The term ‘equilibrium‘ has many definitions, and it has a different meaning when used in different subjects such as in Biology and Chemistry, and then different again when one is talking about Economics.

In simple English, the dictionaries generally define it as ‘balance’. As I see it, it simply means – “a working order”, or “a level where things work”. That means when something, or anything doesn’t work, or stops working, then one needs to equilibrate the part/s that cause/s the disorder to get it working again.

For example, change the engine oil (don’t forget the filter too), or don’t use the Credit Card if one doesn’t have THE money (to buy now, or more more importantly to PAY later), or stop smoking when (only when) you’re diagnosed having lung cancer.

Only after understanding this simple concept that my paradigm began to shift, and I ‘see’ my life in a whole new scope.

Now I understand terms like ‘Global Warming’, ‘Terrorism’, ‘Democracy’ etc…etc., and what causes them to work or not.

Sure, everybody’s talking about that something-is-wrong, or has gone-wrong in this and that, and yet nothing is being done to ratify the situation. Most of the time we (myself included) say “That’s how it is, nothing can be done about it…blah…blah…blah…so leave it.”

My life was in a rut, because I chose to live by blind-following what I see the rest of the world do.

I went to ‘work’ and joined the mad rush to ‘balance’ (so I thot) the house-hold finances. I was in religion to balance between the worldly and the heavens, and do everything else in the ‘Pursuit of Hapiness”, which was supposed to offer peaceful living as in giving me a ‘peace of mind’?.

Nah! In the end nothing worked, so my thots wandered about everything, life, money… you name it, until I “saw” this ‘equilibrium’ thingy and try to apply it, and then started saying “Oh, I see!” (the apt description of Paradigm Shift) in everything that seemed to be not-working in my life.

But I must say that the biggest factor (and the hardest one) that turned my darkened zombied-life into radiance was to set myself free from all kinds of bondages – culture, tradition, system, and more profoundly – religion, as these thingy don’t seem to work in my life.

As I see it, religion (any religion) is the biggest and most effective and powerful tool, and systematic way to subjugate the human mind, because it turns a live-thinking-person into dead meat which could be tossed around by the ‘Chef’ any way he choses.

Now that I’m ‘free’ (not absolute though as I’m bounded by the One, and ONLY one), and live by His equilibrium rule, and then do my best to avoid all forms of transgression (which will break His equilibrium) and sure enough am beginning to experience some kind of peace, or more accurately – bliss.

Once a day/or two I will gaze at the “Pale Blue Dot” picture to remind me of my nothingness, and maintain humility and sanity.

I hope Hollywood, after producing ‘The Pursuit Of Happiness’, would venture into ‘The Pursuit Of Bliss’ :))

When you make the finding yourself — even if you’re the last person on Earth to see the light — you never forget it.” Carl Sagan

Make your life works, if it doesn’t, then equilibrate.

…aah…nothing like a cigar and a glass of wine….