Hooray, Yahoo!

The news all Malaysians have been waiting for is out!

The NOT so Big News

The NOT so Big News

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Well fellow Malaysians, are you happy? Life is gonna be great in 2010?

So!… you’re still at it. Shopping for that 8 bedroom house at Glamour Street, and thinking of replacing your Mercedes S500 2008 to the 2009 model, and yes, the kids TV need to be replaced with a 65 in. Plasma, and oh…before you forget, get the wife that RM35,000 Omega watch (she’s been eyeing it since yesterday) for her coming birthday. Well…all these purchases isn’t a problem, not with the array of credit cards nicely tugged in your wallet, and if half of them have reached their limits, you still have that trump ‘platinum’ card, which is UNLIMITED.

Here’s yet another great news:

Signs of whats coming!

Signs of whats coming!

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Recall my posting on the “Great Depression”…and the signs keep showing up. American analysts say that up to 150 banks nationwide could close over the next 18 months. We’ve de-pegged the Ringgit, and we just had the fuel price increase. Oh…we’ve forgotten about that! Anyway, the above financial report is another thingy to deal with, if it is to mean anything at all. Maybe its just another boring business news…who knows…right?

Wake up Neo! WAKE UP!

The system is crumbling, yeah the whole works! There are two main choices.

1. Gloat as usual and…and then crash along when it happens.


2. Pack up and get out of the system.

I’ve met people who are living up whilst it last because they say, “Might as well, since its all falling apart !”. Not too bad a thinking, though bloody silly. These selfish shit-heads are thinking only for themselves, and not for their families and loved ones. They have no idea how life for them and their families are gonna be then. These very same people think that when the depression comes, its like that inflation thingy. Move to a smaller ‘residence’, downgrade to SE240 from the current S500, cut down the daily steaks to twice weekly, go to work as usual…and life goes on as usual perhaps, less luxuriously.

Aah Huh..for these shit-heads, I wish them “good luck”

For the less silly shit-heads, well… think of something and ways to lessen the impact of the crash. Need to do that now though, not in 2010, not like our beloved Malaysian Prime Minister who coincidently (rather most conveniently) announced his withdrawal will be in that same magical year. Clever fella isn’t he? Who’s stupid enough to be around when trouble comes…eh? Even if he’s not THAT clever (as we all know), his ‘adviser’ sure is.

For the just-as-silly successor who is so elated and glee-fully thankful about the ‘handing over’, well…what is there to say about this shit-head…he has too many ‘personal issues’ at hand.

Anyway…a bien tot.