The Israelis and the Iranians Love one another

Please spread this around that the good people of Israel and Iran DO NOT want any war between them nor do they ever have any reason for it. So what’s with this war talk about Israel bombing Iran and the US meddling in? Of course we all know who is behind the war mongers and brokers – its the ILLUMINATI (the un-illuminated) and its war machinery and its media owned media network (ALL the mainstream media).

You no longer have anything to fear, although you will hear reports of confrontations where countries play the old game of pretence. They may harbor thoughts of war but it will go no further, and we will see to it that it comes to nothing. They will soon have to put away all weapons of war, and we will ensure that there is no skullduggery or deceit. We mean business when we talk of these things, and in no uncertain manner shall address all nations when our peace talks begin. We will not be asking them to accept peace, but demanding it on your behalf and at the request of higher powers than Man. It will come very soon and allow you the opportunity to live in safety, and without fear of the loss of life, your belongings or your home. – SaLuSa

Remember: The ILLUMINATI want  Nuclear WW3 – to feed their last gasp of control of the Planet. They are whipping the dead horse. They shall fail for the people has awakened and here is but one proof:

‘Israel Loves Iran’ initiative takes off on Facebook

Online posters sending messages of love and peace draw widespread attention and support; Iranian citizens send messages of thanks and praise.

The people of the world want PEACE, PEACE, PEACE and the Illuminati has failed and will be gone soon FOREVER

Peace shall prevail

Love to all my brothers and sisters in Israel and Iran.

Iranian Jews to Israel: Our National Identity Is NOT For Sale

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