It Only Happens To Others.

Life has been good to you. Got a good 5 day-week, 5 figure-job. Beautiful family living in a 5 room bungalow. The family moves around in a premium MPV, and you drive your Super Mini-Cooper to work. Lunches at Poshy- Bistros, and then hop on to StarBucks for your daily doze of caffeine. Saturday Golf, whilst the kids swim at the Club, and Sundays at the Mega Shopping Malls to look out for the latest iPod/iPhones. Phew! Life is Great and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Yeah, sure you’re techy and IT savvy and you keep abreast of what’s happening around the Globe, from your super hand-held devices. You’re up to-date with the uprisings in the Islamic worlds, and could quote the exact figures of the fatalities. You know precisely where the earth-quakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tornadoes happened.

The Financial Crisis? Of course you know and you’ve made sure that your investments are safe and secured.

World food shortages and soaring food prices and oil price hike? How about Wars, Hunger, Poverty, Corruption, Crimes and Diseases?

Oh…Ahh…some of these global situations are affecting certain countries only, especially the poorer ones with weak, corrupted and stupid governments.

Where you’re situated is ‘different’. Its peaceful, folks are happy. Geographically safe. Flat land, out of the Ring of Fire and so no volcanoes and earth quakes. A big island nearby blocks the incoming storms or any would be tsunami.

2012? Oh please. That’s Hollywood stuff. Anyway, and keep this a secret….I’ve purchased a space in one of those underground bunkers…and I won’t tell you where, alright?

That’s why you’re wondering what’s all these ruckus all the other people and getting edgy about. Even if they have reasons to be to…well its their business. “Why should I rock my boat?”

All those terrible things are not happening here, and as far as I can see…it WON’T.

Things only happens to others…..shoo go away and let me sip my Latte in peace.

…or, haven’t you heard the song “What A Wonderful World” ? (sorry Satchmo 😦 )