Yes, its a cliche…I know, but I also know that its the truth!

Less we realize that we go through each moment and day in this life actually trying to simply make sense about life itself. Maybe, not all of us look at life that way, some even couldn’t even bother as long as they’re happy with what they’re doing. Life is OK as long as we’re still driving our SUVs, living in our five-room bungalows, talking to the stock-brokers on our Nokias, and listening to our favorite MP3s on our iPods.

But all that kinda life looks like its changing, and a threat is looming over our heads that we’re about to become destitute. Many people are gasping for answers as to whats to become of them now that they’re facing the “less” syndrome, i.e. jobless, moneyless, homeless iPodless, etc., etc.

As I’ve said, knowledge is power. What knowledge? Power to do what? The probable solution is –  Fringe Knowledge, and you need to familiarize yourself with it to discover the answers available at

Higher knowledge that would alienate you to the fringes of society

Higher knowledge that would alienate you to the fringes of society

If ignorance is bliss, why seek truth? Because permanent freedom is far more valuable than temporary comfort. Truth frees you from the manipulation, miscalculation, and disillusionment that ignorance inevitably brings. You want to know, and no amount of external gratification can satisfy that inner vacuum yearning to be filled with meaning, purpose, and understanding. – Montalk