Yesterday October 15, 2011 the whole world united under the umbrella of #OccupyTogether. In major cities of the world the people gathered in unity in support of bringing change to the whole gamut of corruptions on the Planet Earth.

Malaysia was not to be excluded. Albeit media blackout and low response from unawakened Malaysians, I am so happy to experience with a very small group of Malaysians (less than 70 people) gathered at the Dataran Merdeka (Liberty Square). The event was marred by a (suspiciously) commercially sponsored Biking/cycling event by OCBC Bank 😉 The small group of Occupiers were pushed to the end of the Square but quite nicely under the tallest flag pole in Malaysia bearing the Malaysian flag.

The occupiers started to gather at about 4:00 P.M. local time and slowly the small crowd swelled by 7:00 P.M. Many activities took place such as playing games, singing and a pantomime of sort. The first assembly began at around 6:30 P.M. I was not present at that time and was later told that the Police arrived and ordered the assembly to disperse, which they did and carried hanging around and got into small chats.

The second assembly started at around 9:30 P.M. The first agenda was to sort out the issue of the Police. They discussed on what they ought to do if the Police come again. After about 40 minutes in this topic the Police arrived and before the Police could order them to disperse, they quietly dispersed.

The 2nd assembly gave me the first taste of what genuine Democracy look like. It was an assembly of people for the people where everyone is to be heard. As this was a first for all present, it presented itself in a humorous fashion. Just imagine, everyone has a right to say, approve, and object. You may think that it would be impossible to get any kind of consensus, but they did although the Police interfered. The key to this new way of communication is to remove all judgements from one, and to allow freewill to prevail.

I admire those beautiful young people started something new from scratch, without a leader and willing to learn by going through experience.

I personally discovered that the occupiers could maintain the peaceful gathering because of the absence of “politicians” or wannabe politicians. It was even made peaceful in the absence of defiant NGO firebrands.

My family and I

The small turnout did not deter the organizers a bit as they carried on with what they needed to do and they did just fine.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

How true.

I could feel the energy of the whole and I know the light from #OccupyDataran shot out clearly into the Universe and that everyone out there saw it.

Shame on me, if I weren’t there. It was more joyful to share it with my family.

Congratulations to all the lovely people who made it happened, especially so when it is so important that this must happen, and it did. So it is.

If you could have a loving, caring conversation with humanity

at this challenging and frightening time, and if you knew that people would listen,

what would you say?

Neal Donald Walsch

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UPDATE #Occupydataran – October 22, 2011

I attended the second #occupydataran on Oct 22. I thought the first one was the one and only, and only new that Saturday morning from #Occupydataran twitter message asking me if I would attend. What came to mind immediately was “wow” – a second occupy? The occupy movements around the world are a continuous sit-in 24/7 which will go on until their demands of the 99% are met by the 1%.

Well…its OK and perfectly alright that we in KL have a “occupy dataran” weekly. So we are different. That’s good too, and in line with the late Steve Jobs motto of “Be Different!” See what becomes of Apple?

The gathering started at around 6 p.m. local time and the first event was – ‘Speakers Conner’. Everyone can speak on any topic. What came out was a mixed bag of topics. Interesting. When people are allowed to talk they talk. Isn’t that what Democracy is all about. I chipped in to share about ‘change’, and they seemed to like what they hear. For those who were present the game ‘badminton’ will not be the same anymore 😀 LOL!

The Police were around but they were happy to let the occupiers to continue their bidding as they know that these are peaceful people. Thank you PDRM!

The People’s Assembly began at about 8:30 p.m. and by then the crowd grew a bit bigger. Again this is a very interesting event, especially so when you let humor flow inside you. That’s the trick to “Happiness” – don’t be too serious and see the lighter side of life. I love it when a lady from Austria stood up and said that – goals and objectives isn’t that important for now, but to continue and maintain the “occupydataran” spirit as that will create awareness to other like-minded and so that this small group will expand in numbers. Touche!

I left at about 11:00 p.m. as my little daughter was getting hungry and sleepy.

Well done occupiers of #occupydataran. See you next week!

A Message To All Police Officers