Tonight…Kuala Lumpur is a chaotic city. All roads are jammed up by cars queuing at petrol stations in a bid by car owners trying to make some last minute savings by filling up their tanks and paying at the current manageable price of RGT1.92/Lit. Tomorrow the price will rise by 78 cents making it RGT2.70/Lit.

No, I’m not at all surprise by the increase, even at such a huge jump, which has never happened before. I’m not too perturbed by this as I work at home. I try to avoid driving in this crazy city and take the train whenever possible.

Lets focus on the impact and consequences of this price hike. As I see it…the System is crumbling upon us, and not by some freak accidents, but by well designed enslavement programs. The main basic ‘principle’ of the Economic Theory is simply – supply and demand. The pundits said its akin to the natural laws of survival. Like heck its not! Animals only eat when they’re hungry, and that means if a wolf is hungry it only hunts for one, or maybe two rabbits, not 45 rabbits, and then stock pile the balance 42!

Who are they trying to fool? Nature has its ways to achieving the equilibrium e.g. the population between any two predators and animals of prey. The equilibrium will be maintained by both these creatures as they abide by the rule of non-transgression, and they are not embedded with a program called ‘greed

But, the humans…aah…well we know ourselves too well don’t we. Show me a man who is contented, and I’ll show you a thousand greedy shit-heads.

Yes, some greedy shit-heads are controlling everything we shit-heads needs. Petroleum is one of them.

All said…but, all is not lost. We have choices. But what do we choose? We chose the carrots dangled in front of us by the greedy power seeking wolves, and we simply pay according to the prices them wolves slammed on us shit-heads, and they’ll justify it all with their supply and demand bull-shit.

One of the wolves, Jerone van der Veer – Royal Dutch Shell plc, Chief Executive even had the cheek to say:

The Wolf

It was too difficult to forecast the price of the (oil) commodity. There are no physical shortage of oil in the world. We don’t have ships waiting in the Middle-East, or people queueing up for gasoline. From the inventory point of view, the value chain is working well so a lot of it has to do with psychology.The Starbiz (page B6), Tuesday, 03 June 2008.

What shit is he talking about? Does any of you understand that shit mumbo-jumbo he’s mumbling about?

The irony is, he’s telling the truth!!! Malaysians now have to pay cut-throat gasoline price because “the value chain is working well…YES its working perfectly well for them wolves like Shell and Exxon. The supply is OK, only the demand is overwhelming…too overwhelming, so you demanding shit-head people simply have to pay through your nose for it!

Of course its “difficult to forecast the price of the commodity“, because it is solely depending on the demands of the demanding shit-heads…the more you want it, the higher they’ll set the price. Simple…kapish?

So…keep on driving those flashy Bimmers, SUVs, MPVs until your pockets run dry, and all your blood oozes out slaving like bloody fools trying to keep up with the baits of the blood-sucking oil companies.

If tonight we see long queues at the petrol station, what we’ll see in the not too distant future is – long queues at the food rationing centres, and when we witness that…well, that means HELL is scorching on this planet Earth. They call it DEPRESSION, and what that means is that when folks are hungry and depressed…they’ll kill one another. Its happened before, not too far back in the 30’s. It was called – The Great Depression.

…depressing indeed.