Yesterday I received an email along with some horrible looking pictures attached, which nearly made me puke in horror. The email was sent by a friend who, without any malice intended, circulated it dutifully as the original mail had requested it.

The story in the email is supposedly’ about merciless killings of Calderons ( a Dolphin specie) by Danish in Dantesque, in the Faroe Islands, which is uder the rule of Denmark. Here are some of the ‘bloody’ photos that were shown:

Whales slaughtering for human consumption

Whales slaughtering for human consumption

Without thinking, or verifying, I too circulated the same email, and I thought I was doing the right thing. Today, I received a reply from a Norwegian gentleman, Mr Boerge Blaatind, who clarified the matter:-

Salaam all

This is NOT dolphine killing, it is whale killing and it is in Greenland.

It is a big island in the north (close to north pole), governed by Denmark.

In an arctic country there is NOT much to live from,
it is fish, whales and seals. Yes it look gruesome, but this is done once a year and food is stored for the rest of the year.

Ask yourself is it more humane to keep livestock in small cages and cows locked up, here we have

wild animals roaming free, and once a year some are killed for food. This is big animals, they can not be drugged and brought to slaughterhouse, so this is the way to

These days where most people buy theyr food in the supermarked in small clean containers, for them

it is a shock if they see the reality of slaughtering a big animal whatever way they are killed.

So you that eat your beef and duck, go to the slaughterhouse, see what happen, also see how the animals are
kept and transported. If we want meat to be Halal we should look at how we treat the animals during their life. To me if an animal are kept roaming free and then it is killed, nothing, yes NOTHING, can be better.

Wassalam Borge

I was in total aghast to receive this clarification. I’ve made a grave error and misjudged the Scandinavians? All the information in the email – the type of fish, the place, and the PURPOSE of the event were all UNTRUE.

To put things in perspective I’ll show you some pictures here, which arebloody, but are acceptable by most viewers as they are about slaughtering of a cow, and every beef-eater/slaughterer are familiar with these pictures, and would think nothing of them, bloody as it may be.

Slaughtering of a cow

Slaughtering of a cow

I’m not sure whether the person/s who wrote the original email did it with malice, or was simply ignorant, which either way, is unacceptable and in bad taste.

My point is, I only support the truth of any matter. I’ve erred in this matter. Informations, and photographs could easily be misread, misleading, and misinterpreted.

My humble and sincere apologies to the people of Scandinavia.