In the midst of a total global financial collapse, I would say that this issue is foremost in most, if not everyone’s mind, as our decent well-being as human beings on this planet is at stake. The collapse of the financial system would see hundreds of thousands of people across the globe become impoverished, homeless and worse – artificial famine, which would result in deaths.

Most of the governments of countries are scrambling to find ways to buffer the impact of this man-made disaster, and making this as their top-most agenda.

But, here in Malaysia its a totally different scenario. The people are very calm and still buzzing around shopping, dining and expanding their businesses. In fact, the very calm Government has announced that Malaysia will NOT be affected by what’s going on at Wall St. This is due to the country’s prudent financial management, and that it has more than “sufficient” savings to safely sail through any forthcoming world financial disaster.

The proof of this calmity could be seen in today’s Sunday paper headline:

Dangerous For Malays

Yoga Is Dangerous For Malays. Read more

It seems that whilst the Malays are very forceful and have great strengths in dealing and combating a world financial disaster (as they claimed), they are apparently very weak spiritually, and very unfaithful in their religion. They are totally defenseless if attacked by any elements from another religion, and are very susceptible to any little influence, and turned unfaithful very instantly.

According to the newspaper reports, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Islamic Studies Centre lecturer Prof Zakaria Stapa advised Muslims: He said Muslims must be careful not to do anything that could erode their faith, adding the religion strongly advocates “prevention is better than cure.

W O W ! !

The way I see it, the Malays are living dangerously, in a very dangerous environment and in a very dangerous world! They could turn faithless on their way to Seven-Eleven, as all the bad and negative elements are all around and everywhere, and with their weak faith could return home as a devil with a bottle of Coke in one hand, and Spear in the other.

Go to Seven-Eleven At Your Own Risk

CAUTION: Go to Seven-Eleven At Your Own Risk

I shudder to have one of them as a spouse because such unfaithfulness freaks me out!

My…my…I’m just sorry for the Malays! Its pathetic. Its depressing to see people losing their minds and walking around like morons and zombies in a country where even YOGA IS DANGEROUS!

So…what’s next? Kung-fu, gymnastic… and what about meditation ???

And its unlikely for anyone to remain faithful, except by the grace of God, and He fills filth on those who refuse to think.” [Q 10:100]

LATEST UPDATES! Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Looks like a screw up! The whole YOGA hulla-balloo is ON HOLD!!!

Screwed Up!

Screwed Up!

Read more

These morons who conjured up this idea, apparently are not in consensus! In fact, they are acting Ultra Vires, and did not get the authority from higher up.

Geeeezzz!!!……I’m lost for words……

Perhaps….it’s still OK to run to the Seven-Eleven for that Coke!…..I’m kinda thirsty man!

W H A T A S H A M E !!!