I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.” – Edith Sitwell

…and I share the same view with the English poetess who quoted the above. As I see it the world is filled with people who are “bodoh sombong“, a Malay term for pompous jerks.

Linger on this…

Most people empty their bowels daily, whilst some tend to carry their waste around for days on ends. In any case this is an analysis of how much waste a person produces in a lifetime.

The average person excrete a kilogram of excrement per day. That means an annual total of 365kg. In fifty years that would totalled to 18,250kg. Imagine that by the time a person reaches the age of fifty, he/she would have produced 18.25 tons of waste, and if you multiply that by the world’s population…my…my…what a wasteful world!

Instead of cleaning up their dirty acts, they keep on writing songs like…’It’s A Wonderful World’…and they go around arrogantly like princes and princesses, and think that they are geniuses.

Throughout history, man abuses man to become kings, presidents, prime ministers and politicians, priests and gurus. These are the worst of the lot. They are totally unaware of how stupid they and their schemes are. They are not totally to be blame though, for we let them.

Heads of shit-heads

Y E S, we are the bigger shit-heads for appointing them to be heads of us shit-heads. Take a closer look at them. Why on earth did we pick them…or did we? Everyone I’ve met is yearning for ‘freedom‘ (ooh NO, not that word again),… then how come, we not only let ourselves be governed, we go out to vote them? That’s the kind of shit we do huh? Look at the mess we’ve done on Earth. Yeah true, them shit politicians did it…but we let ’em.

So if you think you’re clever, check your age (then do the above arithmathics), and you’ll know exactly how much waste you’ve contributed to the world…no matter if you’re a doctor/lawyer/professor …it’s just another kind of shit-head. If you don’t like that word, perhaps you’d like to be called – The Excretors?

oh…oh…gotta run to the loo now….

Bertrand Russell

There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.” – Bertrand Russell