The picture of the New World Order is now unveiled by NWO Maestro and artist George Soros.

Great WallSt

“China’s leadership needs to be even more far-sighted than Obama is. China is replacing the American consumer as the motor of the world economy.  Since it is a smaller motor, the world economy will grow slower, but China’s influence will rise very fast.” Read article: A New World Architecture >>

new capitol2

The New Capitol (Hill) Square

Welcome to BEIJING!



BYE-BYE New York!

Don’t get the picture wrong. Whilst this picture might “whet the appetite” of anti-Americans, and glean at the sight of the collapse of US, this is NOT a good picture at all for everyone on Earth. Remember China is still keeping her Maoism in tact, meaning they are still hard core communists at heart. Capitalist-Communism controlling the world! Think about it… is that a nice picture?

Its simply Fascist Wall Street to Communist (Great) Wall Street !!


Same banksters playing the same game behind the scene


Communist (Great) Wall Street

Hello Comrades!

Listen to the song “On a Slow Boat to China


February 6th, 2010

This planet does not want to see a continuation of America as the world’s sole superpower, nor would it be a ‘good thing’ for China to assume first position by itself. When neither country can achieve dominance, there is a bipolar world in which cooperation, rather than confrontation, should be the foreign policy of choice. Ideally, trillion dollar weapons system programs should not be the route to peace, but history often takes a less than direct path to conflict resolution and friendly competition. – China’s Secret Fleet of Stealth Fighters >>

Chinese Stealth Fighters

UPDATE 16 July, 2010

24 multinationals move HQ to Shanghai

24 multinational companies, have decided to move their regional headquarters to Shanghai, including 6 Fortune 500 companies such as Vale, Walt Disney and Kraft Foods.

This will push the total number of companies with regional headquarters in Shanghai to nearly 300. Nearly 500 have regional research and development centers there.

Shanghai has been China’s top destination, for multinationals. Even during the world economic slump, the city’s foreign direct investment still increased. Data shows Shanghai’s foreign direct investment has already surpassed more than 5 billion US dollars in the first half of this year.

UPDATE – August 14, 2011

World Bank warns against future economic hardship

World Bank Zoellick pointed out that the world is now involved in redesigning the international financial system and that power is moving rapidly to fast-growing nations like China. Read more >