Another Step Closer To A One World Religion: 50 U.S. Churches To Read From The Quran On Sunday

The American Dream
June 27, 2011

The three main pillars of the “New World Order” that the global elite want to bring about are a one world economy, a one world government and a one world religion.  A lot of attention gets paid to the development of the first two pillars, but the third pillar gets very little attention.  But the truth is that a one world religion is getting closer than ever.  “Interfaith” conferences and meetings are being held with increasing frequency all over the globe.  Major global religious leaders are urging all of us to focus on our “shared” religious traditions.  The belief that all religions are equally valid paths to the same destination is being taught in houses of worship and at religious institutions all over the globe.  This “interfaith movement” is being promoted by NGOs, “charitable foundations” and top politicians and it is being backed by big money all over the planet.

Now some U.S. churches are trying to take things to another level.  On June 26th, the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. and approximately 50 other churches in 26 U.S. states will publicly read from the Quran during their Sunday worship services.

This is all part of an interfaith project being promoted by the Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First.  The theme of this Sunday is “Faith Shared: Uniting in Prayer and Understanding”, and the goal is apparently to show how much Christian churches in the United States respect Islam…

…But these Quran readings are just supposed to be the beginning of something bigger.  The following is from a description of the Quran reading project on the website of Human Rights First….

At its core, this project will bring together Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergy to read from and hear from each other’s sacred texts. In doing so, they will serve as a model for respect and cooperation and create a concrete opportunity to build and strengthen working ties between and among faith communities moving forward.

The truth is that all Americans have the freedom to read the Quran whenever they want.  But should Christian churches be reading from it during Sunday worship and should they be seeking to “build and strengthen working ties” with Islamic groups that are seeking to promote the spread of another religion? Read more >>

As I see it, if this interfaith thing spreads around to all the religions across the Planet, soon everyone will get some understanding of each others ‘holy‘ scripts and maybe, just maybe the world might be more peaceful. But will it?

In this particular project,  readers/listeners of the Quran would eventually discover that there is a disparity between the Quranic theology and Islamic dogmas. In essence, the Quran is (supposedly) the holy scripture of Islam, but is far from it in practice. Islam the religion is highly revolved around rituals and in fact is paramount in its advocated daily way of life.

I’m not sure what the Churches, or the initiators of this adventurous project expect to achieve. If it is to enlighten the Christians about the Muslims, the reading of the Quran would in all probabilities confuse them further.

The Quran will NOT explain the irks of non-Muslims on Islamic terrorism, the suicide bombings, the Talibans, the Al-Qaeda, Holy wars, the factions between the Shiites and the Sunnis, because it isn’t therein… not even the rituals.

Don’t take my words on it, read it yourself.

If this superfluous project takes off and somehow become successful, which I doubt,  it will expand throughout the globe and sooner or later, Malaysian Muslims will get to hear the Bible (Kitab Suci – Banned Malay Language version) in their Mosques! WOW! That’s beyond my wildest imagination! They will at last get some understanding of Christianity. Vice versa, Christians on Islam.

Whatever… ironically, the Malaysian Muslims will still fall back on their understanding of the Quran, which they recite in Arabic and which  they have no understanding of. They no nuts about Arabic. Sure, they can “recite” in Arabic and that is as far as it goes. I can sing in Spanish too, but don’t ask me on what the lyrics is all about.

In the end the Christians might gain some insights of Islam after hearing the Quran in their language, and if so…that’s fine.

But, something is not quite right here… Malaysia in particular.  The people who are supposed to understand, do not and will ever not. The people who are not supposed to and don’t need to, will eventually do!

Wait a minute…I thought I smell something…??