Flouride In Sabah Water To Prevent Teeth Caries

The Health Ministry and the state government came to an agreement to have water fluoridation as a public measure for caries prevention, Rosnah said when opening the Borneo Dental Congress 2011 here yesterday.

“The move should see future generations of Sabahans benefiting from the fluoridation programme, which is recommended by the World Health Organisation.

“It is important to ensure that fluoride levels of between 0.4 and 0.6 part per million is maintained, as provided for under the National Standard of Drinking Water Quality,” she said.  – The Star 28-02-2011

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Fluoride Backstory

Water fluoridation around the world is achieved through the purchase of chemically contaminated toxic waste chemicals from China which are then labeled “fluoride” and dumped into public water supplies in local cities and towns. That’s the conclusion of a shocking new mini documentary released today by the Consumer Wellness Center (www.ConsumerWellness.org).

The Fluoride Deception also takes aim at doctors and dentists who have long recommended fluoride without telling people where the chemical fluoride really comes from. “They tell you it’s good for your teeth,” Adams explained. “But they don’t tell you how it damages your brain, your bones, your health and the environment. They don’t tell you about the toxic cadmium, lead and other deadly materials that routinely contaminate the fluoride dumped into the water supply.”

As The Fluoride Deception ultimately reveals, the practice of water fluoridation is a method by which the phosphate mining industry can dispose of its toxic waste byproducts by passing them through the bodies of people first.

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What is the Malaysian Government thinking?


Fluoride spill at water facility literally burns

holes in parking lot cement >>

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