Free yourselves!!

From W H A T ??…many would ask.

For a start, what about freeing yourselves from PAYING for something (very) useful, which you’ve been made to pay all these while. You know FOC?

Like W H A T ??

Jeeeezzz!! If you’re reading this, then you’re looking at a screen, called the monitor, which is attached to your desktop/laptop. Well…you can start to free your machine (and your own good self)) from marauding software companies’ absurd licenses, which dictate what you can/can’t do even after paying a hefty sum (some of these applications cost more than your machines!).

For the benefit of those who aren’t aware, there are abundance of ala gratis softwares available for downloads and free usage with minimal, practical and realistic conditions. All you need to know about these, is to properly differentiate, and understand terminologies like – shareware, freeware, and opensource.

The new Apple iMac

To start with shareware, is not like ‘sharing’ something with your friend. Simply put, this label means YOU PAY. So stay away from them.

Secundo, the term freeware generally means its free as in FOC, but it comes with certain and specific conditions/restrictions. E.g., for personal use only and not commercial use, or a single license on one PC only, and/or no redistribution without permission, etc…etc. These category of software, generally is OK for normal users, but not for software developers, as it disallows any tempering of the sourcecodes.

Now comes the real goodies, and totally FREE – the great opensource. As in everything else, you need to agree to the conditions under the CC (Creative Commons) initiatives. If you can’t agree to the CC terms, then shut down your PC and chuck it into a well (or somewhere). This is godly, believe me, and there is a vast community of opensource developers in this world, churning out plenty of fantastic programs, which are as good, if not and for most of the time better than those of the marauders. To top it all its TOTALLY FREE, not only in terms of dollars and cents, but far more important, from the dreaded virii, adwares, and rootkits!

Visit, and see for yourself the amount of software and applications available for grabs, and don’t forget to look at the on-going projects!

Who said life is not fair? Most of the time we’re unaware that the system of CnB (check-and-balance) is functioning and operating, and only fools like the greedy thinks that they’d get away with their evil schemes. Let me assure you, Bill Gates and Microsoft know this, and he is finding ways to go around CnB, like trying to buy over all the internet companies, and he very well could afford it, because you and I have made him filthy (literally) rich.

Enough is enough.

Thanks, hugs, and kisses to the amazing opensource community, and people like John T. Haller (great guy) and others like him for putting checks on the leeching marauders (Sony’s DRM case). We now (in fact we’ve always) have a choice (plenty now than ever), and it only depends on the individual to either remain enslaved, or break loose from the binding chains of the evil schemers.

One final word, support the opensource projects by using their fabulous applications, and give a dollar, or two to those wonderful programmers, who most of the time work with their own funds

VIVA opensource!