An e-mail from a good friend:

Subject: Exciting International conference on Islamic Unity
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 11:05:36 +0800

Peace to you,Muslim brothers and sisters

Here are some pics,taken after lunch(I presume) during a recent International conference on Islamic Unity which you may find amusing. I have been rolling on the ground with laughter. I just can’t stop laughing. I have tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks.

I have attended a couple of ‘Islamic’ conferences in Malaysia in the past. Usually the delegates gorge themselves up with mutton ‘biryani’, coffee, and Lebanese sweets during lunch,among other goodies, as if there was no tomorrow. You need to personally attend one of these conferences to appreciate what I am saying. After lunch,most delegates would slump over and sleep and snore, while others would struggle to keep awake. The whole scene is akin to a zoo at night. Generally the conferences are boring events with no clear objectives. They are mere talk fests with an excuse to have a feast.

When his belly’s full and he couldn’t give a toss about anything, he slips into mirage-sharif a.k.a. a fool’s paradise.

As for Islamic unity, well, well, well . . . Welcome to the wonderful world of dreams. There will never be unity whilst Muslims are divided into sects eg Sunni,Shias,Wahabi etc etc etc.

United we sleep…….


Oh...them shit-headzzzzzz

As I see it…when shit-heads meet at a conference, they unanimously decide that – the solution to ALL problems is to SLEEP over it … and…each time…they never wake up after that. All they ever do is – EAT, SHIT and then ZZZ…and the rest of us shit-heads pick up the bill!

They’re nothing more than a bunch of shit-headzzz …