PM Najib’s maiden speech: ‘One Malaysia. People First. Performance Now.’

The Star – April 3, 2009


“So, today I ask you to join me in this task of renewing Malaysia. I urge us to rise to the challenge of building a One Malaysia. People First. Performance Now.” Najib

This is the buzz in Malaysia, since the sixth Prime Minister took office in April this year. One Malaysia, What is it? Since the PM has not elaborated on this new social (or political) campaign, and not much details from Putrajaya, the people have interpreted it in many ways, and some hilarious speculations. Really, some are big LOLs :-

one malaysiaThis is one highly homogeneous country in every aspect – ethnic, culture, language, spirit and religion, which has been proudly displayed since its inception, to the world on how the diversities operate independently at its level, and yet blend harmoniously with one another, and for most times in symbiosis as peoples of a sovereign nation. I said “most times” because in such an ‘organized chaos‘, and going by the law of probability, the symbiosis do get shaken up by a hiccup now and then. I can live with that.

Overall, its working and very well for most of the times (here I go again) I must say. To me, this is the One Malaysia in my experience ever since pre-Independence. It was not labeled such, as the people never needed to, because the ‘diversity‘ is a very natural phenomena.

So why & what is this label propping up? Is it a re-organization exercise because things are beginning to get disorganized? And whats this “renewing Malaysia” thingy…RENEW??

OK, in my observation the racial polarization is quite disconcerting for the past few years, and needed to be addressed as it could turn the country chaotic if not. The polarity has been fused by unscrupulous politicians from BOTH ruling and opposition parties by raising false flags to create racial tensions. I see Hegelian Dialectic in motion here.

If this is true, then a  One Malaysia program towards diffusing tensions and re-uniting the people is much welcomed. The question is how in the context of high diversity? Politically, culturally, ethnically, spiritually, mentally?

As I see it, the problem is very much political, caused by politicians, and so politically, this is going to be difficult, if not a impossible route of a journey towards dissolving concocted racial themed problem, when the political structure itself is profoundly polarized. What are these – UMNO, MCA, MIC, PAS? These are race based partiesCorrupted political minds trying to artificially unite politically with unfair and deep racist contracts, such as which race occupy top seats in the governing. The solution is simple. Disband and everyone get together under one banner with non-racist contract, in the name of Malaysian equality, thus = One Malaysia (party if you will).  The political will must be there in the first place, before anything else. Next important if not the most crucial factor, is that the Malays need to change their mindset that Malaysia is not MALAYsia, if you get what I mean.

Culturally. Well, leave it as is. Who wants to change that? Nothing is better, interesting and colorful as multi-culture.

Ethnically. Same as above.

Spiritual (as in religion). Wow…this is a BIG ball. Don’t even try to tap it, and in fact don’t even think about it! The Malaysian Constitution has already addressed this, and its simply unconstitutional to even think or speak on this, or unless we all embrace Baha’ism >>

Mentally. Here could lie the solution. How, I don’t know, maybe we need to hire the likes of Sigmund Freud? Politicians know nothing about this, or do they?

I was born before 1957, believe me Malaysia has always been One Malaysia, until some idiots come along and poke their dirty fingers around it. Anyway, I’m much more concerned with what’s taking place globally, and its seriously bad out there >>. Its so bad that the local scene becomes totally irrelevant. Perhaps, Malaysians have been diverted, contained and kept pre-occupied with puny local issues on purpose, whilst the invicible evil world shadow government, the globalist and the elitists shift this country stealthily into their sick rendition of “oneness”…watcha call it…umm…the One…wu…wo…World Government, or the Nnn…nu..New World Order…duuh!

ONE MALAYSIA,  is it a ploy into the New World Order ?

I chose ONE GOD

Its time to move into the NEW PARADIGM>

“When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent”

Isaac Asmiov