…And thus your Lord informs you, “Verily, He will raise tyrants against them until the day of Resurrection who will strike the worst kind of terror”. Verily, your Lord is quick in retribution, and surely He is forgiving and merciful.

And We scattered them throughout the Earth, into many communities. Some of them are righteous, while others are less than righteous. We tested them with prosperity, as well as adversity, that they may return
(Q 7:167 – 168)

Freddie Mac Scam Suicide

Freddie Mac Scam Suicide

New reports circulating in the Kremlin today are showing that the rising tensions between the US and Israel have escalated even further after the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), David Kellermann, 41[photo, right], of the US government controlled home funding provider Freddie Mac was found hanged in what the FSB is describing as an ‘Israeli Mossad initiated suicide’ after his tracing of over $50 billion in United States government funds that were ‘funneled’ to Israel and led to the collapse of the American mortgage giant.


A classic case of the dog biting the hands that feeds it, and I’m sure that many victims of American tyranny & oppressions are overwhelmed by this.