Govt urged to stop’anti-government’ labelling on anti-Lynas


a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite of,” “antiparticle of,” used in the formation of compound words ( anticline );
used freely in combination with elements of any origin ( antibody; antifreeze; antiknock; antilepton ).

PETALING JAYA (Aug 11, 2011): Hua Zong (Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia) president Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah has urged the government to stop labelling those who are against the Lynas rare earth plant in Pahang as “anti-government elements”, the Chinese press reported today.

He said almost all Chinese organisations in Pahang and many in other parts of the country have passed resolutions to oppose the plant, which is being built in the Gebeng industrial zone near Kuantan.

“Does it mean all these Chinese groups or their leaders are anti-government?” he asked.

He said it is undeniable that a minority anti-Lynas group has a political agenda but it would be unfair to the majority of those who oppose the rare earth project for the authorities to lump them all together and regard them as being anti-government.

“What I want to emphasise is that the rare earth issue is an important public issue. It is also an environment, industrial, economic and foreign investment issue.  Read more >

Slogans and labels are instruments of the Global elites. The most famous of all these canker worms slogans is none other than “ANTI-SEMITIC” which is the propaganda and PR weapon of the Zionist Israel.

First of all we must understand that Zionism and Judaism are NOT the same. Jews are not Zionists, and Zionists are NOT Jews. Not all Israelis are Zionist. The ordinary Jews (the Semitic people) are simple good folks and they NEVER use ‘anti-semitic’ labels in their encounters with other people of other races or beliefs. It is the evil Zionist (not Semitic but rogues) world controllers who apply this label on anyone, groups of people, or Nations who oppose their dirty slimy schemes. They even go to the extent in creating and funding an organization called the Anti Defamation League (ADL), which is fully supported by the White House to police the ‘anti-semitics‘ all over the world. Tun Mahathir, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia was labeled by the US as being one.

The next popular slogan/label is ANTI-GOVERNMENT. This is used by ALL ruling elites including the Zionist (who invented this label anyway) on any citizen/s who voices his/her concerns on any issue that affects their well being.

On the Lynas issue, the people of Gebeng are voicing their concern pertaining to their health and safety from radiation and toxins from the waste of the rare earth refining plant, and are asking the company to be stopped. Be clear here that the people’s protest is towards LYNAS the corporation and NOT the government per se. As the evil LYNAS only listen to the authorities and not the people, so its only sensible that the people ask the government to intervene, which they should.

The government forgets that the people are its constituency and NOT Lynas the corporation.

So STOP the stupid labellings because this only goes to show that the government is in cohort with the corporation in a crime against the people of not only the residents of Gebeng and Kuantan but all Malaysians.  ALL Malaysians oppose this dangerous enterprise.

There are many other ways and means to economic prosperity. Fukushima Nuclear Plant is a very fine example…and please don’t tell me “Oh that’s different”

Do not play with fire, especially when its the innocents who get burnt!

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People living near a planned refinery for rare earth elements in Malaysia have held a demonstration to try to halt its construction.

The protesters in the eastern city of Kuantan say there is a risk of dangerous radiation from the plant.

The refinery will process precious metals used in the production of mobile phones and flat-screen TVs.

Regulators insist that the plant will pose no health risk to people living in the area, in Pahang state.

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