On Mar 28 2012, the Ashtar Command sent out a message through Greg Giles about some seismic activities expected in the last quarter of 2012, and that Earthizens will be evacuated and relocated to safety zones by both the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command.

We wish you to understand that events like these do happen from time to time throughout this universe due to many different contributing factors. The factors that are the cause of this event to come have been contributed to by the damage that has been done to this planet in the name of profit and greed. Your planet has been harmed in ways that can only be repaired by breaking out of her current 3rd dimensional shell and being birthed anew like the morning sun. This will happen within this calendar year of 2012, and we wish to have the relocation programs completed before these seismic events begin to grow powerful enough to cause widespread damage and flooding… Read more >

Personally, I take this message with certainty based on what I know on the information I’ve been given. To me the message from the Ashtar Command (not Ashtar himself) is reasonably correct and true, and that there is no reason for any one at all to fear. However, I was quite surprised that some people are not too happy with this message and questioning its validity. I could expect this sort of reaction coming from people who do not know much on what is happening on Earth in this year 2012, but I surely am sad to see the reactions coming from people who claimed to be of light and in the light and doing lightwork and who called themselves Lightworkers:

…But, no, I do not expect a global event of the scale that Greg’s sources have predicted, with all due respect to Greg. And, no, I don’t intend to get indignant about it. – Steve Beckow (Mar 29 2012)

Sometimes a message comes through that you read and immediately after think, “Say, What?” “What did they say?” “Really?” That’s what this Greg Giles Ashtar Command message was for me. – Kauilapele  (Mar 29 2012)

Well…every one is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs and to react in any manner they deem fit, and this is termed as “freewill.” What I feel is not loving and fair is to prejudge another in haste and impatience. Through the years I see and now know that messages from the Heavens come in scheduled time sequences and in a manner of need-to-know-basis. This is in fact the best and only way, considering the quite natural human’s panicky character when receiving matters/news of truth.  This is clearly proven in this instance.

As expected the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command have now come out with the much needed explanations to calm the situation lovingly and assuring all those concerned not to have any fear on the subject matter.

Hello dear ones, we would like to take this opportunity to speak with you today in a little more detail about the days ahead for you. We see that our message to you a few days ago concerning the temporary relocations of those living in areas that we believe are susceptible to flooding has caused quite a stir, and many are experiencing fear upon learning of this information. We wish to make ourselves as clear as we can and tell you that there is absolutely no reason to feel fear on any level or to be concerned at all for the safety of yourselves, your families, your friends and your neighbors. –  The Ashtar Command (Apr 2 2012). Read more >


There will be much confusion about this process, and we would like to dispel as many unfounded rumors as we can at this time. What will not happen is a complete destruction of your world. One of the reasons we are here is to make sure of this. We have many years of experience in these related fields and we have many technologies that will help ease the shifting of tectonic plates and lessen their movements, allowing your people to proceed as smoothly as possible into your future. – The Galactic federation (Apr 2 2012) Read more >


There will be Earth changes as have been predicted, but we can assist Gaia in bringing such Earth changes about without the mass destruction that has been predicted by others. Many assume such perceived contradictions from ascended sources to be the fault of the various scribes [of such sources], and this is simply not so.

While we are different and various ascended Organizations, we do have different theories as to how events are going to play out on Earth as indeed, individuality is still retained in the higher realms [to an extent] and different opinions on things are still sustained, while recognizing the aspect of the One that we truly all are past such perceived differences in opinions.

There are Lighted souls and Organizations assisting Earth at this time who do think and do foresee matters on Earth differently than other souls, and there are even ascended souls within the same Lighted organizations who possess differences in opinion on the coming Earth changes, among many other things.

There are again, higher dimensional souls apart of these organizations who do feel that when the Earth changes come, we should not use our technologies to mitigate the damage and rather bring you dear souls to the Inner Earth and to our star and Motherships while the cleansing takes place, and there are those of us who feel that the damage should be mitigated in favor of a collective experience and remembrance of the lower vibrations that have been manifested that would and will cause such Earth changes whether they are massive in damage or not, but either way one crucial factor remains in place and that is that each and every one of you will be kept safe and will not experience yourselves the severity of the Earth changes.

We would like to reiterate what we just said, because it is important in the context of how many will read this message in relation to the Earth changes: You will not be harmed in either scenario; the damage will either be mitigated yet still experienced on a smaller scale in favor of you all as collective experiencing your lower dimensional manifestations and the alleviation of such manifestations in a less severe way, or you will be allowed to come aboard our ships or visit the Inner Earth while such changes take place as needed.

Either way, Earth changes are needed so that Gaia can shake off the density that has been manifested on Her surface for so very long, and upon the transmutation and shaking-off of the energies, you will indeed experience and inhabit the fifth dimensional Eden that Gaia has truly always been.

We would strongly recommend nobody on Earth worry themselves too much with the aspect of the Earth changes, as each and every factor is being discussed with this subject and with so many others, and we can feel what the majority on your world want in relation to the manifesting and possible mitigating of the Earth changes and we will act based on what you as a collective want.

That is the beauty of this entire event; while we are discussing such factors and what should be done amongst ourselves, upon the informing humanity you will still all be given the choices and presented the situation that we speak to you of in this message. – The Peiadian High Council (Apr 2 2012)


Forget the news. Forget the channels. Just push on up and out. Unchain yourselves from your laptops and mobile devices and go LIVE. Be FREE. THAT is what we need YOU to do. You can check in any time once you raise your vibrations. And you don’t need a laptop or smartphone to do it, either. Just FEEL the air. Tap in, and you will know. You should already be able to feel progress right now. But you don’t need to read about it. You have the power to check in at any time by just stopping to relax, breathe, center into your heart chakra and FEEL what is going on.

We need you to stop taking the shortcuts. We need you to channel your energies into the planet now. Plug into a NEW source. Unity consciousness. We need you to all work together WITHOUT your computers. WITHOUT the Internet. You can do this. You have the tools. You have the skills. You no longer need your training wheels. If more of you begin this practice, you will begin to lift one another higher and higher with your love vibrations. If you all took the time you spend surfing the Internet and reading article after article (that only LOWERS your vibrations) and put it into meditative time, we could definitely reach our goals – and yours – much MUCH faster. – the Pleiadian Ring of 500, on Sunday, April 1,

…and the latest UPDATES

For the sake of clarity and so there are no misunderstandings, we say to you at this time that although there will be a few temporary relocations from areas that have shown themselves prone to flooding in your past, these events will not be of a nature that will necessitate any need to relocate all of you and will not result in the destruction of your cities and your world. We see these events as more of an inconvenience due to the fact that some of you will, as a precaution, be temporarily relocated. These events do not have to be any more than this, and we say to you at this time that there is no need to go into panic mode or to fear at all your days ahead. – Ashtar Command – Apr 4 2012

Galactic Federation – Apr 21 2012

There is absolutely no reason to be nervous or fearful of the days ahead. There is absolutely nothing that we cannot handle together. When we share this kind of information with you we expect a certain level of fear to arise, but we also expect you to be able to handle this kind of matter and deal with it and make suitable choices that will lead you to the way you wish to experience your journey. What we do not want is any kind of panic at all, as this will not be conducive to a smooth and efficient procedure. Think back of your days in elementary school where you calmly and quietly practiced a fire drill over and over throughout the many grades. This is how we would like to proceed in the days ahead, and we do not say see any reason that the temporary relocations of certain areas around your world cannot proceed just like these fire drills you practiced so often as children. Read more >

Perhaps even these explanations may not be quite enough to appease some people, as its natural of humans to accept or reject in accordance to their individual preference of sources of information. Well…that said, I think in the end, one only needs to go within to seek what one needs to know…as one already knows.

To revise Gandhi, “Be the LIGHT you wish to see in the world.” … Try to see the brighter side of things once in a while. As I said before, you ARE, after all, LIGHT workers. Are you not? – Pleiadian message (Apr 2 2012)

Love to ALL

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