This IS the happiest day of my life as a Earthizen and as a Malaysian citizen. I woke up to a beautiful morning here in Kuala Lumpur to learn that a great change has taken place in my beloved country.

Firstly I wish to congratulate the Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib for doing a courageous thing. He repeals the dreaded Draconian law Internal Security Act (ISA), inherited from the British colonial masters. Many Malaysians have suffered under this law, and today Malaysians are set free to be responsible Malaysians. This bring tears of joy to my eyes and to all fellow Malaysians!

I ask all my fellow Malaysians to rejoice and forget the past, forgive and move positively and happily forward. There is no need to analyze anything which is positive and good. The time to unite is NOW.

This is very well in tune with the many and great changes happening on Planet Earth. I am indeed grateful for this as Malaysia is definitely on the right path to peace and harmony. I hear already the critics. Well, I say this to them, “You’ve never had it so good!

“Many will question whether I am moving too far, too fast. Some will say that the reforms should only be carried out in small steps, or not at all,” he said in a statement on Malaysian television ahead of the 48th anniversary of the country’s independence.

“To them I say, if a reform is the right thing to do, now is the right time to do it.” – Najib

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Well done Mr Prime Minister!

What makes a man great is when he sets his fellowmen free.

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo