When I finished my first reading of ‘The Reading‘ (Al-Quran in Arabic), I was in a frenzied excitement, and the paradigm shift was like I was tossed into another world.

In my excitement I wanted to tell EVERY one I know, especially my family and relatives and friends, as I was cock sure that EVERY one is gonna be as excited as I am (still am) to know THE truth.

But, after the next few days, few months, years, and now decades, I’m totally convinced that NOBODY wants it, less that they even care!

OK…I said to myself, I am always to remember this:

“It’s not upon you to guide them, but the God, He guides anyone He choses…” (Q 2:272)

As I see it, The Reading, which in the first instance guides the reader should he/she chose to be guided, and thenceforth it is an exposition of oneself (upmost) and subsequently exposes everyone else around him/her.

Human nature has it, nobody likes to be told about their negativities, less their beliefs. Undeniably, I was definitely amongst them. I went through a painful admission of the real me, before I could remove the negativities within me (still in the process, mind you).

The big lesson in The Reading is, be TRUTHFUL and then you’ll be blissed (Muslim). Being truthful, is not confined to only speaking the truth, but to remain true to oneself and stay (glue yourself if you have to) in the realm of total truth as you proceed to continue your life until the end.

One will know if one is in this state of being, when one begins to reject and hate ‘falsity‘ of any kind. Take note…at this stage, life isn’t easy when you find that you’re surrounded in a world of falsity.

The system, the ‘friends’, relatives and loved ones, slowly but surely begin to fade away as they reveal their true identity, and in that process, you’ll be disillusioned with everything, and everyone around you.

That’s NOT bad. Thats good. That IS the process. The Reading mentioned this:

“Everyone will experience death, and for surely, you’ll be properly reimbursed on the Day of Ressurrection. Hence, whoever is spared the Heat, and he is placed in the Garden, for surely, he has succeeded. And know that life in the World, is nothing but an illusion” (Q 3:185)

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So…I’ve ‘lost’ friends and relatives alike, but I’m not perturbed as I’ve gained new ones, and I’ve discovered aplenty in the cyberspace…truly.

I do not fancy anymore all those “Worldly Things and stuff”. I’m beginning to enjoy the rain whilst many curse it for many reasons. I could feel and savour the breeze, the birds tweeting at my bedroom window, and above all I’m at peace with myself, family, and those around me regardless of their stance and beliefs.

Most importantly…I’m at peace with The One who created me and everyone/everything in existence.

“For the morning sun and all its glory

Greets the day with hope and comfort too

You fill my life with laughter, and somehow You make it better

Eased my troubles that’s what You do

There’s a love thats defined

And its yours, and its mine like the sun

And at the end of the day

We should give thanks and praise to The One…to The One.”

Have I Told You Lately That I Love YouRod Steward

At the end of the day, I’m OK to be just by myself…as I know I’ve got The One who minds me.


Wish you were here…

Wish You Were Here