Are we at war? You might think not. Oh well, maybe in some parts of the world, very far from where your are – Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, and around the Middle-East countries only.

So you think.

The truth is – WE are at WAR!

WAR is being waged against WE, The People on the political, economic, financial, cultural, technological, social media Fronts…

PSYWAR (psychological war), as Sadam Hussein would say if he was still around – “PSYWAR is the MOTHER of all WARS.

PSYWAR is a war for your mind, because through education and programming, which for thousands of years, prime education was a question of the family, your main educational vehicle was your own family. Then in the 19th-20th century, that was replaced by the State, the prime educator was the State. And today the prime educator is not even the State, it is the media, television, radio press, advertising, and internet.

The first rule of Psywar.

The ancient philosopher Sun-Tze said, “To get the enemy to believe that there is NO war”
If your enemy feels that there is no war, he will not fire a shot to defend himself. What better way to win a war than not having to fire a single shot? If you think you’re not at war, you will not think to defend yourself. THINK about that!

The second rule

To make you believe that they (your enemy) are really much stronger than you are.

The third rule

Hide The Truth. Cover ups, invisible, smoke-screen, distort, lie, to confuse, falsify, revert-divert-pervert the truth, and to falsify history.

“He who controls the past, controls the present, and thus controls the future”George Orwell

The fourth rule

There are two sides to every war. THEM and WE. They are well organized. We are in total disarray because we are too pre-occupied with our day-to-day reality to understand, hear, or see ANYTHING.

WAKE UP PEOPLE…WAKE UPGET OUT OF THE SYSTEM while you still can…before its too late!

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