November 11, 2011

“Those who refuse to change, well, their future is now written in stone.

The answer to “11-11” is IN “2011.”

 Blue Star The Pleiadian

Blue Star – “Many, many universes little known by the human race, have been anxiously awaiting thus fortuitous conjunction. It is the beginning of the beginning of the healing of thisplanet. So much was necessary to occur here before fall of 2011, to ensure the success of this juxtaposition.”

The date 11.11.11 has been discussed widely by Earthizens and Celestials, yet many on Planet Earth are oblivious to it. It is exactly one week from today, so for the purpose of knowledge, I compile the various thoughts on this subject to enable those wishing to know understand it better:

From the beginning of time there have been clear moments when the Portals of Awakening open for individuals to advance. The 11:11:11 Gateway is a collective, high-vibrational portal opening to assist the evolution of consciousness on the earth at this time.

Stepping through the gateway in a figurative sense, allows you to move into your most Evolved Self, in oneness with All That Is. We will offer suggestions and visualizations so your imagination can help you to create a beautiful scenario to empower this Light-filled ritual. You have been coded within for this awakening moment. It is another step in the evolution of consciousness, one with great power and support. The Archangels stand at the gateway to hold you in strength and courage.

Since digital clocks have come into widespread usage, the image of 11:11 has become more familiar. The representation behind the symbol is less widely known. 11 has long been the number of the Angelic Realms offering assistance to those on the Earth. When the 11s are seen together the 11:11 becomes a gateway symbolizing Heaven coming to Earth, just as the peaks of a great mountain reaches from the earth to the sky.

The most important significance of the 11:11 is its availability as a Gateway to higher consciousness, a moment in time where the Angels of Light can take your offered prayers and good intentions to assist their manifestation on the Earth. Whenever the 11:11 presents itself, it acts as a daily reminder to take that one minute to hold your dreams in your heart, acknowledge the support available from the Angelic Realms, and have the courage to affirm your willingness to move into new dimensions of Love. Gathering momentum throughout these past 20 years, a new level of Union with your Angelic Self is available at this time that offers a wondrous moment of ascending liberation from old patterns.

  • (A message from Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel – Friday, 28 October, 2011)


Dear beloved Souls of the physical Earth Plane

I A.M. Archangel Michael, calling on all of you to join the first big Celebration on 11-11-11. It is time, my dear!

Now, before we go into Celebration mode, I want to explain further what the 11-11-11 time mark means.

For thousands of years, your planet has been disfigured, experimented with by your free will, and sadly, many manipulations put on many innocent souls by a few. Even your true history has been hidden from you, so you won’t find out who you are and how powerful you are-each of you.

As the 11th of the 11th month in the year 2011 approaches, the Heavenly Gate is opening for the first time the widest. This will be only the Beginning, of a big Change that is coming down onto the Earth Plane by God’s Will himself.


Beloved Family of Light, after the Great Shifts that were experienced in June, you are now in a process of integration and preparation. You are integrating your first half cycle in the New Reality, and preparing to enter into the first full cycle of Fifth-Dimensional Reality as you head towards 11/11/11.

Endings and Beginnings : The Chaos

Beloved Family of Light, at this time many of you are experiencing great pressure in your lives. It seems as if everything is changing and nothing remains the same. Even structures and relationships that seemed to hold great value are disintegrating and falling apart.

Indeed, Beloved Ones, this is a part of the Great Shift. What once was and once worked so well in the Old reality no longer works in the New. It is as if everything has “reversed”…and is almost the opposite of what it once was. Everything is under pressure to transform, to rebirth into New Forms aligned with the New Energies and the new Light Codes.

(Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn – July 25, 2011)



You are in exceptional times that have shown the worst of the dark Ones and the best of the Light energies that are ever increasing and bringing calmness to you. They will be growing more powerful by the day, and 11.11.11 will bring about a great leap forward that many will actually experience.  It will be the commencement of a new period that will bring more changes in your levels of consciousness. It will continue and put you well on the path to galactic consciousness. After all, you are great Beings of Light that are re-claiming your rightful place in the Cosmos. Our task is to see that you do so, and we are about to open up the final pathway to Ascension and beyond.

“You are very special souls who have all but done their time in duality, and you are entitled to a quantum leap forward that will lift you up into the higher vibrations. With 11.11.11 drawing so near you will realise that it is one such occasion when you shall experience a sudden upliftment.” (01-August-2011)

“Keep preparing for Ascension and ensure that your vibrations are high at all times. That way you should fully benefit from the influx of high energies connected with 11.11.11., and from thereon the path should get decidedly easier.” (25-July-2011)

“We refer not to 11.11.11 but that is certainly a major event that will affect every soul on Earth. It might well be the first time that many of you will actually experience a lifting up.” (18-July-2011)


Denise LeFay – Transition

“Passing through 2011′s monthly 11-11 portals is an unfolding process of us moving up Energy Stair Steps towards the grand finale threesome—towards completely exiting duality (polarized) and entering triality (unified) through the very important 11-11-11 portal of November 11, 2011.

Live with family or friends if needed so everyone can combine their money and resources to get through these last few volatile months leading up to the Expiration Date of Oct. 28, 2011, and the final separation date of 11-11-11. Be aware, be wise, be safe and just stay out of the physical insanity and negativity as much as you can while maintaining the higher frequency in you and your space with family/friends/loved ones as you transition through the 8-11-11 portal.”

“According to the Pleiadians, the reconnection completion of our dormant DNA (known by conventional scientists as ‘junk’ DNA)…which includes 12 strands of the double-helix and 24 light, or acceleration-codes of the matching pairs (12 magnetic/female & 12 electric/male)…commences on the 11:11, the universal gateway they are calling  “the portal to living in full 5th dimensional consciousness.“  This is the activation of the full silicate matrix, or divine blueprint, which contains the original 12-Strand DNA code structure of the original spiritual-human prototype.”

 (Lauren GorgoWheel Of Fortune: The Turning Point)


Gallactic Superwave Rolling In

This week’s September Equinox precision “fires the Grid” and marks our entrance into a 7-week countdown towards the initial Stargate which leads to a powerful triggering sequence of portal openings across the globe. As we progress from the Equinox to November 11, 2011, we deeply feel that the build up of cosmic energy prepares us for the first wave of physical body ascensions. We expect to see concurrent group ascensions, occurring in phases from this primary triple date portal throughout 2012, each group passing through while doing their part to expand and anchor the Rainbow Bridge between the two worlds.

The KEY role for all beings at this time is to assist ourselves while energetically supporting those that will be making the initiatory passage during the 11-11-11. There is a brief window of time during October-November when the veils between dimensions are expected to be incredibly thin. This thinning occurs while we are receiving the intensifying celestial waves from Comet El Enin in combination with the ever increasing encoded solar radiation. – Children of The Sun


Natalie Glasson

As with all energy waves the 11-11-11 energy wave holds qualities from the Creator’s soul to be embodied and enacted by humanity. These qualities are:

  • Love from truth
  • Openness
  • Unity
  • Happiness
  • Empowerment
  • Embodiment
  • Sensitivity
  • Liberation

Each quality is held within the energy wave whenever you invoke its energies to flow over and through your being. By experiencing the energy wave you also activate the same qualities from within your being, meaning that if you have not yet mastered the lessons of each quality they will manifest into your reality to assist in your embodiment of the quality. Wisdom and insights will be shared with you from the energy wave concerning each quality so that you may hold, use and express 
the qualities more fully within your reality. (Archangel Metatron)


“There is a beautiful Light spreading across the Earth that is linking many groups, that are in turn attracting more people. Where some have been unaware of the confrontation between the dark and the Light, there is a stirring within and many are now awakening. That will be helped forward by the powerful surge of energy that 11.11.11 will bring to you all, including Mother Earth. There is no going back and indeed why would you wish to, when such a wonderful future awaits you that will release you from the cycle of duality. For each soul the future is yours to decide and you will be granted the freedom of choice. Be guided by your intuition and stay with your own understanding of what lies ahead. From being very limited during your lives on Earth, you are suddenly being prepared to become Cosmic Beings. Look at us and see your future in us because that is your true potential. We are Masters, and you also are about to move up to greater levels of consciousness that will return you to your previous status. Many will doubt that they are capable of doing so, but we assure you that it is your destiny.”

(SaLuSa – 28 September, 2011)

The Ultimate Scientific Proof For the Accuracy of the Ascension~Date at the Stargate 11.11.11

How the Huge Changes of Gaia and Humanity will occur in the “No~Time” at the Stargate 11.11.11.

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, October 12, 2011, Copyright 2011
How the Huge Changes of Gaia and Humanity will occur in the “No-Time” at the Stargate 11.11.11.Human concept of history and historical evolution is based exclusively on the concept of linear time. All social, political and economic forecasts that shape the current debased society are based on the flawed concept of linear time, where the events seem to occur with the same predictable frequency. This is the greatest illusion of humanity. Time, being frequency, is malleable. It always changes, otherwise, there will be no Creation.The LBP you experience these days is the continuous augmentation of the frequencies of your physical, emotional, mental, and ethereal bodies to the frequencies of the 5th dimension, so that you can ascend around the stargate 11.11.11. Ascension is in physical terms nothing else, but the phase transformation of your carbon-based bodies to crystalline bodies, just as water can be transformed to vapour upon heating. In both cases, you have to augment first the frequency of the aggregate. By the way, I have proven that temperature is a synonym for frequency or absolute time (volume II).  This example proves that Ascension is, from a physical point of view, identical to evaporation. Both phenomena can be described by the Universal Law.

The building of your portals is based on the same physical principle. The energy fields around your physical vessel increase their frequencies continuously during the LBP, so that they ultimately merge with the frequencies of the 5th dimension. Your personal portals are thus nothing else, but prolongations of the 5th dimension into the 3d-space.time. Read more >

11-11-11 Oracle Vision

11-11-11 Sequence of Events

The portal energies are arriving now and the greatest window of opportunity for dimensional passage is November 8-14. As Divine Orchestration would have it, we have a full moon on November 10, one day prior to 11-11-11, giving us an additional opportunity to Fire the Grid as a Group Transmission Team.

It is most challenging to specify certain dates and times because all that is occurring is not in any way related to time-space. The outer events, activations, transmissions and such are but ‘ceremonies’ that acknowledge what is happening and help us to cognize the shift through the form… giving us more direct and tangible experiences. (Children of The Sun)

I’ll ‘see‘ you all on 11.11.11

November 04, 2011