Report: Israel Air Force Planes Land in Saudi Arabian Military Base, Unload Military Equipment

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The report published today at the Israeli Globes, whose reliability is not clear, joins another report of American warships crossing the Suez Canal last Friday. Ten days ago, the Iranian News Agency reported a concentration of Israeli and American forces in Azerbaijan.

The Iranian News Agency is reporting on IDF activity on Saudi Arabian soil. According to the report, whose reliability remains unclear, Israel Air Force planes have been landing at a Saudi Arabian military base in the last few days to unload military equipment. According to the Iranian agency, the base in the city of Tabuk will become Israel’s front base for attacking Islamic countries.

The report, that came from the Iranian News Agency Fars, quotes an Islamic website that reported Israeli plans landing in the city of Tabuk, in northwest Saudi Arabia. According to the Iranians, the one responsible for Tabuk and directing its cooperation with Israel is Prince Fahd bin-Sultan. “The secret relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia have become the talk of the town among Tabuk’s residents,” the Agency reported.

Also according to the report, at the time of the landing, civilian flights in the area were cancelled. A passenger on one of the flights recounted that no one provided an explanation for the cancellation, and noted that the authorities provided the passengers with financial compensation, and even put them up at four star hotels.

Some days ago: Reports on American Warships in the Persian Gulf

The reports on the Israeli planes’ landing come along with reports emerging last weekend about unusual American military activity in the area of the Persian Gulf. The London Based Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper reported on the movement of large US Army forces across the Persian Gulf which took place 24 hours beforehand in the afternoon.

According to the report, 12 American warships crossed the Suez Canal last Friday on their way to the Persian Gulf via the Mediterranean Sea. Eyewitnesses even told the paper that the naval convoy also included an American aircraft carrier.

It was also relayed that during the time the ships were crossing the Suez, civilian boat traffic was halted and Egyptian police were stationed on the canal’s banks to secure their passage. According to additional reports, along with American military forces, eye witnesses identified an Israeli warship escorted by the convoy.

Evil will Come from the North for Iran?

On the 16th of June, the Iranian Press TV Agency reported that the Revolutionary Guards have moved military forces to the northeastern Iranian border, since they suspect a concentration of Israeli and American forces in Azerbaijan near the Iranian border there.

According to the report, the Revolutionary Guards fear a combined American-Israeli attack on Iran which may also come from the border with Azerbaijan. The report bases itself on statements made by General Mahdi Mo’ini of the Revolutionary Guards, who said that America and Israel are concentrating military forces in western Azerbaijan.

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