In a world of turmoils and the future looking ever so dark, and when everything seem hopeless, some would think life is not worth living.

As I see it, life is gloomy if I only view it from the political and economic perspective. I’ve changed my looking glasses (for quite a while now) and am putting on a long, lost pair of glasses, I called – the “Wave Spectacle“. This is a superb pair of glasses because when I put them on, I not only get different beautiful pictures, but it comes with beautiful sounds and melodies.

Everyone has this glasses, and I suggest you put them on and you’ll be delighted with what you’ll see and ‘hear’, and I promise you it is entertaining, educational and fun.

Visit the Youtube Symphony Orchestra website >>

The Youtube Symphony Orchestra (YSO) project is simply the best thing and a one of its kind to happen since the Internet. This is the World Orchestra if you like, and why not? If ‘they’ want to create a new world with everything ‘one’ then this is the formation of a New World Orchestra.

This is the one and ONLY New World Thing that I’ll ever accept and like ;)…oh how I wish I’m one of them…

The Carnegie Hall performance on April 15, 2009