Its breaking news and its the latest hottest talk in town – Israel attack Gaza.

No. Its not  new, its the same old rubbish, ruthlessness, wickedness ‘et alia’  being played out repeatedly throughout the history of mankind. Its not about sectarian and religion, far from it. Is it about real estate, money, oil and other valuable Earth resources? Well…that’s added value, a bonus for the victor, but its not it.  Then, what is it all really about?

The answer depends on the different agendum of the oppressors. However, one thing is common; and very very true and that is not apparent to the common thinker/looker, or even to the oppressor – its about FEAR. Fear is a very strong negative/dark energy which is in every human being. It is either self-created or fed by the oppressor who is full of it. Think about that.

Fear breeds division amongst people. Fear creates Oppressors and Victims. Why is there so many religions, associations, nations and groupings of people? The fearful tends to get together and feel ‘stronger’ in greater numbers. This way they feel ‘united’ under a certain belief and when threatened will defend whatever they believe ‘together’. This is an act of sheer folly. As the fear widens, deepens and thickens, suspicion and distrust  further fragments the people who are in groupings. Then factions emerge. You see this in all religions, political parties, corporations and yes nations.

So is Netanyahu and his band of Zionist (grouping) oppressors in fear? Absolutely. Even though they are equipped with nuclear war heads and backed by infamous big and strong nations? Yes. Isn’t it about expansion and power? Yes and its all fear based, and in fact he is using the victim mode to justify his oppressive acts – “Israel has the right to defend itself“.



The word power has been misunderstood by all on Earth.

Power :

  1. In physics, power is the rate at which energy is transferred, used, or transformed – Wiki
  2. Ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something. –

The above definitions are true, but erroneously applied. Power can be applied positively and/or negatively. However, and unfortunately here on Earth its applied to the latter. The Atom bomb as a WMD  is a fine example.

Power used positively is in tandem with Love (energy). It is empowering the receiver as the giver becomes more powerful. What you give out you get. That’s the Law of Attraction for you.

Power used negatively is in tandem with Fear (energy). It oppresses and destroy the receiver as the giver gets more fearsome and achieve a false sense of security.

Bibi Netanyahu is in great fear, and as it deepens it cracks his psyche and he becomes psycho. This is the same with all tyrants. That is why they are so ruthless. Insane. They are afraid of their own shadows.

So what can the Islamic grouping and its various factions do about their Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza? Nothing. They can’t. Can’t you see? They are fragmented themselves in various units of their beliefs and ideologies which are all fear based, and are (naturally) at odds with one another. The Mid-East is a cuckoo zone. So too are the other different groupings e.g. NATO, U.N., Euro, etc. etc. are unable to prevent or stop the Palestinian onslaught. They do try however, fawningly.  It doesn’t work.  Not when they are ALL in fear-based oppressor/victim mode.

Its a tale of the familiar staged on the theater of the absurd. A merry-mad-go-round.

Can anything be done about this madness. Can there ever be peace on Earth?

Yes. Get rid of Fear. How? Pour in Love into our hearts. Its the ONLY solution. Ponder on this.

Yes. Its unfamiliar. Very unfamiliar,

To get what we’ve never had

We must do

What we’ve never done


Try to remember we are ALL ONE


Love to all.