Bersih 2.0 Rally in Malaysia

“While people from vastly different cultures, languages, and background may not agree on how civil rights, democracy, and dignity look they all know how a lack of dignity feels. Clearly they have had enough of that feeling. With cries of “No more! Enough!” they’re ready to go down a different road, one where “entrainment” has a different name: People Power. Susan Galleymore

Colour revolutions is a term that was widely used by the media to describe related movements that developed in several societies in the CIS (former USSR) and Balkan states during the early 2000s. The term has also been applied to a number of revolutions elsewhere, including in the Middle East. Some observers have called the events a revolutionary wave, the origins of which can be traced back to the Indian independence movement in the 1920s, the Portuguese Carnation Revolution in the 1970s, and the 1986 People Power Revolution (sometimes called the “Yellow Revolution”) in the Philippines.

Participants in the colour revolutions have mostly used nonviolent resistance, also called civil resistance. Such methods as demonstrations, strikes and interventions have been intended protest against governments seen as corrupt and/or authoritarian, and to advocate democracy; and they have also created strong pressure for change. These movements generally adopted a specific colour or flower as their symbol. The colour revolutions are notable for the important role of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and particularly student activists in organising creative non-violent resistance. (wikipedia)


Today, Wednesday 29th of June, from 2pm-6pm, is Bersih’s day of internet activism. Our goal is to exponentially increase visible support for Bersih online, as part of our movement for a free and fair electoral system, and for a better Malaysia for all Malaysians.

We call upon all Malaysians of all backgrounds, regardless of their affiliations, to join us in helping ensure that Malaysia’s citizens will always retain the right to choose their government in a clean, democratic manner.

We hope to use democratic tools on the internet to objectively demonstrate how many Malaysians stand united behind these goals. In the first stage of our campaign, our objectives are to:

1. Reach 50,000 PicBadge Users –

2. Get 50,000 Facebook Likes on our Official Page –

3. Get 10,000 followers on Twitter –

Also change your profile picture to something yellow.

The only way we will achieve these goals is if as many Malaysians as possible spread the message through their social networks – Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and so on.

This marks the beginning of a web campaign that will last to the 9th of July and beyond, where every day from 2pm – 3pm, we will call on Malaysians to help spread the message.

On the 29th of June from 2pm to 6pm, the theme for Facebook and Twitter is to write about “Why #Bersih?” – why it’s needed, why we as individuals are choosing to walk, and why it will make Malaysia better for all Malaysians.

We call upon activists to encourage positively, avoid pressuring others, and not get drawn into unproductive arguments. Ultimately, what we need are numbers to support the cause.

Thank you all for your kind support – together we will change the country we love for the better.

Bersih 2.0 Working Committee

“American dictatorship and tyranny is masked by an electoral system that no longer functions with integrity, fairness or efficiency and, therefore, acts to sustain the more hidden and ignored corporate dictatorship inflicting enormous harm on vast numbers of Americans. In many ways the uniquely American form of dictatorship is far more sinister, indiscernible and powerful than classic dictatorships where one recognized person, military junta or family rules ruthlessly.” Joel S. Hirschhorn

Apparently, Malaysians are awakened and are demanding their constitutional rights to a fair election for a just and equitable government of their choice.

As I see it, they are taking a peaceful route towards change for their own betterment and this is good. Bersih 2.0, evidently intend the peaceful nature of this event in its website, and has taken all measures to make sure the people will adhere to the event  guidelines >.

How will the currently ‘elected‘ Goverment react?

Well, from the current observations and as expected – Reactive. The rally is banned, and the police is busy making raids to detain ‘suspects’ linked to the event. As the rally has taken a ‘YELLOW’ theme, any person wearing that color now to the coming days of the event is a probable suspect, and would be hauled in for questioning.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” George Orwell

How will this event turned out at the end of the day?

Looks like it is in the hands of the authorities. And as we’ve seen with what’s happened in all the other countries, its obvious they will choose to end it with violence. This is a popular strategy for any ruling elites, cause with chaos they regain more control.

“Don’t let a good crisis goes to waste”Rahm Emanuel >

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Freedom’s Ferment Spreads to Malaysia

Don’t walk away from democracy

Free Malaysia Today, June 21, 2011

There is nothing wrong if tens of thousands take to the streets in a stroll for democracy, come July 9. It is the right of citizens to express their displeasure when the government of the people, by the people, for the people becomes a government of the few for the few…

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My hope and prayer is that it will be peaceful.

One can only hope…

UPDATEJuly 6, 2011

BERSIH 2.0 Chairperson meets the King, agrees to indoor rally >

Marina Mahathir: Attacks on Ambiga in bad taste >

‘What’s to be afraid of T-shirts?’

Marina also slammed the on-going crackdown on supporters of the movement calling for free and fair elections, saying it is an act done out of fear.

A positive development indeed!… This is good for all.

UPDATE July 8, 2011

Wall Street Journal >

Running Scared in Malaysia

“The government of Najib Razak is demonizing protesters demanding free and fair elections.”


“For he who holds a hammer, all problems look like nails” – Galtung

Violence started by shots of tear gas:

Images of the Bersih Rally July 9

More photos >>

Police reported that a total 924 people were arrested, including 49 women.

The Government of PM Najib must be proud of treating their people like animals.

To the Malaysians who rallied for a better electoral system, I salute you!

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