As I see it the ONLY Prime Minister for Malaysia is still the Hon. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Some Malaysians are simply ignorant, or don’t know (anything) what this man has done for the country. All his critics, coming mainly from inside UMNO, and the blind opposition parties, and their blind supporters only highlighted issues pertaining to their personal grouses and their own failures to get a slice of the economic cake.

I’m not and UMNO person, and never will be, and neither will I ever be in any of the opposition political parties. Some of my friends have recently given their blind support to the oppositions.

The Tun that I’ve observed and come to understand (I don’t know him personally) all the 22 years that he was the P.M. is not only a man of great vision, but a great player in the game of politics…world politics at that.

Local politics is a small game to the Tun, and he is still the CHAMPION locally and internationally. Ask any of his advesaries, within and outside of UMNO. Ask the likes of Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh, or even Annuar Ibrahim himself (see him fumbled on the BBC Hard Talk show). Ask Soros too. All these men were beaten in the game because they were simply not good enough or up to it.

Remember the Soros’ (the man who said he’s god in his autobiography) episode? Every nation that this man put his finger in, went down like paper cups. He failed, and almost succeded in Malaysia, if not for the Tun who gave him the Tae-kwando flying kick. Soon after, the RGT was permanently pegged to the USD, and rendered of no-value outside Malaysia. Thus, Malaysia was saved and untouched by the preying wolves in the likes of the IMF, World Bank, Investment Banks, and their lead runner Soros.

Not many Malaysians understand this move by the Tun, and how he has saved Malaysia from being gouged
by the ‘Hidden Hands’ of the hidden World Super Government (no, not USA).

Who are these people one may ask? Well…if you don’t know them, you’re definitely an ardent critic of the Tun, and a member of the Opposition Front, or you’re simply a shit-head, an incorrigable shit-head.

Lets see if any of you remember, or even have any idea about the SSIG (South-South Information Gateway). Look up the link provided if you have no idea of what it is.

The Tun initiated the SSIG. My guess is when the Tun opened his world atlas sometime in 1999 this is what he saw:

Slavery Map

A flat map of the world! He started looking at the left and right side of the atlas. He started thinking…hmmm…cheeky little Western rascality! Of course USA and her allies are in the west because the map is flat and as such they’re visibly being in the left side of the map, i.e. WEST. The rest of the world on the right side of the map are…EAST.

But the world is round, any point on the globe could be east, or west, it just depends on how one wants to make it. There is actually NO such thing as EAST or WEST!

All these while the world was duped into believing that the developed countries are in the ‘west’, and the rest are called the Third World, or under-developed parts of the Earth (not even considered countries).

“Them devils”, he thought…but…wait a minute, “What’s this line in the middle running across the Earth?” Oh…they called this line the ‘Equator‘. Equator as in ‘equate’? Yes it divides the map into two equal halves – North and South. Them devils described it simply as an imaginary line that divides the Earth climatically – Cold and Hot areas!

But a second look at that equator line tells a different story…the IMF, World Bank, Investment Banks, the Lenders and the Colonials, and even our ‘Eastern’ brother Japan are all from the ‘cold‘ countries north of the equator line! The borrowing countries are all in the ‘hot‘ area below the equator. My, my, my….we in the South are all SLAVES of the North! Them wolves have been using the map as North controlling South. He discovered.

After that discovery, the SSIG was conceptualised at the Langkawi International Dialouge (LID) in July 1999. Many of the South countries were excited, especially Nelson Mandella, but due to heavy pressures from the North, the SSIG remains nothing more than just a concept for many of our Southern brothers. But, the Tun took Malaysia ahead and went round the Southern hemisphere including Argentina, to build up bilateral trade and it worked very well for us! In fact, the rest of the South have built strong bonds amongst themselves today as never before.

This is one of the many visions of this great Tun.

Today, with the present P.M. undoing all his great work in the past, including de-pegging the Ringgit is going to be disastrous for Malaysia, and the Tun is not there anymore to lend his brilliance in the treacherous international arena, and we’ll soon be devoured by the wolves from the North.

Well…thank you Tun for saving us in the past, I do admit that there’s only so much any person, no matter how good, can do…

Anyway, all these shit-heads are not gonna listen to you, or any good advice from any body, they’ve been blinded by the wolves of the North, and they are too happy chewing the baits in their mouths.

The Hon. Tun

Thank You, Terima Kasih !