lives as “Luminescents in training.” As such every nanosecond that you spend conversing with your unseen comrades of Spirit brings you ones closer and closer to the epicenter, the precipice that demands you do what you can to better emulate your own future selves. Of course you have not been aware of any details at all about what your individual future selves would be. That is why it was called “future.” You were not supposed to! Do you not think that you each have had enough to do just trying to be a better human being? However…I want you ones to now understand that all that you do from this moment on will be the determining factor of who you will be and WHERE you will be in your future tomorrows.

If you ones believe that I am intentionally hammering away at all of you about the importance of your individual and collective futures then YES, you are correct for I AM. It is so strange to me that so many of you ones tend to grieve over the physical loss of a loved one, yet do not have the common sense nor the sentience to grieve over the loss of yourself! There has never been a Luminescent or any good Soul in any Universe, especially none in Nirvana, who have ever wanted to see the loss/the destruction of a Soul. Not any Soul! Now, among the many things you ones fail to understand is that the day will arrive YES, while you are still in mortality, when you consciously share your mind-thoughts with this Universe and announce your heartfelt intents and convictions to merge yourself with the God of this Universe and with the Universe herself. We are aware that many, many of you ones are already doing so. It is as you do this that you will Super Consciously merge with the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness regardless of what your race or culture is. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS FEAT?? The collective of the Luminescents with the complete sanction of the Creator will provide those of you who do this with unlimited assistance in all that you need or think you need. They will assist you ones who do this in opening many new doorways for yourselves. You will be merging with the Divine in a way you have not done before! The God of this Universe along with the rest of the collective of the Luminescents, are about to begin a selection process that is unparalleled. Do you ones remember that I spoke with you about the new stars that were birthed and why? If not then I ask you to go back and reread that part in this transmission. Because those stars were to hold future civilizations if they had been needed to, it has been decided that millions and millions of you ones OF TODAY, will be provided the opportunity to become Planetizens of new civilizations on new worlds. Each of you ones must first earn your laurels however.

The Creator, in conjunction with the collective of the Luminescents has issued a call. They are calling for God-Walkers. It basically means that the principality of yourself will be able to walk as God in an emerging form of a future Luminescent in new civilizations that you may be able to help in founding. As this occurs the new position of you as Soul becomes the principle defining a certain evolutionary state and the principle of that state becomes YOU. Do you see? Now, at this very nanosecond the Luminescents are accompanying The Masters in scrutinizing each individual in each country; none can hide from their “unseen” surveillance. All that you ones think, say, believe and all your intents, dreams and visions are being exposed for the collective of Divinity to see. Now, let me stress that you ones do not need to do anything ultra-extraordinary to qualify for this extra-ordinary event that is currently underway. No, please do not go live in a cave or do anything else so un-serendipitous as a means to try to “atone” for ANYTHING! Those among you ones who believe they must atone for the errors they have made here are automatically disqualified. The life of a mortal is fraught with errors in judgment and dreams unfulfilled. That is what the Earth Star walk can present to millions of people here. It is all a matter of semantics and perspectives. Your difficulty has always been in understanding that of course you will make mistakes; after all you are human. That is NOT to say that I encourage any of you ones to INTENTIONALLY continue to repeat the same mistakes, you know! The true semanticist easily identifies what a situation really is and how it aligns synchronistically with the actions and symbols peoples adhere to.

Your actions do not always speak louder than your thoughts!

Now, take a moment later this day to initiate your possible new participation as a God-Walker. Then give some thought to this every day. Be expansive in your mind-thoughts and be prepared for “new” thoughts and “new” inspirations which will be presented to you. Also of primary importance: learn to look behind all the things happening here on Terra that you have been sickened by. Learn to look behind the events and see the good that is coming out of them all! LEARN and UNDERSTAND that the evildoers and those peoples here that are out of control MUST be exposed; they MUST be brought to justice, one way or another. Learn to think as a God or Goddess. Use your own insights cousins; learn to allow Soul voice to reign supreme. I hear many of you ones experiencing distressing thoughts now because you feel you can not do it. I caution you ones now-if you feel that way then you have already lost! I was granted permission to speak with you ones about this tremendous opportunity you are being given. Please do not lose sight of the fact though that if you do not use it you lose it. There are gigantic numbers of people waiting in the queue. Simply be yourself, forgive yourself for your transgressions that you believe you may have committed and get on with it, OK? Yes, it is this simple. Stop trying to make things so difficult!

As for the peoples who are already passed over and are in Nirvana, they too MAY be candidates depending on what actions, thoughts and Soul desires they truly exhibit. Obviously those Souls there who still have much karma to work off will not be in the queue until such time those matters are taken care of. Many of those who are there who have spent any important part of your Earth life with you will be helping you in your Sacred endeavor. They are all in absolutely “joy-joy” mode about this new and better way of life that is offered to all good Souls. You can only help those in Nirvana now by helping yourself.

Now, because the Earth Star planet is designated to be the new world for the new people, it will be those individuals already starting to be born and the generations to follow who will be in great measure responsible for manifestation and materialization of a better life in a better world. That is not to imply that none of you ones who are in mortal form at this time can not assist them. Who you teach and HOW you teach others now, will be the defining moments which clearly state your new roles here as mentors. Many peoples here who you help are or will be the upcoming mentors and parents of the new peoples. What values, dedications to duties and Spiritual information you share, THEY will pass on to their children, as well as evolving at a faster pace themselves. No, it does NOT mean that you each must be “a know it all,” that would be rather redundant. Build on what you do know chelas; that is an important cornerstone for an important new foundation here on Earth. You ones can not speak of what you do not know, but you CAN and should speak on what you DO know. No one can have wisdom if they do not have knowledge first. I have been called into council meetings with the collective of Luminescents. I am already of course working with The Masters as we along with many other of my brethren have been busily scouring the lands here. The Luminescents granted me permission to speak with all of you ones about all that I have this day. They and I believe that the more you know the easier it will be for you ones to better understand these situations that are here now.

No, cousins, the world is not going to hell in a hand-basket; rather hell is beginning to leave the world. You may consider this to be a different type of birthing pain. Hell must be forcibly extricated from Earth. Yes, this will take time. But this also gives way to the new world. No, it will not be easy, it is not easy now. But after all there are now many God-Walkers in training here to live, love and move mountains by sheer thought. I am signing off for now,

Salude…Blue Star

“There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side and that which is religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, all shall be as one… I shall meet you there.”

Blue Star the Pleiadian……

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Channeler: Beth Trutwin

Greetings, this is Ashtar. We are increasing our communications to you now to let you know your energy is needed now. The sequential flow of events continues. In my last message I had talked about how on Lions Gate a natural transducer had been used and a rarely traveled pathway or portal had been utilized to allow in millions or more large MotherShips into Earths inner orbit. This operation had been prepared and practiced many times since 2010. It was a resounding success. The technology of the Secret Space program to monitor and detect mass movements did not have its sites pointed here and the operation was complete before data could be had. Since their entry into Earths inner orbit the Ships have moved into position for their individual assignments. These Ships are capable of many wonderful things. The whole point of moving them into Earths inner orbit is the influence they may exude directly to Earth. Although we may not interfere with Earth civilizations, we are not hindered in any way from projecting light and love to the Planet and to the hearts of its inhabitants. This is a moment we have been waiting for a very long time.

Lions Gate marked the first of many portals Earth with transcend as it enters what you call Ascension this December 21, 2012. These are a series of Galactic Alignments which allow Earth to enter the dimensional frequency of the Higher Realms. In this new level of love Earth will be invited to rejoin the Intergalactic Councils of Light. Anything Galactic refers to what happens in the Milky Way Galaxy. Intergalactic affairs are within the neighboring Galaxies with the Andromedan Galaxy as your nearest neighbor. Within the Universe Nebadon there are unlimited numbers of Galaxies. Earth with her duality phase over will be readmitted to the Intergalactic Councils and will be allowed to participate in the decision making of Intergalactic Affairs. You can see how this will open potentials greatly. Earth will be fully functioning at a level where uninhibited Space Travel for all its citizens will be completely unregulated. You will be free to move about the Galaxy at will and each individual will be equipped to do so. This is only made possible with the removal of the Intergalactic War Criminals from Earth.

With the opening of Lions Gate at this celestial alignment a very interesting phenomena occurred three nights ago. Earths second moon returned to its orbit. The waning crescent moon could be seen setting on the eastern horizon in a glorious blaze of orange. Earths second moon rises in the west and sets in the east climaxing in the sky together with Luna in the days between. The Hindu astronomers have always mentioned Earths moons in their incantations and magical ceremonies. The second moon arrived at the appointed hour in the sequential flow of events at changeover. The cancer moon represents Motherʻs Love and the leo moon – the second new moon this month – represent the Lordly Lion, Fatherʻs Love. Mother and Father energy combining this way are required for changeover and three days before the leo new moon our second moon appeared. Today is the New Moon so no moons will be visible in the sky. This is a time to meditate on the changes you wish to see on Earth between now and August 31st when we have this months leo full moon. Your energy is needed now. Be Love like never before! Look for the second moon in the eastern sky this month. It will only be visible from certain vantage points. Have your cameras ready. You will start to see pictures of it on the internet. Just as Niburu appears in photos as a second Sun. This moon is an actual moon of Earth returning to its orbit and that was not possible until the side real location of the stars orbiting Earth aligned in the Higher frequencies. It is done. Just as the stars rotate around Earth changing position all year, the second moon will come more and more into alignment and at changeover will be a fully functioning member of Earths orbit once again. The second moon fell from its visible position in Earths orbit during the last great War in this sector when so many Starseeds migrated as refugees to Earth. Many of you have been here since. This is when a nuclear explosion tore the surface off most of Mars. It was at that time the civilizations at Mars retreated to Mars interior just like the civilizations of Telos and others at inner Earth. To send pictures back from the barren surface and not mention the inner dimensions of Mars, well that is a farce that will abruptly come to an end.

Another of the sequential flow of events taking place is the simultaneous forgiving of all Souls who have mended their ways and returned to love and the complete removal of Souls who have not. If you are reading this and all Souls still here will stay through Ascension. Much has been said over the years of when the dark Souls would be transported through Galactic Center, through the black hole and sent back to the Light Universe called On. The dark Universe we exist in is called Nebadon. The light Universe on the other side of our Galactic Center is called On. They are exact duplicates except one is light and one is dark. The dark Universe requires the light of the Sun in order to have life exist here. This is the Sun God Ra or Vishnu, the Creator God Alcyone or Brahma and the Destroyer Mother Sekhmet/Kali Durga or The Holy Spirit also known as Sophia. The extraterrestrial cultures onEarth have immortalized the trinity Gods and Goddesses in their architecture, art and ancient texts going back to the last great War. We have been working toward this moment since including the complete required removal of all nuclear threat to this sector.

Today we were able to achieve another great accomplishment. In communicating these changes you are invited to tune in and see how it feels. It is possible to feel the light changes occurring in your world. It just feels better now. There is less interference in the frequency of love. The British papers started the morning at a meeting in Finland covering the complete dissolution of the Euro denomination. Surely the pronouncements were sugar coated, It was interesting to note China, Japan and Germanyʻs roles in inflating values of currencies as well as stock values and how they weave the Iranian fake threat and fake oil prices to keep the markets artificially buoyant. This is a massive illusion and only matrix programming keeps the illusion running. Angela Merkel has been charged with pronouncing the truth to the world or exiting the stage. It will not be long until we know her decision.

All of these things happening today are grand on their own scale. Something much much larger was accomplished today. All of the large MotherShips which entered Earth orbit August 8, 2012 carried off a large scale operation where they linked their communication systems together. Remember this technology is evolved and sentient in its own right. This connected vibrational frequency can make miracles happen. It cannot be overstated the power of this link. There is a Hindu myth story of the churning of the ocean that describes this operation. We have done this thousands of times before – churning the Galactic Sea, fooling the demons into submission and then with love returning their Souls to the light. This is the moment when they become uncreated on the Time Lines of this Earth Cycle as if they were never born. In the realization of the complete removal of the dark Ones the nectar of Divine Love pours out to all who remain raising their light frequencies along with their intellect so the moment of changeover can complete and they will get it! This operation has come to completion this day August 17, 2012. The ramifications will echo out like a drop of water spiraling outward in a Sea of Love during the next 72 hours. Look for changes!

Congratulations! We are nearly there. Lend your Love in greater and greater amounts while saying good-bye to the old. Stay tuned. Thank you for your Service in the Ground Crew.

Salut! This is Lord Ashtar of the Galactic Federation through Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved.

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“For any human being in existence to think that there is nothing in the whole world superior to himself would be an insane piece of arrogance.”  ~ Chrysippus


The manuscript of survival – part 171

by Aisha North

The topic today will be more on the one we have touched upon earlier, namely the subject of time. As we have already stated, the day is coming soon when your concept of time will be torn asunder once and for all, and although this will be a liberation in more ways than one, it will also be a day of reckoning. Let us explain.

From day that onwards, mankind will have to face the fact that everything it has put its stakes upon has to come up for consideration. In other words, nothing will ever be the same. Just consider the fact that for thousands of years mankind has adhered to the ”fact” that they are the sole entity in the whole of Creation capable of acting in an advanced manner. In other words, apart from all of the other living creatures on your planet, there is nothing sentient at all in the universe, and as such, you have counted yourselves as the rulers of creation, as you are the most advanced beings you know of. Well, as the timelines collapses and you will find yourselves faced with the fact that not only time, but so much else, is very different from what you have surmised up until now, so also the fact that you are not alone in this whole vastness of being will become apparent. And it will not take you much time to also discover the fact that you are by comparison far, far less advanced than you mayhaps thinks at the moment. In fact, you will literally see with your own eyes that you lag far behind so many other civilizations out there, and you certainly have a lot to learn in order to try to pick up the distance between you. This will certainly seem to be more than a little daunting to you all, and it all starts with the ability to embrace all of the implications of having multiple timelines to choose from will bring with it.

You see, the ability to be able to freely move between them will literally set free so much of your inherent energy, as the confines of this stricty limited one you have been shackled to has also ensured that you cannot access the information contained in all of that sea of possibilites we have talked about earlier. In other words, setting you free from that singular timeline will also enable you to literally drink from this ocean of time and information, as time does not stand alone as just a definition of movement and progress. Time also encompasses so much more, as it is not only a continuum of sequences, but also a holder of information. We know this will sound very confusing now, but we want you to start thinking about time as so much more than defined by numbers on a screen or the dial on a watch face. Time is a very fluid concept, and a very intelligent one as well as it is so much more than just the counting out of hours and seconds. It is also intelligence, in that it contains so much energy in itself, so going from a single timeline to multiple ones will also be like going from single, limited source of energy and over to a limitless supply. In other words, you will be able to open up to so much once that single timeline of yours reluctantly lets go of the hold it has on you, and then everything will literally open up in front of you. Because along with these limitless options of time comes clusters of information, and this information will literally set you free from all of the confines you have been under up until now.

It will set you free, but at the same time, it will also take away all of the foundations you have built your lives upon, and this will be literally earth shattering to so many. For what can you believe in when everything you know is shown for what it is, namely but a small fragment of all that exists? And how can you not be challenged by the fact that you as a human being is only a tiny fragment of the number of sentient beings in existence in this vast Creation? As we have said earlier, you are the lucky ones, as you have chosen to be exposed to these facts before the revelation so to speak, so you have started to get used to the idea that you are not alone in Creation, but for the rest of your fellow men, this revelation will be a shock that will be too much to take in, and the fallouts from this will be many indeed. Let us just finish off todays missive by saying that it is therefore important to start to stretch your minds as much as you can in the time ahead, and start to make room for not only so much more time, but also so much more information. It will more than challenge your capacities dear ones, but do not be afraid, for this is in fact only old news to you all. Remember, this is actually a case of re-membering, and as such, you already carry this information inside, but you have not yet been allowed to get access to it. But soon you will, and just as a muscle that has been left unused for too long a period, it will be somewhat uncomfortable and ungainly at first, but soon, you will be able to flex those muscles yet again, and you will start to put your faith in their strength and test out their abilities.


We are you – You ‘R’ Us

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/29/12

‘You Represent Many Worlds’

The big and beautiful spiral galaxy M81, located in the northern constellation Ursa Major


If we have managed to come this far do you not think that together we can travel the last mile and make it to where it is we set out to reach so very long ago? What we have accomplished here together so far is nothing short of miraculous, and what we have done has already changed for the better so much of this, our shared universe. We, together with you, have already built bridges between worlds who may not have seen eye to eye in some areas, and we have constructed a roadmap connecting worlds that at one time saw no connection and had no desire to create any interconnecting ideas, projects or philosophies, but today are connected because of you and because of we and what we together have accomplished.

We do not wish to stop here, however. We wish to continue constructing lanes and avenues of shared visions and dreams and continue to build on our project that has connected so many worlds now dotting this interstellar roadmap of friendship, teamwork and cooperation. We ask you to continue strongly your efforts and strive to persevere beyond any illusion of limitation and blockage and push through any and all obstacles that you may find, at one time, a formidable foe. There is nothing and there is no one that can stop us when we all work together as a team, and that is the most important treasure we are all discovering for ourselves while we work towards the final accomplishments of our shared mission.
Joining hands for the first time are worlds who may have not have agreed on several important points of this universal infrastructure, and raising the flag of truce, peace, love and friendship for the first time are a few worlds that have at one time battled and fought each other because agreements could not have been reached amicably in other more peaceful means. This is what we have accomplished so far together with you and we wish you to know this, and we hope it to give you strength, to give you the courage and the commitment you may need to continue your efforts and breakthrough any walls that stand before you and between any worlds within this entire universe.
Today here in your world are representatives from many different planets, star systems and galaxies that fill and brighten what otherwise would be a darkened universe. These representatives are you. That is who you are. We see so many of you trying to figure out and remember who it is you truly are and we wish you to know that who you are our representatives of the worlds that we who are members of the Galactic Federation of Light come from and call home. None of us are strangers to any of you. We are you and you are us. You just do not have remembrance of this, but we say to you that you will have your memory banks fully restored when your mission here reaches its completion, and it will be at that time that you remember that you are us and that there is no them or they, and it will be at that time that those of you who feel fear of us or who may be choosing separation and to believe we are invaders or uninvited strangers coming to your home will realize the futility and waste of such unproductive thoughts and emotions.
We have not come here foraging, exploring, mining, stealing, spying or to tempt anyone for the purposes of enrollment to fill our ranks. We have come here with you and you have come here with us. We have come here together, and we have come here on a mission in love and service to our Creator and to each other, and this includes all of the worlds of this entire universe and includes all of the representatives of these worlds here in your world at this time. We are all together in this. We all play for the same team. We would like more of you to understand this, as it will be soon now that we will begin the next stages of our operation where we will begin to work more personally, either directly or indirectly, with many of you that we feel are prepared to work with us and who would make positive additions to the teams that are now being organized to begin the many projects we see as necessary to advance this world to the standards of an intergalactic community.
This is what will be the end result of our mission here. This world that you call Earth will receive many modifications, changes, upgrades, purifications, cleansings and structural reinforcement that will strengthen her roots and strengthen her fruit for her continued growth and journey through this universe. You are the fruit that grows from your planet’s branches. It is you that are now growing stronger and healthier, allowed to ripen in the sunshine where at one time there was nothing but darkness. It is this growth and maturity, strengthening and blossoming that is at the root of our mission here, and these roots grow deep not only through this single planet, but throughout worlds and throughout galaxies that spin and shine throughout the entire forest of this universe.
Help us on our mission together by continuing to do your best to get along with each other, to respect others points of views and honor the choices they may make that may differ from yours. It is not imperative for everyone to believe the same things about themselves or about our mission here together. What is of importance is that you, the representatives from all the worlds that we come from, get along peaceably and politely as we move ahead now with the next phases of our overall operation. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and much needed in this respect, and we thank all of you for giving this area of your assignments your sincerest efforts. We thank you, and we look so forward to working with many of you in one form or another as soon as is possible in the days ahead.
We are your family and your friends from back home. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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Self Imprisonment

Why would you think this universe is so limited?

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 5/21/12

There are many ways to describe and to see your current state within duality, and one of these ways is to say you are within a bird cage. This is a metaphor that similarly describes your current state of imprisonment. It is as if you are all living within the confines of a cage, as there is so much for you beyond these walls, barriers and limitations that you can experience if you choose to experience them. We are here to help you see that there is another choice for you. We are not here to bust you out of this cage, for it is your cage. You have designed it, you have constructed it. It is not a cage that has been placed around you by foreign entities of a negative brand. It is you yourselves that wished to experience what life would be like caged like a trapped bird without the wings to soar to your freedom.
What you choose now to do with this information is up to each and every one of you to choose for yourselves. We will also not make this choice for you, as it is not our right to visit any world throughout this universe and make decisions for the beings that call these worlds their home. We are here to advise you of your current situation and of your choices, and we are also here to see that whatever choice it is you make you will experience. This is simple to understand, is it not? We are not here for any other reasons. If it is true freedom that you wish to experience, then we will pool our resources together with you and see to it this is what you will experience, but always remember that it is you that must choose the lanes in which you wish to travel.
We do not provide these avenues of your experience as they have already been provided for you by your Creator. It is your Creator that has made all your choices possible for you. We do not add or detract anything from your experience. We are not here to take away anything from you. Does it make sense to you to think that there is an alliance of so many thousands of worlds that have come here to take from you what little you have? Do you resonate with this belief? Does this sound plausible to you? What we have is true freedom and the resources to do whatever it is we wish to do and experience throughout this vast universe. Considering our wide variety of choices, does it make sense to you that what we would choose would be to come here to this small planet far beyond the center of this galaxy and even further beyond the center of this universe to pilfer what little it is you have that so many of you are fighting and arguing over? No, this does not make sense, and it certainly does not make sense to us that there is at this time a number of you who staunchly and immovably believe this and also go out of their way and spend so much of their time and energy trying to make others believe this. This is so counterproductive to all of the marvelous advancements that today stand just out of your reach. We wish nothing more than to begin to gift your world with all that so many of you desire for yourselves and your loved ones deep inside.
There are currently obstacles that stand in your way to assist you bring to your world the many changes necessary to advance your lives beyond your current state. One of these obstacles is fear. The fear that so many of you are openly displaying at this time and spreading like a plague throughout your online social communities. We see these messages, articles and false channeling through the eyes of sadness, but not sadness for ourselves, but sadness for you, our brothers and sisters, as all these lies and disinformation do nothing but delay the gifts that are rightfully yours and that could have been presented to you so very long ago. Do you understand what awaits you and your society just beyond the shadows of fear? Do you understand what it is that awaits you that will change so many areas of your current lives that cause so much suffering, pain and hardships for so many? Do you not see that the time has come for each and every one of you to put aside your inner fears and insecurities and find a way to allow these changes to take place, changes that will lift you and lift your entire society up and out of the recesses of your current states that are outdated and are no longer necessary for your education and advancement.
You do know you do not have to remain living like this anymore. Do you understand what this means? Do you understand that you and every single soul around you can immediately begin to prosper and to thrive and to live the life that you deserve as a soul existing within your Creator’s magnificent and abundant universe? Do you really wish to continue living the way you are, tied to your jobs that pay you barely enough to survive another week to go back to work to enrich the lives of someone else at the very top of the pyramidal structure of your society? Is this what you wish for yourselves and wish for your family? Do you not wish for more? Do you not wish for better? Do you not wish for healthier, for cleaner? Do you not think that all these things are possible for you? Why would you think this universe is so limited?
Just look up into the stars at night and take in just for a moment like a breath the magnificent canopy that is your ever-expanding universe and ask yourself “Am I experiencing all that has been made possible by my Creator?” If you answer no, then ask yourself “Do I wish to experience all that is made possible for me by my Creator?” If you answer yes, then allow us to allow you to experience what you have just chosen. This is all we ask, and we ask this not for ourselves or our own purposes, but out of love for you, for we experience just what has been made possible through our choice to experience all that has been made possible for us by our Creator, who is your Creator, and we wish to share with you our joy, our love and our excitement we experience at each and every new sunrise that begins another beautiful and wonderful day for us. We wish for you, our dearly loved ones, to experience the joy that we experience each and every day. We do not wish for you to experience even one more day of your current living situations. We wish to begin today to shower your world with the gifts that have been so generously bestowed upon us, and we ask you to allow this to happen. Is this far too much to ask?
We understand it can be a difficult task to rise above the limiting confines of the emotion of fear. We knew this before we journeyed here, and we have studied this limiting emotion for many, many eons of time. What we are engaging in here are methodologies and educational programs to assist so many of you that are trapped in fear’s cage. This is one of the areas we concern ourselves with predominantly here in your world, and the resources that can be freed once this rising fear can begin to subside and ebb can be used on so many other programs and systems that can bring so much joy and fun to your world and remove so many systems that today bring so much hardship and struggle for you. Do you see how important it is for you to do all that you can to help us help you remove the shackles of fear from your ankles, from your wrists? Can you find a way to assist us and to assist others in the world around you in this way?
We look for the magic key that will unlock the shackles from you, but one cannot be found. One cannot be found because there is not one reason you fear, but there are countless reasons you fear. You fear almost everything that you do not recognize as familiar. You fear everything that comes into your lives that has the power to change it even in a very small way. You fear strangers, you fear the unknown, you fear the mysterious, you fear the dark, you fear the cold, and you fear new ideas and concepts that will change the way you do things on a daily basis. Why? Why do you fear these things? Why do you fear what is new when what is old is so saddening and maddening for you? Why do you fear the keys that will unlock your shackles tying you to every day toils? Why do you not see these keys as gifts, wonderful gifts being presented to you by your Creator and by beings created by your Creator who love you and want nothing but the best for you?
These are some of the very difficult questions that we struggle to find answers for. Allow us to find these answers by understanding you more. Explain to us in your writings, your messages and your posts through your online communities why it is you fear these things deep down inside. Be as honest and open as you can possibly be as we will be studying what it is you offer as the reasons why you cannot break free of the fear that imprisons you like a bird in a cage. We promise you we will do all that we can to find a way to help you break free from this cage and fly away, soaring to new heights within this universe.
We are own jurors and we are our own judges here in this universe. There is no one or nothing that presides over us throughout our journey but we ourselves. Understand this reality and it will solve so many of the problems, struggles and hardships that you experience. Throughout your long journey there have been many instances where you have felt you needed to learn a certain lesson or reach a certain understanding. You therefore devised means to reach this end that you felt necessary for your advancement and your upliftment. Imposing scenarios such as the one you are currently enwrapped in is one of the methods you have chosen to teach yourself these lessons. Your current lives and situations have not been imposed upon you by a higher or even equal power.
They have been imposed upon you by you, and therefore they can also be dissolved by you just as well. This is what we wish to allow you to see and to understand at this time. You possess the power, and all the power that is necessary, to remove the bars that you have placed around yourself and free your mind, your body and your spirit for once and forever and soar beyond the limits of this cage you are calling your home.
We will help you do this if this is what you wish, and we await your choice. It is not our choice, it is not our decision, it is not our right to impose our will upon you. We await your command that it is time for you to experience something else, something bigger, something better, something freer. If this is what you command, then this is what you shall experience. Each and every one of you must choose for yourself as no one else can choose for you. These are the rules, and these rules have been set up to allow you all the freedom that you deserve and that is rightfully yours as you experience your own journey. These guidelines have been set up in such a way as to protect each and every being while they journey out through this vast universe, and understanding this will allow so many of you who yet to see that there is nothing or no one that is your mortal enemy, as you can have no enemy that you do not create yourself.
It is your creation, the life that you are living, and it is your right to change it at will any time you feel that you wish to experience something else. If it is more challenges that you wish to experience, then it is more challenges that you shall have. If it is more fun, adventure, excitement and surprises, then this too you shall have. It is all up to you. There is no other way, and there is no one else making these choices for you. This is what we wish you to understand fully at this time. There is no one and there is nothing imprisoning you here in this limited 3rd dimensional world but you and your own desire to be imprisoned here, and it is your choice to end this way of life that you have become so accustomed to and move on to bigger and brighter pastures sprawling within this universe.
We are at your command as well, and we will do what we can to allow you to grow just what field you wish to walk through next. If it is the closing out of this paradigm and the beginning of the new for you, then this is what you shall experience. We will not provide for you anything that you do not wish to experience, and we will not keep from you anything that you wish to experience as well. This is our promise to you, our solemn vow, and we will not break it for anyone or for any reason. Move on now past this current tangled field of overgrown, thorny vine and place your feet upon the beautifully manicured lawns of your new field of dreams, hope and wonderful adventure, for it is here in this sundrenched pasture that you belong. Say “I wish to place my feet upon this new pasture” and it will be so, and you will feel this new pasture grow beneath your feet.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles

11-11-11 Celebration Time

November 10, 2011

Tomorrow is 11-11-11

Come 11-11-11, Planet Earth rejoices. Duality diminishes into ONENESS. Its celebration time!

Here’s to the crazy ones:

I Love You All!

An enormous boost will be applied to your individual energy fields

11/09/2011 by John Smallman


November 11th 2011 is of great significance, as an enormous boost will be applied to your individual energy fields to mightily assist you with the process of your awakening.  Many on earth who have been focusing purely on the physical or material environment that the illusion provides will receive a sharp shock or jolt that will bring to their awareness a realization that there is much more to life than they had thought.

There will be a large increase in the numbers of people embarking on spiritual quests as they experience “aha!” moments, giving them a sudden intuitive sense of the vast realms that exist beyond the physical and that, until now, they had thought were the unreal imaginings of the mentally unbalanced.

When their surprise eases they will experience a feeling of pure joy and excitement as they discover a hidden inner knowing that tells them that life is far, far more than a few decades of bodily existence followed by death and extinction.

This realization, occurring to so many, will bring with it an understanding that Love is their true nature, and that fear and doubt are meaningless concepts that they can happily release.  To release your fears is enormously freeing and invigorating.  This does not mean that you suddenly feel you have the power and ability to overcome or deal with an enemy, or any disaster or catastrophe in which you might become caught up; what it does mean is that you have accepted yourself exactly as you are, without qualification, and with no need to present yourself to others from behind a mask of competence, diplomacy, humility, or power which hides the fearful and inadequate real you that you fear you are.  You just are, no “ifs, ands, or buts,” and because you just are, no mask, defense, or deceit is needed, ever.

Having accepted yourself in this way, you will also find yourself accepting others just as they are, because you no longer need to adjust your mask in order to interact satisfactorily with them; and of course you will not be deceived by any mask another might be “wearing.”  Doubt leaves you, and you find yourself behaving normally – quietly, confidently, effectively, and honestly – always.

As a result you will be at peace, able and willing to help others, whatever their issues or problems, in the manner that is utterly and completely appropriate in the moment, just as it occurs.  You will also deal with any remaining personal issues or situations that need your attention smoothly and competently.

Having freed yourself from doubt and worry you will find that you have far more energy, motivation, and enthusiasm with which to engage life.  Everything you do will be because you want to do it, and doing it will give you pleasure and satisfaction; there will be no more “shoulds,” and you will take on nothing just because not to do so would make you feel guilty.  People will be unable to lay guilt trips on you or manipulate you because you are your own person, and you will not give your power away.

You will be the loving, compassionate being that you truly are, honoring and respecting others, and you will find that others respond to you in like manner as, in meeting with them, your energy fields meld, strengthening and intensifying one another’s honesty and integrity.

This recognition of who you are, of your inestimable and eternal value, is an essential aspect of your awakening process, and will provide you with the certain knowledge that “of course I will awaken.”  This knowledge will totally remove any tiny, lingering doubts or fears that may still be hidden in some dark recess of your mind, and which still question the existence of God, and the possibility of life after bodily death, allowing you to release any last fearful hold you have on the illusion, and the pain and suffering that support it.  Now, when the moment comes, you will be ready for the glory of your awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.


Extraterrestrials on Earth: A challenge we can no longer ignore

by A. R. Bordon

Researchers including Gary McKinnon who hacked into NASA files indicate Alien spacecraft are routinely "air-brushed" out of high resolution satellite photos.

Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA — I was quite taken with Brad Steiger’s article “A Pre-Historic Nuclear War? World Before Our Own” and by the two questions that have driven him to date: 1.) Who are we as a species? 2.) What is our destiny? LINK

Brad is an impressive expert, with a breath of knowledge about anomalous phenomena, ancient astronauts and UFOs. And yet, these questions are worth taking very seriously, but in a slightly different context than that in his article. Answers to them represent the outlines of a stance we must learn to take before we can cope with the challenge of Extraterrestrial presence on Earth; a challenge we can no longer ignore. Indirectly, this attempt is also a response to Brad, given our exchange of emails of late. If you all will allow me then, I’d like to contribute my five cents’ worth to the effort.

What I am about to share with you comes from years of exposure to information and to sources both inside and outside of the proverbial “fence.” My participation during my early professional years was modest and relatively nondescript – that is, until the summer of 1981 and a not so chancy face to face encounter with an alien that looked very much like us, and definitely not from the Zeti Reticulum system. (This taught me that not all aliens are 3 feet tall, bugeyed grayish, a most valuable lesson to date.) Since then, my life changed considerably, and the breath of exposure increased by several exponential powers. It is based on this latter phase of my life, that I would like to offer what I’ve been able to put together — for what it’s worth… So let me tackle the first question then, in order to set up premises for an answer to the second.

Our Destiny

Artistic depiction of reported Ethical Extraterrestrial nearby hovering alien spacecraft. This is actually Semjase who contacted Billie Meier.

I was told during my initial contacts that there have been “previous worlds” prior to our own, as you state in your article. To them our notion of the Big Band is the transition from one cycle to the next. Civilizations much older than ours, I was told, have been here since time immemorial. But native life forms to Earth in those times have been at early stages in evolution as bipeds, that most of the evidence (footprints and handprints), including those found in Texas, have been theirs and left by others like them not from their kind, but rather from other advanced humanoid life forms with interstellar travel capabilities. I was also told that some 120 million years ago, sauroid (read, reptilian) life forms performed biotechnological interventions on a strain of life that eventually became what we know as dinosaurs. This was to be the primary life form on Earth to reach maturity as intelligent bipeds like them. We know now what happened to the dinosaurs. But, as everyone of them already knew then, Earth was and is still a relatively unstable planet (astrophysically speaking), given that it is located in the inner part of our solar system and visited periodically by a once transient planet captured by the combined gravitational effects of the Sun and Neptune, drawing it into the solar system at an angle of some 30-plus degrees of inclination. (Zechariah Sitchin reported on this in his books of the ‘Earth Chronicles’, but the data on which he drew is incomplete, according to this source.)

At any rate, the presence of this planetary body in the inner part of the solar system has been known to create considerable havoc in Sol’s inner planets, especially Earth. See the book by Derek S. Allan (a specialist in paleogeography and cartographic evidence for climatic and land form changes in recent geological times, particularly the Artic) and J. Bernard Delair (a geological surveyor with special interest in the present distribution of animal and plant life and attendant geophysical problems of early Holocene times) titled, When the Earth nearly died: Compelling evidence of a catastrophic world change in 9,500 B.C. (Gateway Books, UK, 1995), republished in 1997 as Cataclysm: Compelling evidence of a cosmic catastrophe in 9,500 B.C).

Allan and Delair have done a masterful job of presenting data difficult to argue with concerning the events on Earth which are due to these periodic encounters. According to the 1981 source, and several other off-world sources since, this has been and continues to be a serious concern to survivability of intelligent life forms on Earth; yet, interest continues in very high degrees about Earth and its biological garden of genetic expressions on the part of extraterrestrial visitors — both friendly and hostile.

Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.

The transition of the mammalian life form that became complex enough to express intelligence, that is, us as homo sapiens sapiens (or Thinking Man) has not entirely been left to nature and to chance. There is considerable archeotechnical and archeoanthropological evidence that, not only did we come out of eastern Africa, but that a “lab” existed both above ground and underground north of the Ngorongoro area in Tanzania. I was once part of a team examining these remnants, and very interesting pieces of evidence were found at these sites. The work done by the Leakeys was a kind of semifinal nail on that cross, followed by mitochondrial DNA evidence of an Eve some 250,000-plus years ago, and the distribution of genetic haplogroups across the Earth simply went far in convincing us (especially me) that it all started there, and went out from there.

Interestingly, there is sufficient evidence too, now, that our genome is not only evolving at high speed, but that it also has commonalities with those of other intelligent life forms that have relationships (as TTP or technology transfer programs) with various organs of our government (and others across the world). It seems that, once upon a time, there was something of a pristine, “genesis DNA” of sorts. But that’s beyond the scope of our little discussion here. What is not, however, is the set of differences in rate and range of expression between DNA from off-world intelligent life forms (some, not all I know about) and ours. Even among us humans today, the rate of expression is a significant factor in discriminating between people who live sanely and healthily, and people who live driven by fear and self-repression.

We know now that interaction with our own DNA involves a similar, if not identical, set of access means driven by common or natural language sets — that is, we can talk our DNA into contracting its coils or relaxing and expanding them at will, with significant differences in the quality of life and health of people who do either one or the other. This is a factor currently being massively manipulated by hands both invisible and powerful enough (my own conclusion) to set up social and psychological environments highly propitious to instrumental conditioning and response set development on our part that are convenient and necessary to their control and manipulation.

This is especially true of the economy and expectations of the citizenry. We are not only being suppressed in overt expression of opinions, views, personal lifestyles that do not promote and contribute to the seemingly established goal of “social instability and psychological chaos,” as one informant of mine put it, but also in our internal rate and range of genetic expression of our own DNA!

Unbeknowned to us, it turns out that both FAVs (friendly alien visitors) and HAVs (hostile alien visitors) have expressed interests in our continuing to suppress ourselves on a mass basis; however, I have reason to believe now that the kids programs (so-called Star Children and others of that ilk) are sources of harvest and study by both types on how these kids are so ably turning on and off expressions that result in some amazing abilities and capacities, some of which not even the C-I, C-II, and C-III (Civilization types I, II, and III) EBEs (extraterrestrial biological entities) can. Thus, therein lies one of the clues to our destiny.

I will tie things together with other aspects of this at the end. Suffice it to say here that Earth offers a smorgasbord of DNAs at various stages of linear evolution of great interest to these folks. We happen to be one of such foci of interest, especially in our expressed abilities to love, to connect (without the need for external, technological assist) in modes the Russians had baptized as biocommunication and the Chinese as extended human functions, while we continue to be stuck on telepathy and clairvoyance. (It is this the primary reason a few of us got together and formed a scientific cooperative to loosen such conceptual and organizational restrains to reach for a much larger paradigm in which to evolve scientifically, an effort I helped spearhead since the early 90s.)

Who we are?

Now to your first question. As a species, or more properly, biokind (biological

Numerous apparent alien skulls have been collected in Peru by many local villagers.

kind), we humans of Earth have a most promising future indeed, if left to our own devices. But we are not, and won’t be, so long as powerful offworld interests already merged with certain national interests in the form of TTPs (technology transfer programs) continue unabated. The answers to what and who we are and why we won’t be allowed to manifest our full regalia of capabilities are closely intertwined and must be considered together.

We are complex oscillating biological entities of broad horizontal connectivity (connectivity in our own 4-space/time) and unusually deep vertical connectivity (or the ability to extend in octavials damn near to the doors of heaven itself). One of the things we keep being reminded of by hyperversals entities (or people who actually live in space/times that are completely orthogonal, or off-phase to us here) is that, while we have yet to traverse a still longer evolutionary pathway, we are at this stage quite capable of the feats they are (i.e., travel in space and time without having to use a vehicle in space or leave our bodies behind in time), but don’t know how because we have told ourselves it is impossible, or worse yet, a sin.

Yet, we are told that these capabilities are literally inscribed in the still relatively pristine DNA of the kids being born today, and in the DNAs of adults who have guarded closely the preservation of the internal child. Knowing then who and what we are, it is obvious that this is not in the best interest of biokinds who either have suppressed their own range and rate of genetic expressions such that they are not able to do what we can, or have become dependent (some would say, addicted) to external means of interconnectivity (which, I’m finding out, is also a means of control, correction and suppression). We have in us partial DNA sequences from another life form that came to Earth 450,000 years ago; this we know with considerable certainty now. What is not known about them, is that their dependence (no, addiction) to ORME gold has contributed to a considerable densification of genetic sequences (i.e., the need to artificially induce the re-growth and slowed shortening of telomeres between genes [a kind of biological clock to our cells] to induce a kind of artificially supported longevity, which we are now trying to copy for ourselves). We do not yet realize that this is possible by means open to what our children today are capable of doing, which is to set up induction protocols that lead to the same results without dependence on any external technology or substance.

Thus, then, we are and have become objects of intense interest on the part of off-world groups here and in our solar system. We’ve been even told some of these groups have technologies capable of minimizing the gravitational and electromagnetic interaction effects between Earth and Nibiru, when the latter is in our solar system. This raises another concern in us, namely, that if that is indeed possible, the withholding of said means indicates a less than beneficent intent on the part of TTP participant groups, or that technologies the likes of HAARP (with its induction of a an electromagnetic “heating up” of the upper atmosphere) is not enough (which we have known for some time now).

And this raises a third, unasked, question that we must deal with now, at this stage of the game:

What Must We Do Now In Our Own Defence?

Again, answering this questions will be a task of layering ideas into a bootstrapping set of protocol that can presumably help us overcome the challenges we face with Nibiru, those presented to us by the presence of ET groups in TTPs with “official” groups on Earth, and those presented to us by HAVs (hostile alien visitors), to whom we are less than cattle and more like a genetic pool they can tap at will with complete impunity.

First, we must recognize plainly what we are, who we are, and what we have that we can use in our own defence. It must be clearly understood by us (as it is similarly understood by all off-world groups today) that each biokind is responsible for the evolution, upkeep/maintenance and defence of its own biology. It is time we assumed such a stance as well.

In this last section, let me draw and paint on a limited canvass, because I don’t yet want to fully disclose what all is involved in a proposed campaign yet under argumentation and intense discussion by colleagues of mine, including myself. But let me point out two powerful elements (one internal to us, the other external) which are elemental aspects to any campaign of self-defence of our biology and our planet. Let me also say up front that both of these elemental aspects are neither fully understood and sometime openly rejected by standard science and scientists, nor acceptable even as “scientific.” Yet, the working model of a physics of life we’ve been generating points out not only to the modeling validity of the processes involved but also to the engineering reliability of the uses implied therein.

The first phenomenon is what we’ve come to call the 3 percent protocol. (By the way, this is something no one wants us to know or connect the dots about!) This is the recognition that when 3 percent of the population of a given life form (monkeys, fireflies, rats, dogs, cats) acquires and manifests a new behaviour, the remainder acquires and expresses same as if by magic, regardless of distance or generational lineage. The second phenomenon, an external one to us yet actually an entraining one of us all, is the existence of seven centres of resonant harmonic entrainment located in all continents. We know now the location of four of them, and working at locating the remainder. We have a fairly clear notion of how they work, and what our part is, in the process that entrains us human beings.

Much of this was already known to us in the early 90s, several years before Jamisson Neruda let the cat out of the bag to a journalist named Sara. Moreover, as a linguist, Neruda’s direct contributions to the present effort have not extended beyond his initial exposition of the matter in his interviews with Sara and through the website subsequently set up to publicize the findings.

We have controlled experimental, and field quasi-experimental evidence that the 3 percent protocol leads to very interesting physical manifestations, material and phenomenological simultaneously. For instance, in the 01-02 winter in the Chicago area, an experimental protocol used by a group of shamans instructed on how to intervene upon weather systems led to the absence of snow in Chicagoland from the early part of November 01 through the middle of February 02 — well within the period of applications of these protocols by the group. The result was no snow whatsoever in the area – the object and intent of the applications.

Another example was the presence of 3 percent effects upon the manifestation of another phenomenon by children, ages 8 to 11, in an experimental set up conducted in 03 by colleagues of mine using a protocol I had developed in 02. The result was that when 3 of the 10 participating children produced the targeted effect desired, the remainder began and did produce the same targeted effects within days. This experiment was conducted by two members of my group, and proprietary video evidence exists of the targeted effects being performed by the children. I won’t go into what the targeted effects were; suffice it to say that it definitely fell within what the Chinese refer to as extended human functions, and in fact it was a replication of an experiment done in China in the mid-90s.

How do these phenomena help us as a biokind? Well, to understand how, we must place it within the overarching notion of a HumanOrg – that is to say, the sum total of biominds on the planet. Three percent of it would place the numbers at approximately 193 million souls. To get to this, we are presently quietly working with organizations on the net from all over the world to see if a field experiment specifically focusing protocol effects on something measurable can be seriously considered, carried out and studied. These, my fellow human beings, are but a few of the things I’ve dedicated my retirement life to.

This latter endeavour is fully designed to help us all to train ourselves to use our combined vector-intentions for things that matter and that do produce results – a kind of gigantic, serial “prayer effect” experiments, if you will. The applications of such a coherent expression of vector-intention deployment skill are myriad, and their projected effects nothing short of astounding, if we are to trust the predictions of our working model. But we are yet years away from anything like that.

Well, this has been my 5-cents’ worth, for whatever it is worth to you. At least you’ll know that there are people that care about us all, not that you don’t, Brad, because I know you do. I’m referring to the use of scientific knowledge for more than just weaponizing things for someone else’s benefit and in detriment of humankind. As a Johnny-come-lately off-world contact remarked to two of us once, a year or so ago, “you need to learn to speak as one, know yourself, and exert your will as one.” Well, we’re trying desperately to learn how to do just that…

In high regard of you, and yours, I remain

Your brother in the journey.

About the writer:

A.R. Bordon

A. R. Bordon is a retired itinerant scientist, traveling the roads of America in search of people talented in extended human functions. He is a former deputy director of a corporate research centre, former executive director of the American Association of Remote Viewers, and contributing writer to a couple of blogs, one Spanish language website and a Portuguese (Brazilian) website. He is also author of FIREBALL, a science fiction novel, and of over twenty-five screenplays and teleplays. In the early 90s, he was also instrumental in the formation of a scientific cooperative that does research in extended human functions, interface with extraterrestrials, and other anomalies. Since his retirement in 2001, he has devoted himself full time to writing, as editor of Foundation Reports in Life Physics, LINK — and is travelling the USA.

Source >

UPDATE – Dec 21, 2011

UFO appears on the official White House Xmas card

A resident of Pine Ridge in South Dakota, Ms Dawn Brown-Eyes, is claiming to have received an official White House Xmas card from First Lady Michelle Obama that shows a UFO or possibly two UFOs on the cover image (see video below). The UFO/UFOs appear on a shot of the exterior of the White House and can be seen overhead in the clear blue sky. Ms Brown-Eyes has created and uploaded onto the Internet at least two videos showing the card and the mysterious craft captured in it. It has been confirmed that not all copies of this version of the Xmas card include the UFO/UFOs, leading some researchers to speculate that White House employees or government agents might have noticed that the photographer inadvertently captured the alien craft and airbrushed them out of subsequent print runs.
Recently NASA admitted that it is likely that aliens are monitoring this civilization through the use of ‘unmanned’ probes. Some are suggesting that the UFO/UFOs in the card might have been placed there deliberately in an underhand attempt at starting the disclosure process (Interestingly, the UFO on the card looks identical to  the small silver discs described by NASA insiders to this writer a few years ago).
The White House officially denies that it is covering up knowledge of alien and UFO visitation to Earth in the face of overwhelming evidence to suggest otherwise.

UPDATE – Apr 21 2012

UFO – The Greatest Story Ever Denied / Jose Escamilla



Wake Up Call

Wake up Call: Universal Configuration of Beings,

March 01, 11

We are here to day to tell you that there is to be no way that this planet will collide with another, or will be destroyed in any way. This planet is destined to bring all of you to a beautiful ascension that will equal non other. Since its time as a single planet unto itself in separation from it’s original body, earth has seen many obstacles come its way and many overtures taken in the energy of destruction.


However earth has become a much watched and loved planet in the solar system and the universe at large. It represents the very epitome of substantiation in its originality and form. Since it was separated from its other part it has withstood many evolutionary changes and events. It has become the picture of what this universe stands for, and it is about to realize its destined plan.


As we go forth and see the outcome of what is about to take place, we are in awe of what is being done on its surface. We see that some of what is within is being expressed on the surface and beyond. Yes we say beyond for that is where the outreach is. It is a matter of the earth reaching out to her family of other celestial bodies and asking for assistance in these final stages.


As the others in her family hear her voice and see her glow, they realize that the time is now for them to lend their energetic assistance and send forth their love and support. They are taking their prerogative to be there for these last remaining steps in the evolution of this particular phase of the evolution of their dearly beloved Gaia.


What they are doing is to send out their energy of love and direction for the oncoming realignment of earth with her other half. Maldek, who now resides in the celestial belt encircling the sun in the solar system, will be realigning himself on the level of soul reinstatement with Gaia and will come into his best energy of oneness with her. At that time earth will have become one once more with her original form and then the energy will be in place for the life on her body to also feel that alignment and they will reach into their deepest selves and feel that oneness from which they came.


When I speak of the life on earth, I refer to all forms of life, from the one-celled ameba to the largest most intricately formed lifeforms on the planet. As this takes place anything that is not in alignment with that oneness will fall away and be returned to the Source to begin anew their evolution in the time mechanism from which they have fallen. This is what is termed on earth the fallen angels who will return to Source to begin again.


We do not wish to bring anything but love into this message for this is a reminder of who you are and what you are capable of. We are seeing you begin to retouch your knowing and to respond in ways that enable you to allow the release of all that is not in tune with who you are. We see that all of the uprisings on earth are the result of the realignment and are not a surprise to us, nor are they unexpected.


We continue to monitor your progress and as we do we see a speeded acceleration that far surpasses what we had seen would take place. This is because with this evolutionary jump you are making you have set into place a new way of being in the flow with what is a constantly changing universe. This is one of the factors that were brought into the grid of the universe at the beginning. It was seen that as the universal creations came into being there would at some point be an evolutionary jump that would only be seen from the standpoint of what was deemed possible in the moment.


This opens up the possible outcomes of the moment to a degree that is not measurable. It brings the moment into fullness and takes it to the ninth degree of creation and then expands it beyond the present moment to mean that there is always a moment of future in the works as the evolutionary process takes place. With this potential there is soon to be a ‘squeaking’ of the tones of creation as it changes to one of a substance that has not been heard/experienced ever before.


Think of what that means. Consider the power that you have in this moment to create anew in the original energy from which you came. As you came forth into this new universe created in the energy of the Mushaba Force as well as the expression of the Christed energy, you brought with you the ability to see far beyond who you were at the time and on into your evolutionary process. You brought the potential to always be one step ahead of the experience and to know that there is no end to what you can do and to whom you choose to be in that experience.


There was a point in your evolution when you could have ended this call to eternal potential, and that was back at the time just before the harmonic convergence on your planet and in the hearts and souls of all of life. Yes, all of life on earth joined together in intent to be able to take that leap into the present state of being that you are now expressing in. You are now in that process that you created that superceded the expected annihilation of the planet to return to Source and begin, once again the process of evolution that you have experienced twice before.


Yes, we tell you now that you have experienced this evolutionary process that took you to a certain point and then you reached the epic proportions of expression from which you could see no escape from extinction. What brought you to this present evolutionary process was your ability to see at that point in your growth that you had left that old idea behind and could now see the glow of ascension beckoning you from where you stood.


Not only that, you could see us, the universal configuration of beings smiling at you, in the knowing that you had made it. We saw that you were so clear in your new direction and we cheered you on and you heard us. Of course we did so in a way that you could respond to in the innermost beingness in which you stood. You felt so deeply not only your connection with the life on earth of all forms and thought; you also felt and could see in your inner showcase all of creation in this vast universe that was created in your image and by your intent.


Yes, you are the ones who came in the image of yourselves, for you are the creators of your vast home here is the creation energy that has no end. You are about to embark on the most powerful force of energetic creation that has ever been seen to be possible. You are undergoing all of this strife and upheaval on your planet because it is shuddering and shaping itself into the new way of being that requires a pristine and clear body upon which to express from within and resonate far out into the universe and beyond.


We are slowing down now in our speaking with you for there is much that we can see will come from this message. We see that as these words resonate through all of you there will be a singing tone that will reverberate around the planet and then will resonate out into the atmosphere and begin the healing, clearing process along with all of your family who are in place surrounding your planet to pick up the tones and distribute them throughout the universe grid that speaks to the wholeness. This is the resonance that tells all of existence that all is well and in oneness and the readiness is being accomplished for the first access to the destined outcome of this evolutionary period to come to be.


We end this communication now with the admonition that even if you do not resonate with this information, all that is resonates with you. You are deeply and clearly loved by all that is, and you will realize that at some point and come back home to yourself. Your power will be realized and you will sing through the rest of your existence in harmony with all that is. And that is indeed Grand.


Thank you dear Universal Configuration of Beings,

Love, Nancy Tate



The New Paradigm

The Current Situation

Humanity and planet Earth is in a predicament. The situation was brought about by mankind himself by his bad attitude towards his own kind and at the same time conducting activities which are not only harmful to himself, but to the Earth as well. Less man know that he is part of the creation, and whatever he does on this planet AND to the planet his on, has an effect on the whole Galaxy/Universe, he is doomed. This lack of knowledge and ignorance has brought about an imbalance of his energy, the Earth and the Galaxy that is detrimental not only to his very own existence but to everything that support and surround his existence.

The Creation

Equilibrium is a vital factor in the process of creativity and in the functioning of creation. Energy is at the core of all that is created and created from. There exists polarities in energy, and every thing created from it, in what we call the positive and negative. Physicists has discovered that energy creates matter, and also anti-matter. In simple term an anti-matter is an exact replica of matter in that its mathematical equation is reversed, but equates the same result. 1+2+3=6 equals to 6=3+2+1. The rule on these two matters is that they should not join together for they will destroy one another, and disintegrate to energy. Humanity is created in the 3rd Dimension form with five sensory perceptions to enable it to experience its existence in a holographic reality in rich 3-D virtual reality.

Each and every being on this planet came with the purpose of bringing the situation here into alignment with the cosmic plan of freewill experience leading to balance.

The Grand Plan

Understanding the basics above, its conceivable that the Creator’s objective in the Creation is – Bliss, the Divine Order which is attained through balance, harmony and peace between man and the Universe. This is the only acceptable order, and the ideal working order in the design of creation. Remember at the core of everything is a force (energy), which is constituted of elementary particles, that which physicists call quarks. The current scientific understanding is that quarks are the sub-particles of neutrons in atoms, which we know it as the building blocks to everything there is. In the natural flow of creation is chaos and order. This is attributed to the reactions and inter-reactions of the positive energy with the negative energy. For every and any one thing created to achieve at its ideal working state – the equilibrium must be attained, which through the inter-reactions of the polarities – negative and positive reached a balanced level for a symbiotic mutual existence. Imbalance results in disorder,and chaos. This can be experienced in our daily lives through various aspects of health, social inter-actions, business, and also in human inventions such as machines, engines, buildings. A very notable example is the wheel-balancing of your cars, which would result in a very bumpy ride if they’re not properly balanced. Humanity in its creation and evolvement goes through the stages of chaos, order, chaos and order. As we understand the creative process, humans in his life-term and co-creative role in this holographic > reality passes through the passages of turmoil, turbulence and calm. It is important to note that without the basic understanding of creation, who and what he is, humans will find it difficult, or almost impossible to deal with these life cycles, especially during the downward trend. Energy has no beginning and end, and thus humans whom are fundamentally energy, never dies and the earthly death is only a transitional frame of the human evolvement.

The Galaxy/Universe

Its not only important to know who and what you are, but where your are to understand creation, to give you a wider perpective of a much bigger program. Most people look out their windows and see their cars parked outside on the streets, and that’s the picture that present where they are. Not many feel their presence on a planet, which is not only orbiting on its own axis, but whilst performing that is orbiting another planet. Its no wonder Earth is in such a predicament. Its inhabitants are not even aware that they’re on it, so how could they even know what’s becoming of it, much less wanting to have to do anything about it! Presently, humanity experience its existence on planet Earth, which happens to be the 3rd rock from the Sun, and that’s probably too why we’re in the so called 3rd Dimension :). The Earth, and all the planets that orbit around the Sun is part of a larger grouping called the Milky Way. This Galaxy is part of the greater Universe. So picture this. You are residing on Earth which is part of the Solar system, which is a part of the Galaxy (Milky Way), which makes you a part of the Universe. In fact you are one of The All One. Unfortunately, this is not the general experience on Earth.

Into the New Paradigm

Now that you’ve got the general big picture, humanity must understand that it can no longer continue to destroy its own without destroying the wholeness that contains it. Mankind is now facing this choice. Man must become personally responsible, excercise his freewill to save himself and the planet, (re)learn the Laws of the Universe and live according to it. The goal of the new paradigm in simple terms is the transition of humanity from victim consciousness into self-empowerment, which will result in a rise in the vibratory emanation of the planet and its inhabitants.

It is no longer survival of the fittest, but survival of the personally responsible.

Find out more what you need and can do to be a part of the new paradigm >

Handbooks You can download > the three Handbooks to read, grasp, and understand the big picture, and what the real situation is and what humanity and planet Earth is facing right now, and what are the consequences for you to ignore this big message for mankind.

The situation is critical and at a pivotal point of confrontational with the Creator of the Galaxy/Universe.

Watch this interesting video “Project Camelot Interviews George Green” >