The Financial Crisis exposes the evils of Wall Street companies and the banksters, and how they literally robbed nations and the people of their savings. Then there are multi-national corporations who relentlessly suck countries of their natural resources, and as if thats not bad enough, they even create instabilities by causing and financing rebels/corrupted governments, and cause civil wars in certain countries so as to maintain their dirty businesses.

Ken Saro-Wiwa Executed

Ken Saro-Wiwa Executed

Ken Saro-Wiwa >> swore that one day Shell, the oil giant, would answer for his death in a court of law. Next month, 14 years after his execution, the Nigerian environmental activist’s dying wish is to be fulfilled.

In a New York federal court, Shell and one of its senior executives are to face charges that in the early 1990s in Nigeria they were complicit in human rights abuses, including summary execution and torture.”

“Part of the reason for the original protest was the way Shell behaved. Ogoni people made their living farming and fishing, but Shell was using open waste pits and oil pipelines criss-crossed the land. These polluting activities were put on top of a delicate ecosystem. It destroyed people’s ability to sustain themselves. That’s the impact of Shell and, when people tried to protest, they were brutally repressed.”


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Blood Additives In Fuel

Blood Additives In Fuel

Being a consumer myself, and having been duped by these bloody corporations in purchasing their blood-stained products, I feel just as guilty…every time I drive, Ken Saro-Wiwa’s ashes scream out my car’s exhaust...

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What else is new…feeling nauseous already… ???