The Financial Crisis has taken a side-step lately now that Earthlings are facing a more serious-than-money matters, one which is life threatening. Suddenly, people realize that there’s something more important than money and – it’s their lives. So they are re-focussing from financial to a looming pandemic.

Influencing Pigs

InFLUencing Pigs

A Muslim friend of mind called and wanted to discuss about the Swine Flu and its impact on Muslims in particular. Oh! I said, alright!.. but what about it, I thought to myself.

So he came to my house, and we started to discuss the subject matter, and I started with the question, “Whats with the Swine Flu and Muslims? I understand the strange relationship between Muslims and pigs/porky thingy, but whats this about the Swine Flu?”

He answered, “Can’t you see? We are in some kind of a dilemma here! Muslims are not only forbidden by god to consume pork, but we’re also forbidden to touch pigs…and now if we’re infected by this cursed flu coming from the god-damned creature we faced dying in a unholy stained state!

WOW! I was stumped. “So, what do you do?” I asked.

“The problem is I don’t know!” he quipped, “and thats why I’m here to seek your opinion”

“Mmm…that’s a tough one”, I said, “How would I know about these holy/unholy things, but as I see it, I’m sure your Creator will understand your predicament, and hopefully forgive you for your somewhat unholy death.”

“That’s not funny man!”, he remarked, “I’m damed concerned about my family and I, and we always pray for a peaceful death, especially in a CLEANSED state”

“Well, they do cleanse the corps for burial right?”, I asked.

“True, but how would they remove that porky virus in the body? Yuk! I dread to die like that!”, he exclaimed. “I hope god will save the Muslims from this dreaded disease. Its not fair for us to get infected as we have always stayed away from that horrible creature. We never even talk, or mentioned the stupid creature less our tongues get stained.”

My…my…I sighed! “What about cleansing with the Holy water from Mecca? Won’t that work?….No?*#…H2O2??…anybody??…

We talked and talked the night away, but nothing seemed to appease my disconcerted friend. I’m sorry for him…how I wished I had the right answer.

Hey…stay away from me you stupid swine!

Oh oh…Atchoo!!…sniff…sniff…oink…oink…boink

Update! – September 16, 2009

Watch the video - Resist The H1N1 Vaccine

Watch the video - Resist The H1N1 Vaccine

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