Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair appeared before Congress last week and said the number one threat > to America is no longer terrorism. “The primary near-term security concern of the United States is the global economic crisis and its geopolitical implications,” he said.Read more >>

Furthermore, the mythical Osama bin Laden has been reported to have died seven years ago > and the terrorist group Al-Qaeda which he is purported to be the leader of simply does not exist! >

“America’s biggest threat is largely homegrown and has already infiltrated most of our homes”Chuck Norris >>



Other threats >>

The CIA – A Terrorist Organization

The CIA, itself a ruthless, terrorist organization inspires terrorism in response. In some cases, notably the CIA and al Qaeda, the relationship between the CIA and terrorism is symbiotic. The CIA perpetuates an “American Holocaust”, the deaths of some 6 million people from its inception to the year 1987. For as Long as the CIA Exists, the US will never be safe from terrorism. It has long been time to realize JFK’s dream of smashing the CIA into a ‘thousand pieces’. Read more >>