By now everyone (almost), wherever one may be, no matter what the government in one’s country may say to hide the truth about its own economic situation in order to pacify and calm its own populace, knows that the US of America is dead, and that the impact will be devastating everywhere else locally. This is simply so, because the rest of the world have been Americanized in every sense of the word, not only financially or economically, but in culture and lifestyle as well. If you disagree, pause, and look at that jeans, or that Nike t-shirt you’re wearing right now, and you’ll know what I mean.

On the ongoing and spreading Wall St. virus epidemic, all that we get from the media are stories of Wall St. companies gone bust, the dipping stock markets, and bank closures. The reports are in high-finance rhetorics, and all about the governments trying to save the failing high profiled companies, which caused the catastrophe in the first place. And then… we hear reports (in small prints) about the small and medium size companies laying off hundreds of workers here and there.

For most of us who are still having our daily three square meals and a roof above our heads, simply read these reports as just passing news, and think that it will all go away soon, after all, those shit-heads in the government should be handling it, and they should somehow protect us from all those not-so-nice things we’ve been reading. How naive.

Don’t you know that when things breakdown, or you get sick, the time to get well again and in working order is long? Just like that car repair is taking more days than you’d have liked it to. So it is with this financial sickness that is happening. Even IF it should get well eventually, it will definitely take a long long time to recuperate.

Anyway, as of today, all the first-aids given have failed, and the remedy, like the dreaded cancer is still unavailable and remote. What do we expect. Who are the ‘healers‘, or the repairers that are tending to this finance cancer anyway? As I see it, and many others too are seeing it, that they’ve engaged the very same damaging people to restore what they have damaged. I for one (knows nothing about finance), have absolutely no faith and confidence that they could… for logically, how could they? There was a report that some angry Americans are yelling Give us that billions of dollars of bailout money, and we’ll buy Meryll Lynch and run it ourselves! How true! So, so true ..I’d say.

Forget about that high finance garbage (it is), what’s more disconcerting is – there are already reports out about food supply shortage in 2009, and that means people and babies will go hungry soon. You can throw away those once precious paper money, which are in actual – worthless, except for the ink and paper used to print it, for even if you have a room stacks and stacks of them, they’re useless when there aren’t any food to exchange them for.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to guess what people will turn into when they’re hungry. Yes, and there are already many, many reports on upcoming civil unrest in the US, all of Europe and China. In fact the protest movement have begun in Europe, or haven’t you heard?

Watch this video to get a feel of whats in store for the next ten years, whilst we only hear talks of a two year recession:

Words like inflation, recession and depression will soon be overtaken by famine, riots, war and that, surely ishell.