The Current Situation

Humanity and planet Earth is in a predicament. The situation was brought about by mankind himself by his bad attitude towards his own kind and at the same time conducting activities which are not only harmful to himself, but to the Earth as well. Less man know that he is part of the creation, and whatever he does on this planet AND to the planet his on, has an effect on the whole Galaxy/Universe, he is doomed. This lack of knowledge and ignorance has brought about an imbalance of his energy, the Earth and the Galaxy that is detrimental not only to his very own existence but to everything that support and surround his existence.

The Creation

Equilibrium is a vital factor in the process of creativity and in the functioning of creation. Energy is at the core of all that is created and created from. There exists polarities in energy, and every thing created from it, in what we call the positive and negative. Physicists has discovered that energy creates matter, and also anti-matter. In simple term an anti-matter is an exact replica of matter in that its mathematical equation is reversed, but equates the same result. 1+2+3=6 equals to 6=3+2+1. The rule on these two matters is that they should not join together for they will destroy one another, and disintegrate to energy. Humanity is created in the 3rd Dimension form with five sensory perceptions to enable it to experience its existence in a holographic reality in rich 3-D virtual reality.

Each and every being on this planet came with the purpose of bringing the situation here into alignment with the cosmic plan of freewill experience leading to balance.

The Grand Plan

Understanding the basics above, its conceivable that the Creator’s objective in the Creation is – Bliss, the Divine Order which is attained through balance, harmony and peace between man and the Universe. This is the only acceptable order, and the ideal working order in the design of creation. Remember at the core of everything is a force (energy), which is constituted of elementary particles, that which physicists call quarks. The current scientific understanding is that quarks are the sub-particles of neutrons in atoms, which we know it as the building blocks to everything there is. In the natural flow of creation is chaos and order. This is attributed to the reactions and inter-reactions of the positive energy with the negative energy. For every and any one thing created to achieve at its ideal working state – the equilibrium must be attained, which through the inter-reactions of the polarities – negative and positive reached a balanced level for a symbiotic mutual existence. Imbalance results in disorder,and chaos. This can be experienced in our daily lives through various aspects of health, social inter-actions, business, and also in human inventions such as machines, engines, buildings. A very notable example is the wheel-balancing of your cars, which would result in a very bumpy ride if they’re not properly balanced. Humanity in its creation and evolvement goes through the stages of chaos, order, chaos and order. As we understand the creative process, humans in his life-term and co-creative role in this holographic > reality passes through the passages of turmoil, turbulence and calm. It is important to note that without the basic understanding of creation, who and what he is, humans will find it difficult, or almost impossible to deal with these life cycles, especially during the downward trend. Energy has no beginning and end, and thus humans whom are fundamentally energy, never dies and the earthly death is only a transitional frame of the human evolvement.

The Galaxy/Universe

Its not only important to know who and what you are, but where your are to understand creation, to give you a wider perpective of a much bigger program. Most people look out their windows and see their cars parked outside on the streets, and that’s the picture that present where they are. Not many feel their presence on a planet, which is not only orbiting on its own axis, but whilst performing that is orbiting another planet. Its no wonder Earth is in such a predicament. Its inhabitants are not even aware that they’re on it, so how could they even know what’s becoming of it, much less wanting to have to do anything about it! Presently, humanity experience its existence on planet Earth, which happens to be the 3rd rock from the Sun, and that’s probably too why we’re in the so called 3rd Dimension :). The Earth, and all the planets that orbit around the Sun is part of a larger grouping called the Milky Way. This Galaxy is part of the greater Universe. So picture this. You are residing on Earth which is part of the Solar system, which is a part of the Galaxy (Milky Way), which makes you a part of the Universe. In fact you are one of The All One. Unfortunately, this is not the general experience on Earth.

Into the New Paradigm

Now that you’ve got the general big picture, humanity must understand that it can no longer continue to destroy its own without destroying the wholeness that contains it. Mankind is now facing this choice. Man must become personally responsible, excercise his freewill to save himself and the planet, (re)learn the Laws of the Universe and live according to it. The goal of the new paradigm in simple terms is the transition of humanity from victim consciousness into self-empowerment, which will result in a rise in the vibratory emanation of the planet and its inhabitants.

It is no longer survival of the fittest, but survival of the personally responsible.

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Handbooks You can download > the three Handbooks to read, grasp, and understand the big picture, and what the real situation is and what humanity and planet Earth is facing right now, and what are the consequences for you to ignore this big message for mankind.

The situation is critical and at a pivotal point of confrontational with the Creator of the Galaxy/Universe.

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