June 21, 2009

It is sincerely creepy to watch master globalist criminal Henry Kissinger call for an invasion of Iran in this BBC news clip. Herr Kissinger says that if the color revolution fails — and it is now obvious the protests in Iran are orchestrated by the CIA and the usual “democracy” NGO suspects — an outside alternative will have to be used in the name of “regime change,” in other words shock and awe à la Baghdad.

It is significant Kissinger went on television and said this — it means flattening Iranian cities and killing babies is more than likely the position of the globalists if the “green revolution” currently underway fails. Kissinger is a big muckamuck Bilderberger and David Rockefeller minion.

Attacking Iran, as the neocons have long called for, will prove to be disastrous. The Iranians will shut down the Strait of Hormuz where around 60% of the world’s oil passes if they are attacked by the United States. This will take down the world economy overnight.

But then the globalists and banksters want to take down the world economy so they can impose their globalist banking and control structure. Attacking Iran and killing thousands will kill two birds with one stone.

How Western Media Backs Green Revolution In Iran

As I see it, the uprising protest/revolution is staged, and supervised by thegreat gameorganizers. Iran is a rogue state by the NWO definition, and we’ve heard Herr Kissinger in the above video that if the revolution fails, he calls for something more drastic measures to bring about a regime change.

“I am sure that Americans would favor…uhh the emergence from the present situation, of a  truly properly based government, and it is very appropriate for the President to make clear that that this is what he favors, uhh now if it turns out that, that it is not possible…for a government to emerge in Iran, that can deal with itself as a nation rather than as a cause, and if then we have a different situation, then we may conclude – that we must work for a regime change in Iran from the outside…but, if I understand the President correctly, he does not want to do this as a visible intervention in the current crisis…” Herr Kissinger (Bilderberger, CFR, Trilateral Commission)

Neoconservatives and other con artists are now claiming to support the Iranian people. Some are the same people who pushed to bomb Iran preemptively just a few years ago. Others, who stood on the sidelines to see who would “win,” are now defenders of clean elections. It doesn’t matter to the Iranian’s demanding respect and self determination. For them, the real victory will be to emerge as a free nation that’s outside the “great game” of the major powers. – Michael Collins

The Iranians are falling into the NWO trap, and YES…out of the pot into the FIRE!

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