How I started reading ‘The Reading‘ (Al-Quran in Arabic)

In 1978 I was in Zurich attending a seminar, and on the last day my name was called up to receive the attendance certificate, and when I returned to my seat, my neighbour, a Jewish lady (From Tel Aviv) whispered in my ears, “I didn’t know you’re a Muslim?

I nodded a yes, and she said “I’ll speak to you later

After the ceremony she came to me at the cocktail table and exclaimed, “I’m truly surprised!

I asked, “Why? Is it a problem (my being a Muslim)?

She said, “No, no, no….I’m just surprised. So you READ the Quran?

I answered, “Y E S S

She said, “Wow! So you know Arabic?

I answered, “N O O

But, but you read the Arabic Quran?“, she mused

Y E S S“, I exclaimed.

She was stumped, and said, “You read the Arabic Quran, but you don’t know Arabic?

Yyesss“, I proudly blurted, “That’s normal in my country.

Just as soon, we were joined by the other participants, and that little conversation about the Quran ended.

On the return flight home, my thoughts recollected on that conversation with the Jewish Lady, and I began to ponder and amazed at myself for my ability to read Arabic text without knowing a single Arabic word, and therefore do not understand what I read! At that time I still gloat at my abilites.

The Criterion

Few years later down the road, I met ZZ (his initials) regarding some motivational tips, and he pointed me towards the Quran, and its hidden secrets. I told him that I never doubted the power of the content of that book, but how could I retrieve all that power as I don’t know Arabic.

Simple“, he said, “read the translation!

Y e a h! Now…why didn’t I ever thought of that“, I said to him.

From that day on, my life changed. My paradigm shifted. Even before reading the Quran!

After completing reading the translated Quran, I contacted ZZ to let him know I’ve read it, and he congratulated me and said, “Come over, I’ll buy you lunch“.

In the car, on our way to lunch, ZZ said, “Now you’re a Hafiz (one who could memorise the Quran)”.

I said, “Please don’t. I’ve just read it, and that doesn’t make me a Hafiz

Sure you are“, he said, “now let us prove that! Since you’ve completed your reading. Let me ask you if such and such a phrase is from the Quran.

I said, “I don’t know if I’m able to tell.

He stated a phrase, “Go ye to the mosque and pray five times everyday at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and night fall.” Then he asked, “Is that from the Quran?

I somehow quickly answered, “No. I don’t recall that kind of phrase

He said, “There you are, you’re a Hafiz, you know what is and what isn’t in the Quran when you hear something, which is claimed from it!” “That’s power!” he continued. Then he asked, “Can you now follow what’s in it?

Sure, and of course!“, I answered.

Really?” he blurted, “What if a certain thing/issue in the Quran is, for example mentioned as Red in color, but the whole wide world say its Green, which would you choose to follow?

I strongly answered, “RED of course! We’re talking about THE Quran, right? How could it be any other way?

He shooked my hand, and said, “We’ll see!

Today, after re-reading, and researching, reviewing translations, and analysing the worldview of Islam for the past one and half decade, I’m firm on my ways following the Quran ONLY. I’m not finished with studying it, and I don’t expect I’ll ever, but enough to know what is and not, and which path I’m on.

Gert Wilders…eat your heart out! Cut and paste don’t work!!

Show me a better book, and I’ll join you in your ‘Fitna’

Praise be to the God, Lord of all there is to know.