Recall a time (when I was younger so much younger than today [sic] – the Beatles’)… I reported sick and didn’t go to work for a day. The next day, my boss asked me what happened, and after I told him, he pointed his finger at me and said, “YOU have commited a sin…that’s why!

What the ….?” I thought to myself, and “Sin !?“. I’m never to forget that remarkable statement, and will always relate that story when meeting new faces drinking at my favorite watering-hole in PJ, and… not about twenty-five years later (after my ups and downs in life,) that I began to understand that ‘Ol grumpy boss’ remark.

Its all about responsibility and the choices you make.

I was leading my life just as any normal person would. I admit I’m not a saint (even today), but kinda ok guy you know, not too bad (less the wine, women and song stuff ;D).

Looking back, I realised, I wasn’t that ok of a guy at all. I was bad, REAL bad. I was living with excuses for everything that went wrong. Nothing was ever my fault, not even the divorce! And to top it all I was ill-tempered…sheeesh!

Some familiar lines –

I’m late because…of the ‘bloody’ traffic jam, it was raining, there’s no parking, or better still – I had to look after my sick mother!

The divorce? Aah…that was fated!

The unsuccessful career? Nobody likes me!

The generally unsuccessful life? I’m plain UNLUCKY that’s all! e.g. never won any prize/lottery in my life.

Poor me! Self-pity pulled me down further, and the best pacifier when there’s nothing or anything to blame for I still couldn’t see it was all my fault.

I didn’t understand the ‘Sin‘ remark because to me a desease, is a desease. Everybody gets sick at one time or another. Its nobody’s fault except that stupid bacteria, or virus. Who wants to get sick anyway?

So it seemed.

Nah…IT IS true that you fall sick when you sinned (committed transgression)! Try drinking any drink (forget the wine coz’ we all know that) too much. Be it teh/kopi-tarik, coke, or even plain ‘ol good pure water, and see what happened afterwards!

That kidney, liver, heart…you name it. All that organ(ic) problems are due to the self-chosen wonderful high-living life-style. Keep it up for about twenty years or more, and like magic it’ll come knocking on your door (body)!

Then when someone you know lands in the ICU, or returns to the Creator because of one or more of the organ(ic) problems, you’d say, “Oh my goodness…he was a good fella!” Yeah…yeah…it wasn’t his fault that he got that organ(ic) problem. He was plain UNlUCKY…that’s all.

So, as I see it, across the board – Choose wisely, or else suffer the consequences. Its all our fault, nobody’s elses.

Responsibility is NOT what we think it is. It’s not about roles, duties, or chores, and performing them. Its not about a father/husband feeding the family, or wife/mother taking care of the children and house-hold.

So you wanna be President

As I see it, we are responsible the moment we were born, or as I’d prefer – came into this program called ‘Life‘ Responsible for ourselves in everything – our actions/inactions, simply because we have a choice, and ultimately we do everything out of our own choice. Nobody forces us, or could ever force us to do anything…period.

In one of my motivation talks, a participant who disagreed, pointed out that SOME times we don’t have a choice.

I asked for an example.

He said, “When a robber points a gun at your head, you don’t have a choice, but to give him whatever he asked!

What would a robber pointing a gun at your head say to you?”…”Your money, or your life?” I asked.

He said, “Yeah, something like that!

There you are…he (robber) gives you a choice! So what would you choose?” I asked.

My Life, of course!“, he answered.

Of course.” I said, “and that’s a damn wise choice because if you had chosen your money, you’d be dead anyway, and even if the robber do not take the money, you’re parted from it all the same!

That’s double tragedy, to me.

So what’s with the I-have-to…thingy? I HAVE to go to work, brush my teeth, take my bath, go to the toilet, and go to the mosque stuff!

Why say “I have to“? Is any one pointing a gun at you to make you do all that thingy? (I know, I know…mothers do point a rifle at their kids) What if you don’t do all that stuff?

See. Its all your choice, and you do it willingly (though you’re not aware) because you ARE vain, and you don’t want a foul-smelling mouth and that’s why you brush them teeth. And…that’s called:-

There’s a price for everything

Lazy to brush your teeth. Its ok, just a foul-smelling mouth. What’s the big deal? Its not your problem if people sniff your foul mouth, it’s their problem! I’d say.

And I see those non-praying people are still up and going. I don’t see any lightning-bolt striking at them, or run-over by a thirty-wheeled truck. (oops…oh its ok, the sky is clear above me 😉

As I see it, you DON’T have to do anything, not even eat and drink, or go to the loo. It’s your choice and you’re responsible for the consequenses. You’re responsible. Period.

Like it, or not.