The Faces Of Change

The Faces Of Change

Dr. Ron Paul? Alex Jones? Edward Griffin? Jacque Fresco?

Never heard of them?

If these names and faces are not familiar to you…well…these guys, all Americans (except Icke), are hot, hype and buzzing in the USA. They are individuals with streams of supporters who are SCREAMING for CHANGE (America only and specifically)! Never mind that, and rightly so, looking at the shit that is happening over there.

All of them unanimously ‘agreed‘ and call from the ground, and on cyber-space for the end of The Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), the private ‘institution‘ that prints money for greedy Americans to buy iPods, Mustangs, Sony cameras, Acer laptops, Western-branded sweat-shirts/jeans made by cheap Asian slaves (expensively sold in US), etc., etc., etc.

All of them propose some new, and some not new ideas and remedies in their books and talk-shows. Differing ideas in the forms of ‘authority‘ to replace the pesent evil system of ‘authority’, and not just theGovernment but also to the hidden authority in the shapes of corporations and banks.

Fingers are pointing in all and every directions, and exposing some real ‘crooks‘ who are members ofthe elite Bilderberg club (some of you might be suprise to see who is on the Bilderberg list). And…if you don’t know, or never heard of them…well…this is the Super-power house that is running the world (through USA and U.N.), including USAYES including (that’s why many Americans are angry)! This is the club that owns the FRB, World Bank, IMF, ALL the Central Banks of ALL the countries on earth, All the oil companies, ALL the big corporations like IBM, SONY, Google (surprise, surprise?) and the list goes on…in short, the Bilderbergers owns everything including ALL the politicians of the world. Geeeezzz, is there anything that they do not own, or control? Not even YOU…Z I L C H!

So, what’s my point?

Don’t get me wrong…Ron Paul/Ed Griffin/Alex Jones and especially Jacque Fresco are great guys and doing damned good things in their own ways. Their voices should be heard, and their thoughts are provoking indeed, especially Mr. Fresco and his Venus Project! They should not stop what they’re doing, and I mean it…really!

The point is – some people demand CHANGE, and rallying all over the US (only) to bring about change. The cliche “You can’t change the world is somewhat true. imho, the cliche is true NOT because it’s something impossible to achieve, but because the people screaming for change are going about it the oppositeway. Putting the ‘solutions‘ (some are really fantastic ideas) they proposed aside, they totally
ignore/overlook the core of the
‘problem’ (if I can use that word), which imho is the main and ONLY problem. If these fire-brand change and freedom fighters could see it and address it, 99% of the
change they are seeking is in hand! The problem is –the way they see the problem’! Familiar line? Remember Mr. Covey ? No, no , I’m not advocating the famous Seven Habits, but just borrowing a line from Covey, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind, and I think he might even agree with me here 🙂

Do You Have The Will?

Do You Have The Will?


The only important thing in change is – the will and wanting to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Change will only take place when something in your life does not work anymore. You see, this thingy called CHANGE is UNCONDITIONAL, absolutely UNCONDITIONAL and you need to go and bring YOURSELF to ZERO (not Zorro/s, and of course NOT to the famed Ground Zero in NYC either). In other words, the STARTING point of change is not anywhere else, or anybody else. It starts with Y O U (one-self) and your will.

DO NOT WORRY, or bother, or be concerned with anyone/anything-else not changing.

Just focus on YOU!

Change is NOT about producing results ‘out-there‘ its about producing result ‘in-there‘, in Y O U!
This is ‘
making the difference‘, this is what making a difference is all about. You change, and your whole world CHANGED! regardless the rest of the world maintaining its status-quo. Leave the dirty/corrupted bankers/businessman/politicians to their ways and to themselves to kill themselves.

I guarantee you, you don’t have to lift a finger to destroy them and their eveil ways – they’re perfectly capable to self-destruct because their ways are perfectly design that way! The current financial turmoil is proof enough.

Do you think that the Financial system is crumbling because of what the fire-brand freedom and change fighters are doing and shouting? NAH! Don’t be naive. Nothing outside the Bilderberg society is strong and capable enough to do it. ONLY they (Bilderbergers) are capable to destroy themselves and everything they’ve ever created!!!!

Mr Henry Ford recognised this fact, and ALL he ever wanted to do in his International Jew was to expose the Bilderbergers (though he did not specifically mentioned it), and create awareness on his fellow Americans. THAT”S ALL! The rest was up to the Americans to make their choice. Guess what? I think the answer is preety obvious. The whole world is seeing it. The current shit IS precisely the doings of the Americans themselves.

Now that they are in SHIT, what do they do…find the Scapegoat/s. Great, fantastico…the shout for CHANGE is all over America led by Messrs. Ron Paul, Edward Griffin, Jacque Fresco, Alex Jones to
name a few.

Change, replace them/those things!…change everything except…themselves and their own ways! Marvelous (to the tune of The Woody Woodpecker Show)!! Ask Ron Paul/Alex Jones/Ed Griffin how many credit-cards they’ve got in their wallets, or what brand gasoline-hungry SUVs they’r driving, or how many bedrooms/bathrooms are there in their houses, or how big is their kitchen…blah…blah…blah??

Their answers to those material questions will prove my point.

I think the guys at Adbusters do a better job! They even organized a “Stop Shopping Week” some time back. Good work guys!!

The Americans WILL never let go off their holy American Dream. They simply love their iPods (sorry Steve!) too much…and till then…change will remain in the air, at the very place where their money came from (they’ve even proved it).

For the rest of the Americanized world? I can’t say much, not even for my own country, things are still pretty cool and steady over here 😉

Hey….before I forget, I need to run to the store and CHANGE my ol’ MP3 player for that gorgeous NANO (great stuff Steve)!